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Top 40 Chelsea Sedoti Quotes (2023 Update)

Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “Life is full of tough times and hard decisions. But as long as you choose to do the right thing, you’ll be OK.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “Sometimes, there are things that are really hard to do, and it sucks the whole time you’re doing them. But you also know it’s the right thing, and you might be making a huge difference for someone else.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “Choices, by nature, are not right or wrong. They are only different paths, all ultimately leading to the same end.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “The most beautiful thing about the world is how much is unknown to us. There are so many secrets, Hawthorn. So much awaiting discovery. We are merely dust motes in the vastness of the universe.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “I can be a hero and a villain all in one night.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “Yeah, you’re such an outcast. No one understands you. All anyone does is sit around and think about what a loser you are. Grow up, Hawthorn. No one cares.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “These notes are little pieces of history no one cares about, but they remind you that you’re not the first person to hold that book. Someone else owned it first and read the exact same words, and one way or another, it impacted them. We’re all connected.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “When someone dies, it doesn’t just take them. It takes a piece of everyone who ever loved them and everyone they ever loved.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “Confusion is like curiosity, it reminds us that we’re alive. To not feel confused means we no longer care. Not caring is death.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “It’s nice to know someone thinks of you as a person, not an opportunity.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “And if Lizzie Lovett couldn’t find a reason why life was worth living, what hope did the rest of us have? What hope did I have.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “Being extraordinary is kind of overrated.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “Don’t talk then. Paint. Dance. Write. Just don’t hold your feelings inside. The longer we let pain hide in our hearts, the more it turns to poison.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “But I should have taken it more seriously. I should have known that someone going missing isn’t a game. That’s how I treated it. You know, like Lizzie went missing just for my amusement.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “But I always wondered, if she could turn her feelings off like a switch, how much was she hiding from us? It had made her seem mysterious. Which is stupid. She wasn’t mysterious; she was depressed.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “There’s no such thing as a normal highschool experience, Thorny. You assume everyone else is happy all he time and living an ideal life. You don’t get that other people are pretending too.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “True artists know how to cut their subjects open and bleed them onto the canvas.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “Pretty soon, it would be like Lizzie had never been a real person at all. If Enzo were there, I could have told him it scared me how Lizzie was already becoming irrelevant. He would have understood or maybe he would have made everything more complicated.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “That all depends on the person. What’s simple to one person might be inherently challenging to someone else.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “Movies were movies, whether they were old or new. They always captivated me, pulled me into worlds where anything was possible. Worlds where there were adventures and surprises, and life was never dull.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “I didn’t wave my daisy. I felt small, the way an ant must feel looking up at a field of wildflowers. I was nothing. I was trapped below flowers, buried under them, while girls like Lizzie Lovett danced overhead. That was life. We all have a place.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “As long as something was a mystery, there was still the potential for amazement. Maybe that’s where I went wrong before. Some riddles weren’t meant to be solved.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “I felt very alone. I lived in a world with practical people, like Emily and Rush and my parents, people who had stopped believing in the impossible a long time ago. Where were the other people like me? Locked up probably. Getting called crazy and delusional.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “I looked at Emily. As always, she was right. When I needed her, all I had to do was pick up the phone and call. Emily didn’t share all my interests or condone all my actions, but that didn’t make her any less of a friend.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “She didn’t mind the streaks of color I’d left on her fur. Unlike me, she didn’t see it as a mess.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “The woods had swallowed Lizzie’s secrets. She had lived, and she had died, and now, there was no trace of her. Elizabeth Lovett was just a name in a newspaper article, a statistic, someone people used to know.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “I knew all about reading a lot. About how it could take you to a world what was better than the real one. A world where there were adventures and mysteries and magic. Except, of course, books ended eventually, and then you had to go back to being yourself.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “Enzo thought ends were disappointing. He said when you were really immersed in a story, you started to have expectations. And the end was never as great as you imagined it could have been. Even though I mostly agreed with him, I couldn’t help wanting to know everything. I was always looking for more.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “Maybe she hated being out of control, knowing that someone or something else was dictating her fate. Because it’s really not fair. A drunk driver runs a red light, and you end up dead. A guy in a movie theater coughs on you, and you catch some rare, fatal disease. You sit in class minding your own business, and there’s the kid from sixth period holding a gun in his hand. Why should other people be in control? Why should someone else get to choose when you die?”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “Don’t confuse being popular with being interesting.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “You can only truly love art if you’ve bled for it.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “Mayor Fontaine is awful and terrifying. But like the rest of us, he’s human too.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “And no matter what happened when I went inside, I would always have that one perfect moment standing on the threshold when anything was possible.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “People change. Thank God. I can’t imagine a world where everyone’s the same as they were in high school.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “It was unfair that you had to decide how to spend your life before you’d been out in the world and seen what the options were.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “She couldn’t get that a wanted a car that was a little broken. When something starts out perfect, it usually lets me down.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “Creative individuals can never be lonely. The ideas that live in their heads are constant companions.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “That’s the problem, of course. At least, part of the problem. In Madison, regrets are as commonplace as wishes. And there’s no such thing as do-overs.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “Growth comes from questioning our own hearts. But unrelenting self-doubt can lead you astray.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “Your perception of the world is your own. No one can take it from you. Don’t let fear overwhelm what you know to be real.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “No one ever really knows anyone else. Not completely.”
Chelsea Sedoti Quote: “You have more imagination than is good for you.”
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