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Top 90 Chase Jarvis Quotes (2023 Update)

Chase Jarvis Quote: “The best camera, is the one that you have with you!”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “The distance between where you are now and the path you think you should be on is probably smaller than you think it is.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “Allow yourself the freedom to step away from perfection because it is only then that you can find success.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “Art is a subset of creativity.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “Creativity is the new literacy.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “Portfolios are everything, promises are nothing. Do the work.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “It’s really a great asset to be willing to fail and blow it, so to speak, and to be okay with just making stuff, sharing it and getting feedback.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “Rebellion is always a reaction. That means it’s just another form of control – you are controlled by the thing you are rebelling against. It’s not a choice; it’s a trap.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “The gear you can’t afford is not the barrier keeping you from success. Gear has very little to do with photography.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “My experience says that if you put out a lot of personal work that’s good, it tends to attract high dollar commercial work. But to be clear – I don’t create art to get high dollar projects, I do high dollar projects so I can create more art.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “I don’t create art to get high dollar projects, I do high dollar projects so I can create more art.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “Overcoming fear and conceiving this ‘art of more’ should be a fundamental practice in what it is that you do and make.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “Put bluntly, too many of us spend years, even decades, in pursuit of someone else’s plan for our one precious life.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “This is one of the biggest secrets of the most creative, happy, successful people: Just start.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “It’s never very clear what you’re supposed to do instead – only that pursuing creativity is lofty, selfish, or even naive.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “We’ve been trained to avoid creative obstacles rather than risk trying to surmount them.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “You’ve heard poets talk about, poems flowing out of their bodies; painters, they get on a roll. You all have seen the musician, when they are in that state, the guitar, the piano, whatever instrument just becomes part of their body, their ego is completely gone and it is just their connection to the art, their connection to the emotions they are trying to share with the audience- that is pure flow.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “You can love your family. You can trust your friends. You can listen to their encouragement. You can hear their concerns. But in the end, you must decide what works for you. Your life is not a democracy.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “Always aim to reduce the friction involved in starting.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “Your point of view is the highest value you can bring. Once you can create work with a distinctive and recognizable personal style over and over again, the world will unlock itself for you. Even if your work is not recognized, you will have unlocked something precious in yourself.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “The frustration, boredom, or resentment you might feel now is just your intuition’s way of telling you that there’s a turn up ahead.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “Your goal should always be to become the best you, not a pretty good – or even damn good – version of somebody else.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “When you bring your genuine self to bear on what you do and how you do it, you can’t help but stand apart from everyone else. There is only one you – you are the highest value you can contribute.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “It’s in the lulls between flow states when we start noticing all the shiny distractions. If we don’t develop the discipline of writing those unrelated ideas down and then ignoring them as we continue our work, we will never find our way back into the flow state. We won’t finish anything, either.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “No, a calling is an intuitive hint, a tug we experience when we’re doing something that feels right: This is awesome! I’m going to keep doing this and see where it takes me.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “What matters is that you start. All you’re deciding to do is to try. Do whatever you can with what you have. It will never feel like the right time. You will never be “ready.” Avoid preparing too much. Start before you are ready. Start with fear. Start with uncertainty. This is one of the biggest secrets of the most creative, happy, successful people: Just start.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “Batching similar tasks makes everything more manageable and less daunting. You might set aside a specific time each day for processing emails and one for making phone calls rather than allow these activities to proliferate throughout your day, stealing precious time from work that requires sustained concentration.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “Listening for the call is easy, but only if you know what you’re trying to hear. Is it the murmur of the crowd – your parents, your peers, the tired cultural narrative as a whole? No. It’s that quiet voice inside. Your intuition, your heart. You know the difference.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “Ever seen Warren Buffett’s calendar? It’s mostly blank. “Yeah, well, he’s a billionaire,” you might say. If you ask him, though, he’ll tell you that his time isn’t free because he’s rich; he’s rich because he made time for what mattered to him.