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Top 20 Charlie Huston Quotes (2023 Update)

Charlie Huston Quote: “One day, when I am a braver man, I will tell her these things, and then I will look her in the eye tell her I love her and ask her to be only mine. But until that day, we’re just friends.”
Charlie Huston Quote: “Things are as bad as you fear they are. People are as bad as you think they are. The Universe does not care.”
Charlie Huston Quote: “If I saw something once that I can’t explain, that doesn’t make them real. And if a trick of the dark gave me a chill, that doesn’t make them real. And if a madman says what’s at the core of us all is a senseless, flapping quiver of black shade, that’s just one more reason not to believe.”
Charlie Huston Quote: “Pain cannot be ignored. However, it can be endured. When necessary, a great deal of pain can be endured. Just ask my mother.”
Charlie Huston Quote: “Not that I have any little kids running around I need to keep away from the guns. I had any kids I’d get rid of the guns. Nothing more dangerous to the life of a child than a house full of firearms. Nothing more dangerous except maybe a parent.”
Charlie Huston Quote: “When you learn economy. It strips away self-indulgence. Just in the act itself it requires a certain amount of humility. You have to accept the fact that you might feel you can do better but in the moment you have to make a choice.”
Charlie Huston Quote: “Think about a night like that often enough, you’ll ask yourself a lot of questions. Most of them about yourself. The kind of person you are. What you’ll do and why and when you’ll do it. What you believe in. What you really believe in.”
Charlie Huston Quote: “Once we understand how they think, we can predict their behaviour. And once we predict it well, we can manipulate it. That is diplomacy.”
Charlie Huston Quote: “For there is nothing quite so terror-inducing as the loss of sleep. It creates phantoms and doubts, causes one to questions one’s own abilities and judgement, and, over time, dismantles, from within, the body.”
Charlie Huston Quote: “Sunt, dupa standartele omenirii, in toate mintile. E adevarat ca am ceva manii, dar nu frizeaza nebunia.”
Charlie Huston Quote: “Women. You tell me they’re not all witches, and I’ll tell you you haven’t been paying attention.”
Charlie Huston Quote: “The violence for me is never meant to be entertaining. It’s meant to hurt the characters and I’m trying to show the impact it is having on the people involved with it. If there is cathartic violence at the end, then it costs the protagonist something. It’s not just a blaze-of-glory moment.”
Charlie Huston Quote: “The act of reading is so intimate that readers are unpredictable.”
Charlie Huston Quote: “I feel like I’m forgetting something. Vyrus. Clans. Zombies. Stay out of the sun. Don’t get shot. Abandon your life. Drink blood to survive. No, guess that pretty much covers it.”
Charlie Huston Quote: “There is very little sense that anybody really knows what works or why. But that’s not a shock. And I don’t think market research would solve that.”
Charlie Huston Quote: “I wish that the act of publishing a book was less of a nerve-wracking experience.”
Charlie Huston Quote: “Pain cannot be ignored. However, it can be endured.”
Charlie Huston Quote: “One of the great things about being involved with comics is that those people are devoted to their characters, writers and artists. The average comic reader isn’t casual about their habit.”
Charlie Huston Quote: “I might be at a point where I don’t want to go with a genre convention but I have to produce some pages. It’s hard work. And it requires you learn certain skills.”
Charlie Huston Quote: “You are going to die in front of dozens of witnesses, and none of them will do a thing to help you or avenge you. Because they know exactly what you know: The world is ending.”
Charlie Huston Quote: “You can’t change the world if your motive is revenge. Vibes like that just aren’t productive.”
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