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Top 25 Chelsea Fine Quotes (2023 Update)

Chelsea Fine Quote: “Is it okay if I love you forever? Even if forever is only for a lifetime?”
Chelsea Fine Quote: “It’s peaceful, you know. Watching a fire burn.” Her eyes followed the flames. “Hypnotic, even. The way the flames wrap around what they devour until there is no more to consume. A roaring fire, destined to become quiet embers.”
Chelsea Fine Quote: “I don’t think so, dude. Gabriel would kill me. And then Scarlet would kill me. And they could just keep on killing me over and over again because I don’t ever die. Do you know how much that would suck?”
Chelsea Fine Quote: “He’s not the most popular guy in school. He’s not the hottest guy to ever live. But to me, he’s everything.”
Chelsea Fine Quote: “Real love isn’t something you plan or earn, it’s something that just hits you -like a bolt of lightning- and changes you forever.”
Chelsea Fine Quote: “It’s the damnedest thing, a dying plant, and it makes a man want to give up. But that’s the beauty of gardening, son. You can revive the things that wither.”
Chelsea Fine Quote: “I’d really love to explain myself, but honestly, you came up out of nowhere and I haven’t had time to put together a good lie.”
Chelsea Fine Quote: “Strength isn’t about what you can and cannot achieve. It’s about what you will and will not do in order to achieve.”
Chelsea Fine Quote: “Life is what we make it.”
Chelsea Fine Quote: “I always thought losing my virginity would be a memorable event with fireworks and theme music and maybe a parade afterward. But no.”
Chelsea Fine Quote: “She tucked her lips in and eyed the pancakes Tristan pulled from the pan. “Making a midnight snack?” She tried to sound light and casual. Normal. Friendly. Not because Tristan deserved it, but because she wanted pancakes. And Tristan, apparently, was keeper of the pancakes.”
Chelsea Fine Quote: “Before he knew he was immortal. Before life was no longer fragile. Those were the days when life truly meant something. When life was hard but worthwile, and love was valuable because your days were numbered. That was living.”
Chelsea Fine Quote: “Sup, Andrews?” he says. ‘Sup? He’s a white boy in a polo shirt. ‘Sup is he’s a poser. I don’t respond.”
Chelsea Fine Quote: “Because money without love is complete poverty. And poverty with love, well that’s pure wealth.”
Chelsea Fine Quote: “How awesome would that be? You open a box of Trix and wham! Out pops a hot guy! I would so eat more cereal.”
Chelsea Fine Quote: “Being fearful was exhausting.”
Chelsea Fine Quote: “This is Marvin,” he says. “He eats everything and yells like a distressed baby to get attention. I’m goat-sitting him this summer.”
Chelsea Fine Quote: “But there are some kinds of love that you can’t lose, no matter how hard you try. So there’s no need for him to be afraid.”
Chelsea Fine Quote: “They’re stronger, you know.” Paul looks up at me. I shield my eyes in the morning sun. “What’s stronger?” “The plants that you revive,” he says. “When you bring something back from the brink of death, it fights harder to thrive.” Paul leans on his cane again and smiles. “So is the story of life, I guess.”
Chelsea Fine Quote: “Sure you do. Love doesn’t just stop, Pixie. It’s always there.”
Chelsea Fine Quote: “Gifts are not things that you earn or deserve they are a way for the giver to show their appreciation for you and Daren, you are a part of my family.”
Chelsea Fine Quote: “I love her guts.”
Chelsea Fine Quote: “This is why we give into the storm of love. This something that is neither word nor feeling, found in quiet gazes and cookies in the dark. Hidden in cotton candy secrets and gentle shower soapsuds. It creeps up on you and slips inside, and before you know it, love owns you completely. But when it leaves, it rakes you insides, ripping at your soul until you’re shredded and undone. then, and only then, do you realize you were in love.”
Chelsea Fine Quote: “I get up and decide to sneak out of my house and tiptoe up to his window. I’ve seen this done on TV so I’m sure it’s easy.”
Chelsea Fine Quote: “Tristan pulled a dagger from his coat – because, apparently, Tristan carted bloody weapons around in his coat –.”
Chelsea Fine Quote: “Is this what love is? This painful, unhinged thing? This polarizing madness that swings from joyous to suffering in the blink of an eye? And if so, why do we let it consume us the way it does? Why do we so willingly surrender to its violent currents and unpredictable winds?”
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