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There’s no other route to success. – PABLO PICASSO.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “Your life has two big arcs. The first is about acquisition; acquiring knowledge about yourself and the world – figuring out how to meet your own needs. What am I going to do to make a living? Will I get married? Buy a house? Have kids? The second arc is about contribution. You start thinking about how you can serve others and make a lasting impression on the world. We take, and then we give.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “That’s why we call it work,” he said. “We’re not here to make sure things already rolling downhill keep rolling.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “Imagine what you want to create – without limitation. Design a strategy to make your dream a new reality. Execute your strategy and smash through obstacles. Amplify your vision to create the impact you seek.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “A fresh idea will always be more appealing than the grind of a project that’s already under way. The insidious thing about a new idea is that it feels productive to stop what we’re doing and tackle that instead. After all, we’re creative – we have to act when inspiration strikes, don’t we? The discipline lies in getting the new idea down onto paper and then going back to finish what you originally started.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “No one is coming to save you. Experts are valuable when you’re learning new skills, but neither experts nor institutions are going to nurture you, guide you, or make your creative dream a reality. You’re on your own path. It’s all up to you. This isn’t a bad thing, either. Your creativity gives you the capacity to design the life you want.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “People respect a wrong move made with confidence far more than a correct one made without conviction.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “My answer to her was simple: Begin. Rekindle your creative craft for a few moments every day. Don’t worry about the rest right now; simply sit down and make something.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “Making space for your work is important, but it isn’t the same as doing the work. Get yourself set up, give yourself the time, tools, and whatever space you can, and then, for the love of everything holy, start. Just start.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “The new obstacle is figuring out which dream to pursue and then cultivating and applying the necessary energy to engage in that pursuit. The internet provides access to all the world’s libraries, but it also provides access to World of Warcraft – limitless knowledge but also limitless distraction.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “There’s a reason it’s so hard to follow our calling. The whisper of intuition telling us what we’re meant to do and how we’re meant to live comes from within, but it leads away into the unknown. Once I finally started listening to the call, I found myself on a new path. Not the path designed by my career counselor, encouraged by my parents, or suggested by society. My own.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “The author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Choose wisely.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “Turning an idea in your head into a tangible reality is one of life’s great satisfactions, whether the end result is a story, a photograph, a meal, or a business.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “Hedging your bets frees you up to play.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “When we are operating in shame, we too easily believe the awful thoughts about ourselves that we hear in our head. But that is not who we are. Meditation has taught me that I am not my thoughts. Practicing meditation over the years has made it much easier for me to observe and identify the voice of shame and call it out for the fraud it is.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “I’m also a collaborative learner. Once I’ve absorbed new concepts in quiet reading, I need someone to bounce ideas off to help them sink in. I absorb much better that way than by simply engaging in quiet reflection.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “Pros go to work whether they’re inspired or not. They allow for imperfection in their work. They finish what they start. They share their work when it’s finished. The exceptions only prove the rule.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “Once I was walking my path, once I’d found my creative niche, my photography – and my life – had focus. The difference was dramatic. Suddenly I went from wandering the woods to sprinting like a track star. I dropped out of grad school and went from my first few local clients to working with some of the world’s biggest sports brands.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “What most of us are really doing when we try to anticipate every possible failure is masticating our once playful, powerful, smart idea into a lifeless paste. As the life of an idea is leached away by “preparation,” we become overwhelmed. Trying to avoid every possible pitfall before your idea has any substance either neuters it or leads to its abandonment before anything even gets made.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “There used to be a prescribed path for entering any particular career. This is no longer the case. Beyond a handful of professions, many of the most rewarding jobs today are intrinsically creative. They involve doing things that didn’t even exist when the people doing them were still in school. The prescribed paths are crumbling away.”
Chase Jarvis Quote: “Stop glamorizing being busy. A hamster on a wheel is busy – where does it get him? I had grander ambitions. I resolved to stop doing whatever came up, whatever highly visible activity created a false aura of productivity and glamour, and instead to focus on being effective. That shift made all the difference.”
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