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Top 10 Charles Soule Quotes (2023 Update)

Charles Soule Quote: “Skill is the child of patience.”
Charles Soule Quote: “I am stronger as part of the Jedi Order than I could ever be alone.”
Charles Soule Quote: “If the patriarchy didn’t want her talent on her terms, then they would have to get along without it, while she sat in the shadows, making their lives miserable from time to time, getting rich off their mistakes, exploiting flaws in their security, and selling the solutions back to them.”
Charles Soule Quote: “Peace without justice is flawed, hollow at its core. It is the peace provided by tyranny.”
Charles Soule Quote: “There was nothing so big it could not be swallowed up. Nothing so strong it could not be humbled. Nothing so tall it could not be made small. Not a mountain, and not the Republic.”
Charles Soule Quote: “It was like trying to play chess in a pitch-dark room, where you had to determine your opponent’s moves by sense of smell alone. And you had a cold. And your opponent was God.”
Charles Soule Quote: “Being a Jedi was not about saving oneself. It was about saving others.”
Charles Soule Quote: “He closed his eyes and opened his spirit, and there it was, the small light within him that never stopped burning. Always at least a candle flame, and sometimes, if he concentrated, it could surge up into a blaze. A few times, he’d felt as bright as the sun, so much light pouring through him he was afraid he might go blind. Honestly, though, it didn’t matter. From spark to inferno – any connection to the Force chased away the shadows.”
Charles Soule Quote: “And after all, what’s the point of being Daredevil if you can’t leap before you look?”
Charles Soule Quote: “Why has the Force called us to fight today?” Loden said. “For life and the light,” Bell replied.”
Charles Soule Quote: “When someone was hurting, you did what you could to heal them. When someone was lost, you found them.”
Charles Soule Quote: “This is Jedi Master Avar Kriss. Help is on the way.” That one thing. Hope.”
Charles Soule Quote: “A thoughtful question from time to time wasn’t exactly insubordination.”
Charles Soule Quote: “Chancellor Soh’s Republic wasn’t perfect – no government was or ever could be – but it was a system that gave people room to dream. No, even better. It encouraged dreams, big and small. The Republic had its flaws, but really, things could be a hell of a lot worse.”
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