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Charlie Munger Quotes
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Charlie Munger Quote: “Being short and seeing a promoter take the stock up is very irritating. It’s not worth it to have that much irritation in your life.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “Well, the questioner came from Singapore which has perhaps the best economic record in the history of developing an economy and therefore he referred to 15% per annum as modest. It’s not modest-it’s arrogant. Only someone from Singapore would call it modest.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “If mutual fund directors are independent, then I’m the lead character in the Bolshoi Ballet.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “In fact I’ve probably never seen such a wide moat.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “I think the notion that liquidity of tradable common stock is a great contributor to capitalism is mostly twaddle. The liquidity gives us these crazy booms, so it has as many problems as virtues.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “Although I am very interested in the subject of human misjudgment – and lord knows I’ve created a good bit of it – I don’t think I’ve created my full statistical share, and I think that one of the reasons was I tried to do something about this terrible ignorance I left the Harvard Law School with.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “Financial institutions make us nervous when they’re trying to do well.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “Wrigley is a great business, but that doesn’t solve the problem. Buying great businesses at advantageous prices is very tough.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “Strategic plans cause more dumb decisions than anything else in America.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “In the LBO field there is a buried “covariance” with marketable equities, toward disaster in generally bad business conditions, and competition is now extremely intense.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “The old culture had come out of poverty, out of English customs.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “As I continued through Cicero’s pages, I found much more material celebrating my way of life...”
Charlie Munger Quote: “The theory of modern education is that you need a general education before you specialize. And I think to some extent, before you’re going to be a great stock picker, you need some general education.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “Our success has come from the lack of oversight we’ve provided, and our success will continue to be from a lack of oversight. But if you’re going to provide minimal oversight, you have to buy carefully. It’s a different model from GE’s. GE’s works – it’s just very different from ours.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “I don’t invest in what I don’t understand. And I don’t want to understand Facebook.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “I would argue that a majority of the horrors we face would not have happened if the accounting profession developed and enforced better accounting.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “At Berkshire Hathaway we do not like to compete against Chinese manufacturers.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “Fancy computers are engaging in legalized front-running. The profits are clearly coming from the rest of us – our college endowments and our pensions. Why is this legal? What the hell is the government thinking? It’s like letting rats into a restaurant.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “I’ve heard that one-half of the students at elite schools want to go into private equity or hedge funds. They want to keep up with their age cohorts at Goldman. This can’t possibly end well in terms of meeting these expectations.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “One of the smartest things a person can do is dampen investment expectations, especially with Berkshire. That would be mature and responsible. I like our model and we should do nicely.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “A foreign correspondent, after talking to me for a while, once said: “You don’t seem smart enough to be so good at what you’re doing. Do you have an explanation?””
Charlie Munger Quote: “Wells Fargo behaves better than the average big bank. But nobody’s perfect.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “It’s a rare business that doesn’t have a way worse future than it has a past.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “It takes almost no capital to open a new See’s candy store. We’re drowning in capital of our own that has almost no cost. It would be crazy to franchise stores like some capital-starved pancake house. We like owning our own stores as a matter of quality control.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “I feel that by getting rich in the way I did, I think my own example has hurt my own country.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “Like the stocks of both Berkshire and Wesco to trade within hailing distance of what we think of as intrinsic value. When it runs up, we try to talk it down. That’s not at all common in Corporate America, but that’s the way we act.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “A lot of our respected financial institutions are just casinos in drag.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “I’m a bull on Berkshire Hathaway. There may be some considerable waiting, but I think there are some good days ahead.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “When it gets into these spikes, with shortages and uproar and so forth, people go bananas, but that’s capitalism.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “We only want what success we can get despite encouraging others to share our general views about reality.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “I think the idea that the hedge fund manager gets lower taxes than the taxi driver or the physics professor is insane. The legislators who leave that policy in place are derelict in their duties to be rational and fair. There are plenty of them in both political parties. It’s totally outrageous.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “We want very good leaders who have a lot of power.”
Charlie Munger Quote: “Expect hogs to eat a lot more in the presence of a lot of hog wash.”
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