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Top 20 Chelsea M. Cameron Quotes (2024 Update)

Chelsea M. Cameron Quote: “Love is simple. You fall and that’s it. You’ll work the other stuff out. You just gotta let yourself fall and have faith that someone will be there to catch you.”
Chelsea M. Cameron Quote: “We were both broken, trying to become unbroken. Maybe we just needed a little help. Not to fix each other, but to help us fix ourselves.”
Chelsea M. Cameron Quote: “Loving you was the best mistake I ever made.”
Chelsea M. Cameron Quote: “Are you saying I’m not a badass? Then all these tattoos were for nothing. What shall I do?”
Chelsea M. Cameron Quote: “I love you, Missy girl. Even if I can’t be with you, know that I’m here. So, that’s it. More than the stars, Taylor. More than the stars.”
Chelsea M. Cameron Quote: “Why do you think Beauty picked the Beast? It was the library.”
Chelsea M. Cameron Quote: “I’d rather be your loser than some other girl’s winner.”
Chelsea M. Cameron Quote: “Good. Because we could be amazing. You and me.”
Chelsea M. Cameron Quote: “Hell, Yeah. What girl doesn’t want a guy who isn’t ashamed to say he wants her? Everyone wants to be wanted.”
Chelsea M. Cameron Quote: “I had to leave my debit card at home when I went into a bookstore or else I would drain my account.”
Chelsea M. Cameron Quote: “Hunter kissed me as if he was going to hell, and he had this one kiss left and he was going to make the most of it.”
Chelsea M. Cameron Quote: “He had an accent. A British one. There was something about a British accent that had always made me quiver deep down inside and touched me in places a regular New England accent just couldn’t reach.”
Chelsea M. Cameron Quote: “Love and hate are completely different.” “Not really. They’re the two sides of the same coin. One flip and you can be on the other side before you know it. I’ll take either one from you.”
Chelsea M. Cameron Quote: “She stroked my face and I wondered if it was possible for your heart to stop and still live.”
Chelsea M. Cameron Quote: “What’s he doing?” Raine asked. “He’s not talking to me.” “Grab him by the nuts and twist.” I glared at her over my laptop. To us, our characters were real, living, breathing people that sometimes didn’t cooperate. There was a famous quote that being a write was an acceptable form of schizophrenia. It was absolutely true. The voices never stopped, except when they were being jerks.”
Chelsea M. Cameron Quote: “Pretty soon you’re not going to be able to understand me. I’ll be so smart that you’ll have no idea I’m insulting you.” I chuck my empty box at her. I miss again.”
Chelsea M. Cameron Quote: “I filled my head with beautiful things so the ugly things were pushed aside.”
Chelsea M. Cameron Quote: “True. We both could. One of these days our search history is going to tip off the NSA and then we’re going to be in trouble.” It was a valid worry for a writer.”
Chelsea M. Cameron Quote: “I’d often mused that writers and doctors were similar people. We all had God complexes and liked control. The only thing that separated us was a lot of schooling and science classes. And the fact that the people whose lives I messed with weren’t real.”
Chelsea M. Cameron Quote: “The best way to get what you want is to pretend you don’t want it.”
Chelsea M. Cameron Quote: “Rings were symbolic. Rings were in circles. Circles never ended, which is why they were symbols of eternity. No beginning no end.”
Chelsea M. Cameron Quote: “We’re even luckier because not everyone gets a gay child. You’re rare. Like a diamond.”
Chelsea M. Cameron Quote: “Why is so impossible to describe a book in a few words?” “That is one of the mysteries of writing. Legend has it that the secret to blurb writing was buried alongside Jesus, but pirates stole it after his resurrection.”
Chelsea M. Cameron Quote: “I’d spent most of the time Googling things “for research purposes”. Spoiler alert: When you’re a writer, ANYTHING can be called “research.”
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