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Top 20 Charlotte Joko Beck Quotes (2023 Update)

Charlotte Joko Beck Quote: “In practice, we return over and over again to perception, to just sitting. Practice is just hearing, just seeing, just feeling.”
Charlotte Joko Beck Quote: “Human beings are basically good, kind, and compassionate, but it takes hard digging to uncover that buried jewel.”
Charlotte Joko Beck Quote: “We all have to practice, and we have to practice with all of our might for the rest of our lives.”
Charlotte Joko Beck Quote: “When we’re lost in thought, when we’re dreaming, what have we lost? We’ve lost reality. Our life has escaped us.”
Charlotte Joko Beck Quote: “Living Zen is nothing special: life as it is. Zen is life itself, nothing added.”
Charlotte Joko Beck Quote: “If from morning to night we just took care of one thing after another, thoroughly and completely and without accompanying thoughts, such as “I’m a good person for doing this” or “Isn’t it wonderful, that I can take care of everything?,” then that would be sufficient.”
Charlotte Joko Beck Quote: “At any given moment, we are the way we are, and we see what we’re able to see.”
Charlotte Joko Beck Quote: “Daily sitting is our bread and butter, the basic stuff of dharma. Without it we tend to be confused.”
Charlotte Joko Beck Quote: “Awareness is our true self; it’s what we are. So we don’t have to try to develop awareness; we simply need to notice how we block awareness, with our thoughts, our fantasies, our opinions, and our judgments. We’re either in awareness, which is our natural state, or we’re doing something else. The mark of mature students is that most of the time, they don’t do something else. They’re just here, living their life. Nothing special.”
Charlotte Joko Beck Quote: “Joy is being the circumstances of our life just as they are.”
Charlotte Joko Beck Quote: “The minute we have even a passing thought of judging another person, the red light of practice should go on.”
Charlotte Joko Beck Quote: “That’s essentially what Zen practice is about: functioning from moment to moment.”
Charlotte Joko Beck Quote: “When I watch my mind and stay with my body, out of that comes some course of action.”
Charlotte Joko Beck Quote: “Who knows how we should be? We simply do our best, over and over and over.”
Charlotte Joko Beck Quote: “Doing one thing at a time and giving oneself wholly to doing it is the most efficient way one can possibly live, because there’s no blockage in the organism whatsoever. When we live and work in that way, we are extremely efficient without being rushed. Life is very smooth.”
Charlotte Joko Beck Quote: “Shakespeare’s Polonius said, “To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”
Charlotte Joko Beck Quote: “But if other people are irritable, we may divorce their behavior from their experiencing. We can’t feel their experience; and so we judge their behavior. If we think, “She shouldn’t be so arrogant,” we only see her behavior and judge it, because we have no awareness of what is true for her.”
Charlotte Joko Beck Quote: “Practice is not a trimming on your life. Practice is the foundation. If that’s not there nothing else will be there.”
Charlotte Joko Beck Quote: “What makes it unbearable is your mistaken belief that it can be cured.”
Charlotte Joko Beck Quote: “So there are two kinds of suffering. One is when we feel we’re being pressed down; as though suffering is coming at us from without, as though we’re receiving something that’s making us suffer. The other kind of suffering is being under, just bearing it, just being it.”
Charlotte Joko Beck Quote: “103When we try to be something that we are not, we become the slave of a rigid, fixed mind, following a rule about how things have to be. The violence and the anger in us remain unnoticed, because we are caught in our pictures of how we should be.”
Charlotte Joko Beck Quote: “There’s nothing wrong with conceptualization per se; but when we take our opinions about any event to be some kind of absolute truth and fail to see that they are opinions, then we suffer. That’s false suffering.”
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