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Top 20 Chris Messina Quotes (2023 Update)

Chris Messina Quote: “I’m from Long Island. Strong Island.”
Chris Messina Quote: “Nothing is as it seems; everything is as you allow it to be.”
Chris Messina Quote: “I’m from another time period. E-mailing sometimes, for me, is difficult.”
Chris Messina Quote: “I think as an actor, you’re constantly putting yourself out there, and a lot of times failing – and failing in front of a bunch of people – and sometimes you have a good moment and something clicks.”
Chris Messina Quote: “I like funny things, but I don’t find myself particularly funny.”
Chris Messina Quote: “It’s always flattering when somebody you really respect and like wants you to be involved in their project – let alone writes a part with your voice in mind.”
Chris Messina Quote: “The rain probably dampened the spirits of those that decided not to come. But the people who were here didn’t know it was raining because they were having so much fun.”
Chris Messina Quote: “I would love to close my eyes and see myself with my girlfriend when we’re 99 years old and I have a pipe and she’s knitting a sweater, and I hope that’s the way it goes. I think it’s a challenge every day.”
Chris Messina Quote: “I’m not a cook. I don’t think I ever will be.”
Chris Messina Quote: “I am a big fan of movies from the ’70s.”
Chris Messina Quote: “I’ve spent so much of my youth trying to change people or change girls and then having it done to me and people wanting me to change.”
Chris Messina Quote: “Well, it’s always strange to kiss someone with 10, 20, 40 people around.”
Chris Messina Quote: “When you do a play, you do it for a couple months, and it just gets in your bones. You can learn about somebody that way.”
Chris Messina Quote: “I’m lucky to just be a working actor. There are so many great actors out there and I’m just lucky to have gotten work.”
Chris Messina Quote: “I think Aaron Sorkin is like Shakespeare. When you go through it, there is a rhythm and clues all over the place of how it should be played.”
Chris Messina Quote: “What’s monotonous about being an actor and often makes me want to throw in the towel or drive a car off a bridge is the auditioning – the waiting around.”
Chris Messina Quote: “Yeah, I think everybody has the crises of questioning themselves at some point or other in their lives. Is this where I should live? The job I should have? The girl I should be dating? Is this the friend I should have?”
Chris Messina Quote: “Ultimately, making movies, if you don’t have a big star, it’s hard to do. Or if it’s not a star director.”
Chris Messina Quote: “Look at what your idea of success would be. The more that you take in external motivators, the more it reduces your ultimate satisfaction because it doesn’t come from inside.”
Chris Messina Quote: “I love ‘Boardwalk Empire.’ I really love that world. I love that style. I love all the actors on it.”
Chris Messina Quote: “There’s been a lot of times that I thought I’d never work again; I was really bummed out.”
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