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Top 10 Charles Willeford Quotes (2023 Update)

Charles Willeford Quote: “Nothing human surprises me.”
Charles Willeford Quote: “Outside of taking care of a man’s needs, women don’t get much pleasure out of life, anyways.”
Charles Willeford Quote: “Just tell the truth, and they’ll accuse you of writing black humor.”
Charles Willeford Quote: “I’m not going to ruin my movie because of some stupid ruling that it has to be ninety minutes long. That’s just like adding three more plates to the last supper, or an extra wing to the Pentagon.”
Charles Willeford Quote: “By the end of a short walk, the septic tip of a cane probably collects enough germs to destroy a small city.”
Charles Willeford Quote: “My work is one long triumph over my limitations.”
Charles Willeford Quote: “Smoking comforts ordinary men, but I’m not an ordinary man. There aren’t many like me left. And it’s a good thing for the world that there isn’t. There’ll always be a few of us in America in every generation. Because only a great country like America can produce men like me. I’m not a thinker, I’m a doer.”
Charles Willeford Quote: “A small middle-aged man, he made the word “wizened” his very own.”
Charles Willeford Quote: “There is something about a man with a beard I cannot stand. No particular reason for it. Prejudice, I suppose. I feel the same way about cats.”
Charles Willeford Quote: “Newspaper readers are a morbid lot, Mrs. Chatham; they enjoy reading about death in every form.”
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