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Charley Pride Quote: “After 14 months of military service, I had a wife, a child, half an apartment, no car, and no job.”

Charley Pride Quote: “My brothers and sisters all sang, too, and they all have good voices.”

Charley Pride Quote: “A fan will grab you and hug you and will not let go. When that happens, you wish it could be that way all over the world.”

Charley Pride Quote: “I finally came to terms with manic depression and lithium. I’ve taken lithium regularly for the past few years and have had no further bouts with manic depression.”

Charley Pride Quote: “Mother was a talkative person, and I was a lot like her.”

Charley Pride Quote: “I try to keep my feet on the ground. Even though I appreciate the fame and adoration, I remember once I used to pick cotton, and I felt like even then I was somebody. I have the same feet, hands and heart like everyone else. I’m just also blessed with a good voice.”

Charley Pride Quote: “No one church has all the answers or the perfect map to the Promised Land, and I prefer to work out my own faith and my own convictions in the seclusion of my own mind.”

Charley Pride Quote: “If Detroit was a watershed concert for me, traveling with Willie Nelson through Texas and Louisiana was a milestone of a different sort.”

Charley Pride Quote: “I was always a dreamer, in childhood especially. People thought I was a little strange.”

Charley Pride Quote: “Fans will praise you, scold you, and offer helpful advice. Fans will also defend you.”

Charley Pride Quote: “I might have become a minor celebrity but royalty checks were a long way off.”

Charley Pride Quote: “I’m not James Brown. I’m not Sam Cooke. I’m Charley Pride. I’m just me and that’s what you got.”

Charley Pride Quote: “I grew up not liking my father very much. I never saw him cry. But he must have. Everybody cries.”

Charley Pride Quote: “I realize I was more of a curiosity to the older Nashville artists than the new ones.”

Charley Pride Quote: “For most entertainers, there is a single experience, one defining moment, when confidence replaces the self-doubt that most of us wrestle with.”

Charley Pride Quote: “There are worse things than being thought a Republican.”

Charley Pride Quote: “The tastes of country music fans are not limited to the narrow range defined by consultants and programmers and record company moguls.”

Charley Pride Quote: “Fans are what make a performer and I’ve always taken them seriously.”

Charley Pride Quote: “Early in my career I began receiving letters from a woman in the Midwest who claimed to be my mother.”

Charley Pride Quote: “Redd Foxx was the same gruff old codger you saw on television.”

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