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Top 10 Charles Van Doren Quotes (2023 Update)

Charles Van Doren Quote: “I’ve learned a lot about good and evil. They are not always what they appear to be.”
Charles Van Doren Quote: “I hoped that it would be possible to slide slowly from my public life back to the life of teaching and writing that I had always wanted. But things didn’t work out that way.”
Charles Van Doren Quote: “But knowledge is not as much a prerequisite to understanding as is commonly supposed. We do not have to know everything about something in order to understand it; too many facts are often as much of an obstacle to understanding as too few.”
Charles Van Doren Quote: “I cannot take back one word or action; the past does not change for anyone.”
Charles Van Doren Quote: “Because the world is radically new, the ideal encyclopedia should be radical, too.”
Charles Van Doren Quote: “He recognized that, first, the rich are always desirous of governing for their own benefit, and second that the people can always turn against them and become a mob, taking things into its own hands. As always, the mean between extremes is to be sought.”
Charles Van Doren Quote: “I have deceived my friends, and I had millions of them.”
Charles Van Doren Quote: “I worked hard at memorizing lists of facts and figures, and carried with me a book of facts.”
Charles Van Doren Quote: “Education in the West, particularly higher education in America, has lost the ability to see the universe from very far away.”
Charles Van Doren Quote: “My total winnings after 14 appearances were $129,000.”
Charles Van Doren Quote: “Some of you read with me 40 years ago a portion of Aristotle’s Ethics, a selection of passages that describe his idea of happiness. You may not remember too well.”
Charles Van Doren Quote: “There is a sense in which we moderns are inundated with facts to the detriment of understanding.”
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