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Top 15 Charles W. Pickering Quotes (2023 Update)

Charles W. Pickering Quote: “Strokes are preventable and treatable. Prompt treatment of patients experiencing stroke saves lives and reduces disability.”
Charles W. Pickering Quote: “A healthy democracy requires a decent society; it requires that we are honorable, generous, tolerant and respectful.”
Charles W. Pickering Quote: “Millions of Americans every year depend upon medical imaging exams to diagnose disease and detect injury, and thousands more rely on radiation therapy to treat and cure their cancers.”
Charles W. Pickering Quote: “Media corporations have a civic responsibility not only to prevent fraud and financial abuse, but also to not corrupt or degrade our culture.”
Charles W. Pickering Quote: “Twenty-first century medicine must not be confined to a twentieth-century bureaucracy.”
Charles W. Pickering Quote: “The current lack of a national standard for operators of medical imaging and radiation therapy equipment poses a hazard to American patients and jeopardizes quality health care.”
Charles W. Pickering Quote: “In addition to fines, violators of decency standards could be required to air public service announcements serving educational and informational needs of children.”
Charles W. Pickering Quote: “Lawsuit abuse is a major contributor to the increased costs of healthcare, goods and services to consumers.”
Charles W. Pickering Quote: “The CARE bill is an important piece of patient-care legislation. It will improve the quality of radiologic procedures performed throughout the United States as well as assist in reducing the cost incurred by the Federal government for these procedures.”
Charles W. Pickering Quote: “In recent years, research into the prevention and treatment of arthritis has led to measures that successfully reduce pain and improve the quality of life for millions.”
Charles W. Pickering Quote: “America does not want vulgarity and sexual exploitation to be our values and we do not want the world to think those are our standards. We want to be a better nation and a better people, with better standards.”
Charles W. Pickering Quote: “The House is rooted in the principle of direct elections and is unique among all branches and bodies of the federal government as without exception, the people’s voice.”
Charles W. Pickering Quote: “If a catastrophic event wipes out a large portion of House members, America needs to know this body, elected by the people, will be quickly and legally reconstituted and will continue to function.”
Charles W. Pickering Quote: “The public airwaves provide a chance to affirm we want to be a good, decent people; a good, decent nation.”
Charles W. Pickering Quote: “In states where no regulation exists, anyone is permitted to perform medical imaging and radiation therapy procedures, sometimes after just a few weeks of on-the-job training.”
Charles W. Pickering Quote: “Our legislation addresses broadcasts over the public airwaves, but I hope the cable and satellite industries see the importance of this issue and voluntarily create a family tier of programming and offer culturally responsible products.”
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