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Top 15 Chelsey Philpot Quotes (2023 Update)

Chelsey Philpot Quote: “So self-assured were they all by nature that it never occurred to me to doubt that their perfection was predetermined by forces I did not understand. They were all royalty. They were all gods. They were all broken.”
Chelsey Philpot Quote: “Heartache, guilt, loss, grief, these things, too, are monsters.”
Chelsey Philpot Quote: “The hours were long, but the days were short, and as much as I willed it to never come, the end of summer arrived anyway.”
Chelsey Philpot Quote: “For a time, I missed them like winter misses warmth. I could not breathe without her. I could not feel without him.”
Chelsey Philpot Quote: “If you believe in gravity, you already believe in something higher than yourself.”
Chelsey Philpot Quote: “Childhood is not all candy stores and recess; it’s frustrations and confusions, too.”
Chelsey Philpot Quote: “The burst of love I felt for her spread through me like blue paint turning red to purple.”
Chelsey Philpot Quote: “I wish for a life so brave, so unpredictable, so full of unexpected joys and unforgettable love that no box could possibly contain all my memories.”
Chelsey Philpot Quote: “But if love can be funny and capricious, it can also be strong enough to seem like a sign of insanity.”
Chelsey Philpot Quote: “The air was swollen with music, shouting, and something I could not quite place- a feeling of happiness, but happiness with an edge, a sense of joy that was all the more meaningful because it was so fleeting.”
Chelsey Philpot Quote: “They were perfect. They were flawed. They were scarred and beautiful. They were too familiar with death and clung to life by clinging to one another. The Great Buchanans were only human, after all.”
Chelsey Philpot Quote: “Even with her red-rimmed eyes she was the reason artists painted portraits.”
Chelsey Philpot Quote: “This is not something anyone can teach you. Heartbreak you must learn on your own.”
Chelsey Philpot Quote: “I think inspiration is strongest when I find a balance between observation and participation. You can’t write about what it means to dance by watching from the bleachers.”
Chelsey Philpot Quote: “Illness can be undignified. Suffering does not have a purpose, and relationships are complicated. In the most painful way a person can, Hazel comes to realize, that love does not, cannot, conquer death. What it can do, however, is transcend it.”
Chelsey Philpot Quote: “We are solitary creatures that come together in packs so we can survive as a species. We’ll do anything to preserve the social status quo, including omit, deny, and lie. Complete honesty would be detrimental to the survival of the race.”
Chelsey Philpot Quote: “I’m sorry,’ I whispered. I didn’t know whether I was sympathizing with her broken heart or apologizing for a family who had had theirs broken, too.”
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