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Top 6 Chris DeRose Quotes (2023 Update)

Chris DeRose Quote: “Madison, thirty-seven, was the primary author of the Constitution and one of the greatest political thinkers of his day. Monroe, thirty, was an established attorney with a record in combat that could hardly be equaled anywhere on the continent.”
Chris DeRose Quote: “It is noteworthy that the Southern states were such strong defenders of national power at the Constitutional Convention. Having recently been conquered by the British, living in constant tension with various Indian tribes, and sharing a substantial border with hostile European powers, the South chose the plan that would best serve its interests. Only a strong, well-financed government could deter and repel hostile enemies.”
Chris DeRose Quote: “Madison believed that taxes were an evil that should be instituted only to prevent a greater evil – such as the failure of a country to protect its citizens or honor its financial obligations.”
Chris DeRose Quote: “Madison had been elected to the First Congress by only 336 votes. It was in that Congress that the Bill of Rights was passed, cementing the people’s confidence in the new federal government. And the Constitution was saved. All because of one election.”
Chris DeRose Quote: “The better part of one’s life consists of their friendships.”
Chris DeRose Quote: “Perhaps modern esteem for these figures serves as a reminder that, though statesmen may have to struggle mightily to advance their cause, and though they may lose on an issue or come out on the wrong side in the judgment of history, their principled determination is sufficient to win them a place in people’s hearts, long after they are gone.”
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