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Top 10 Charlotte Stein Quotes (2023 Update)

Charlotte Stein Quote: “Don’t leave me again,” he tells me, only he doesn’t just do it once. He says it over and over, until I’m melting. He’s going to have to let go, because hands traditionally can’t hold onto liquidised people.”
Charlotte Stein Quote: “I know because when I offered to help you move in you looked at me like you were just waiting for the punch line to a joke I wasn’t telling. And that’s what bullies do to people. They don’t just hurt you or make you feel bad for five minutes in high school. They create the backbone of every friendship you try to have from then on. They change your life forever.”
Charlotte Stein Quote: “She heard something crack and splinter the second he got to that last word. But it took her a second to realize the cracking and splintering came from somewhere inside herself. That thick layer of granite she had carved around her heart had just developed a fissure, and things were starting to leak through. Bad things, like hopes and dreams.”
Charlotte Stein Quote: “But most of all I’d like to thank the twelve-year-old me, for not giving up. I did tell you it would get better.”
Charlotte Stein Quote: “Because you are already sure everything is a lie. My only defence is the absolute truth. My only power over you is the truth. And if I keep telling it, eventually you’ll believe.”
Charlotte Stein Quote: “Too often women are expected to be considerate and thoughtful when really fear and doubt would be a more reasonable response.”
Charlotte Stein Quote: “One of the biggest lies out there is the one that says you have to be whole to be loved – that if you’re not it’s a miracle anyone would. But my love for you is not some flimsy miracle based on whether you’re okay or not. Love is something you deserve. More than anything, Enid, you deserve love. You deserve it so much I sometimes ache to give it to you.”
Charlotte Stein Quote: “She ran out on me because I have a can of Pringles in my pants.” “Well, what the hell were you doing keeping them there?” “No, Letty. No, honey. Not literally Pringles.”
Charlotte Stein Quote: “You’re so lovely when you laugh. So lovely it breaks my heart,” he said.”
Charlotte Stein Quote: “I want to kiss you. I want to so badly I can barely think of anything else. When you enter a room it’s my only thought, and it torments me night and day.”
Charlotte Stein Quote: “Why did no one tell me that a motorbike feels like this between your legs?”
Charlotte Stein Quote: “Sometimes I’m so afraid of making the wrong choice that I just don’t make any choice at all.”
Charlotte Stein Quote: “Better to have rarely loved and hardly lost, than ever to have loved at all. Better to be safe than sorry, better to stay out of the kitchen if you don’t want to get burned.”
Charlotte Stein Quote: “Our lives are forever changed because I was too much of a coward to really go for... to really... to really be who I wanted to be.”
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