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Top 70 Charlotte McConaghy Quotes (2023 Update)

Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “My life has been a migration without a destination, and that in itself is senseless. I leave for no reason, just to be moving, and it breaks my heart a thousand times, a million.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “I feel that deep and terrible binding for what it is, I know its face and its name, and it’s not a binding at all, but love, and maybe that’s the same king of thing after all.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “It isn’t fair to be the kind of creature who is able to love but unable to stay.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “And then I stopped thinking about Prince Ambrose of Pirenti, because he was destroying me.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “I think it’s civilization makes us violent. We infect each other.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “Who has ever loved as boldly as he does?”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “A woman’s beauty is in her strength and her passion.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “There are languages without words and violence is one of them.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “My father used to say the world turned wrong when we started separating ourselves from the wild, when we stopped being one with the rest of nature, and sat apart.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “She was abstractly beautiful, as I had always wished to be, but I now found her ugly, understanding as I did now that real beauty simply came from happiness.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “It’s not life I’m tired of, with its astonishing ocean currents and layers of ice and all the delicate feathers that make up a wing. It’s myself.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “It’s simple, being hurt. But it’s complicated, loving someone.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “I smile. “There are languages without words, without voices. I’ll teach them to you.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “Even though they are as varied as a group of people can be, I can tell they are the same, all of these sailors. Something was missing in their lives on land, and they went seeking the answer. Whatever it was, I don’t doubt for a second that they each found it. They are migrants of land, and they love it out here on an ocean that offered them a different way of life, they love this boat, and, as much as they may bicker and fight, they love each other.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “I think there is meaning, and it lives in nurturing, in making life sweeter for ourselves, and for those around us.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “And that was when I realised I wasn’t the strongest man in the world after all. I was the weakest.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “We’re the only planet that has oceans. In all the known universe, we’re the only one sitting in the perfect spot for them, not too hot and not too cold, and it’s the only reason we’re alive, because it’s the ocean that creates the oxygen we need to breathe.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “I shrugged a little helplessly. ‘We have no say, in this life, in how hard things will be. What we can control is how hard we fight. How long we endure. How strongly we love.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “I can’t move to pull on my clothes except that somehow I do, and I can’t stand on two feet except that somehow I do, and I can’t walk, there’s no way I can walk, except I do. I take step after step after step after step.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “Sitting here now, in the uppermost part of this boat, I would give anything, any part of me – my flesh or my blood or my very heart itself – to be back inside one of those nights, standing beside her in the dark, she who infuriated and confused me, she who was unknowable and unreachable, she who loved me when no one else did, only I was too intent on loneliness to see it.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “It’s impossible to control someone else’s capacity for forgiveness.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “All these humans have left no space for anything else.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “Then again, it’s a fool who tries to protect a creature from its own instincts.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “But there won’t be any more journeys after this one, no more oceans explored. And maybe that’s why I am filled with calm. My life has been a migration without a destination, and that in itself is senseless. I leave for no reason, just to be moving, and it breaks my heart a thousand times, a million.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “What makes a young thing like you so tired of life?”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “If you truly think wolves are the blood spillers, then you’re blind... We do that. We are the people killers, the children killers. We’re the monsters.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “I don’t know how to force the world into a shape I can manage.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “The world he describes, empty of wild creatures and places, overrun instead by people and their agriculture, is a dying world.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “Don’t, I whisper, inside. Don’t leave. But I know she must. It’s in her nature.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “How lonely it will be here, when it’s just us.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “I never worked out how to be relied upon and also free.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “The Arctic tern has the longest migration of any animal. It flies from the Arctic all the way to the Antarctic, and then back again within a year. This is an extraordinarily long flight for a bird its size. And because the terns live to be thirty or so, the distance they will travel over the course of their lives is the equivalent of flying to the moon and back three times.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “It has been decided by our leaders that economic growth is more important. That the extinction crisis is an acceptable trade for their greed.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “All creatures know love, Dad used to say. All creatures.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “The only true threat to birds that has ever existed is us.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “Mirror-touch synesthesia. My brain re-creates the sensory experiences of living creatures, of all people and even sometimes animals; if I see it I feel it, and for just a moment I am them, we are one and their pain or pleasure is my own.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “And when you open your heart to rewilding a landscape, the truth is, you’re opening your heart to rewilding yourself.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “But in the night I slept and I dreamed of feathers in my lungs. So many I choked on them. I woke coughing and frightened and knew I had made a mistake.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “You can rely on the land and you can work it, and you can feed it and care for it at the same time.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “But the rhythms of the sea’s tides are the only things we humans have not yet destroyed.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “Trauma can create new patterns. I’m no stranger to this.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “How, I wondered, was one meant to live without killing, when killing sought one out at every turn? The world made its monsters indeed.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “It is easy to tell myself that what passes between them is only biology, nature, but then who said love does not exist in the nature of all things?”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “A man’s anger, his violence, is no one’s responsibility but his own.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “What’s dangerous,” I say, “is the unwarranted spreading of fear.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “Then take from me. I have more than enough.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “This is how the trees speak with and care for each other. Their roots tangle together, dozens of trees with dozens more in a web that reaches on forever, and they whisper to each other through their roots.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “Why do you do it,” I said. “Do what?” “Spend your life at sea.” He considers. “I guess it just feels like really living.” He smiles shyly. Plus, what else am I going to do?”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “I stop being a woman, a human, an animal, whatever I was. I am fury dressed in flesh.”
Charlotte McConaghy Quote: “I want never to leave this place. I want never to see another human again. I want it more than I’ve ever wanted anything. The aloneness is exquisite; it is calm.”
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