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Top 25 Charlie LeDuff Quotes (2023 Update)

Charlie LeDuff Quote: “Since its founding, Detroit has been a place of perpetual flames. Three times the city has suffered race riots and three times the city has burned to the ground. The city’s flag acknowledges as much. Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus: We hope for better things; it shall rise from the ashes.”
Charlie LeDuff Quote: “Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus: We hope for better things; it shall rise from the ashes.”
Charlie LeDuff Quote: “Some people are doomed from birth because their environment is so toxic.”
Charlie LeDuff Quote: “But wanderlust is like a pretty girl – you wake up one morning, find she’s grown old and decide that either you’re going to commit your life or you’re going to walk away.”
Charlie LeDuff Quote: “Go ahead and laugh at Detroit. Because you are laughing at yourself.”
Charlie LeDuff Quote: “Somehow, the city of promise had become a scrap yard of dreams.”
Charlie LeDuff Quote: “I am a reporter, a leech, a merchant of misery. Bad things are good for us reporters. We are body collectors of sorts.”
Charlie LeDuff Quote: “People in uniform will tell you that no one life is more important than another. The lives of a white cop, a black fireman, a minister and a drug addict all have equal value. But the presumption is that if a person in uniform is killed with impunity, if such a killer is allowed to run free, then no regular citizen is safe. So for the sake of civil order, when a person in uniform is murdered, heads must get knocked, doors must be kicked in and every available cop is put to the task.”
Charlie LeDuff Quote: “Somehow, the city of promise had become a scrap yard of dreams. But fighters do what they do best when they’ve.”
Charlie LeDuff Quote: “There’s not much a newspaper reporter can do about dead men. But a newspaper reporter and a cop and a judge can deliver some justice. That’s why the founding fathers wrote it up the way they did, I suppose. Life. Liberty. Pursuit of happiness. Everyone is entitled to those things.”
Charlie LeDuff Quote: “The timing of Moroun’s hat giveaway stunt was as unfortunate as the selection of hats themselves. They were not your run-of-the-mill knitwear; they were, in fact, ski masks. The type gunmen use to stick up liquor stores.”
Charlie LeDuff Quote: “We are born to a time. What you do with it is on you. Do the best you can. Try to be good. And live.”
Charlie LeDuff Quote: “At the end of the day, the Detroiter may be the most important American there is because no one knows better than he that we’re all standing at the edge of the shaft.”
Charlie LeDuff Quote: “But these things are not supposed to be news. These things are supposed to be normal. And when normal things become the news, the abnormal becomes the norm. And when that happens, you might as well put a fork in it. What galleries and museums have to do.”
Charlie LeDuff Quote: “The only difference between Detroit and the Third World in terms of corruption is Detroit don’t have no goats in the streets.”
Charlie LeDuff Quote: “I learned that when one of them dies, the Irish comes out of the rest of them whether they are Irish or not. A firefighter is Irish by culture even if he is a black man, and there were plenty of them here. The firehouse is one of the few places in Detroit that is integrated at all. The blacks run the department, but its soul will always be Irish.”
Charlie LeDuff Quote: “In Detroit, we all talked the race game. It is a way of life.”
Charlie LeDuff Quote: “He understood that everybody’s somebody to someone. He.”
Charlie LeDuff Quote: “Desperation, she said, feels like someone’s reaching down your throat and ripping out your guts.”
Charlie LeDuff Quote: “The city belongs to the black man. The white man was a convenient target until there were no white men left in Detroit. What used to be black and white is now gray. Whites got the suburbs and everything else. The black machine’s got the city and the black machine’s at war with itself. The spoils go to the one who understands that.”
Charlie LeDuff Quote: “And it is awful here, there is no other way to say it. But I believe that Detroit is America’s city. It was the vanguard of our way up, just as it is the vanguard of our way down. And one hopes the vanguard of our way up again. Detroit is Pax Americana... America’s way of life was built here.”
Charlie LeDuff Quote: “He called himself her pimp, except for the fact, he said, that he didn’t like standing in the night air.”
Charlie LeDuff Quote: “The people in Detroit are poor, but most of them are good. There are things going on here beyond an ordinary person’s control. These people are hungry and they have no job. No possibility of a job. They’re stuck here.”
Charlie LeDuff Quote: “I was shown mold, leaking pipes, exposed asbestos insulation, broken toilets, cracked floors, malfunctioning heating units, feces bubbling up from the sewer pipes in the basements. I had seen better government buildings in the slums of Tijuana. Neven and the boys from 23 told me it was bad but what I was seeing was worse than the Baghdad fire department, which actually got more than one hundred fifty million dollars from the United States government, while Detroit got zero.”
Charlie LeDuff Quote: “Where was the police? Where was anybody?”
Charlie LeDuff Quote: “I am not the best gauger of destitution, my judgment having been warped by years of reporting in Detroit. By comparison, in cities like St. Louis and Chicago and Los Angeles, the “ghettos” appear relatively nice. Livable. No falling-in porches. In West Side Chicago, the streets were paved and swept. The apartment buildings occupied. The grass cut and the stores full. What was more, there was foot traffic.”
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