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Top 50 Chris Prentiss Quotes (2023 Update)

Chris Prentiss Quote: “Everything that happens to me is the best possible thing that can happen to me.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “The Universe doesn’t make mistakes. Everything is happening just as it should. It’s only our perception of difficulties that causes us the distress and the difficulty we experience. Not only that, but when we label events as ‘bad,’ we fail to perceive the benefit that is waiting for us.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “Your life today is the result of a series of decisions you made that have caused you to arrive where you are.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “The more you engage in any type of emotion or behavior, the greater your desire for it will become.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “At the bottom of every person’s dependency, there is always pain, Discovering the pain and healing it is an essential step in ending dependency.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “The events that occur in my life are workout situations. They are there for my benefit so I can become strong and gain wisdom and information by working my way through those situations.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “The Zen of doing anything is doing it with a particular concentration of mind, a calmness and simplicity of mind, that brings the experience of enlightenment and, through that experience, happiness.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “The answers are never ‘out there. ’ All the answers are ‘in there, ’ inside you, waiting to be discovered.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “How you conduct yourself along the path that is your life determines how your life unfolds.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “Even if it is painful and lonely, associate with worthy companions.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “You are not alone in your quest to be who you want and have what you want.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “The true source of happiness is within each of us.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “The Universe doesn’t make mistakes.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “If you are surrounded by people who not only don’t believe in your goals and your positive outlook on life, but who also continually try to tear you down, it will be extremely challenging for you to hold firmly in mind that you will succeed and that you can be happy.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “Who you allow into the circle of your life will make the difference in the quality of your life.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “A relationship is like a garden. To create a condition that will cause your plants to thrive and produce abundantly, you must weed, water, fertilize, and care for the plants in your garden. You must also know about the special needs of the plants you’re caring for. Some need more or less light than others, some need more or less water than others, and some need special fertilizers.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “You can be happy if you are willing to let go of your past and leave yourself unencumbered so you can fly freely.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “Stress and anxiety cause our brains to release chemicals that put lines in our faces and tear us down emotionally and spiritually.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “If you examine your motive for doing anything, you’ll soon discover that your reason is that you believe it will make you happy.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “If you feel depressed for an hour, you’ve produced approximately eighteen billion new cells that have more receptors calling out for depressed-type peptides and fewer calling out for feel-good peptides.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “There is only one way to achieve lasting happiness. That is simply: Be happy.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “To give up power to change for the better is inherently distasteful to everyone, and to force people to affirm that they are addicts or alcoholics so they can speak in a meeting is shameful and demoralizing.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “People who believe they have bad luck create bad luck. Those who believe they are very fortunate, that the world is a generous place filled with trustworthy people, live in exactly that kind of world.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “What determines each person’s state of happiness or unhappiness is not the event itself, but what the event means to that person.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “Every belief that you hold manifests itself in some manner by either causing you to take some form of action or by preventing you from taking action. If you don’t believe something is possible, you won’t even attempt it.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “A computer cannot manufacture new information. That’s the difference between our brain and a computer.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “Every person in the AA program who’s successful is living proof that he or she does have power over addictive drugs and alcohol- the power to stop.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “Think about the stigma that is attached to the idea that alcoholism is a disease, an incurable illness, and you have it. That’s a terrible thing to inflict on someone. Labeling alcoholism as a disease, a cause unto itself, simply no longer fits with what we know today about its causes.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “The moment you make the internal changes necessary to obtain your goal, the outside world changes instantly.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “You are not an alcoholic or an addict. You are not incurably diseased. You have merely become dependent on substances or addictive behavior to cope with underlying conditions that you are now going to heal, at which time your dependency will cease completely and forever.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “You don’t need to be a scientist to know how powerful your imagination is.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “I wrote this book to show you that a cure is entirely possible because I’ve seen it happen over and over again.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “When people who believe themselves to be addicts or alcoholics come under great stress or trauma, they mentally give themselves permission to drink or use drugs as a remedy.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “Stress comes from the way you relate to events or situations.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “Happiness comes from our response to the conditions of our lives.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “Although you may have never sat down and defined what your philosophy is, it is fully operative and working in your life at all times. It deals with what you believe about the world in which you live, about its people and events, about how you affect them.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “When you need an idea about how to do anything, get quiet and relaxed and think about what it is you need to know. Then the flow of ideas will come. Be patient and let it happen. Sometimes it takes a little while, but it always works.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “Most of the time, we respond to life without taking a moment.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “You can open to the idea that whatever happened to you in the past eventually turned out or will turn out to be a benefit to you.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “The path of the knowledgeable, successful person, which only leads to supreme good fortune and great success is always directly in front of you.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “The best way for you to get that new experience is to change your response to what happens.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “Whatever you are trying to achieve in life, it is essential that you surround yourself with people who believe that what you seek and what you believe in are not only possible but also very probable.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “We wouldn’t have much need of a war if people stopped using drugs. It’s like taking up a fight against the use of headache remedies; it will never work until the condition causing people’s headache pain is healed.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “The world is actually a mirror, and as you change, you will see everything around you changing as well, mirroring your changes.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “There is no cell culture for depression. You can’t see it on a bone scan or an x-ray. Not everyone with depression will show the same behavioral symptoms.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “When a problem or a difficult situation arises, say to yourself, as if you already believe it: “This is for my benefit.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “The way to heal your relationship is to look for the underlying conditions in yourself and in your partner that have caused your relationship to go off track and then to seek out the guidance you need to heal yourself. The Laws of Love will give you that guidance.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “If you allow disagreements and arguments to escalate, you are making the bone of contention of whatever you are heatedly arguing about more important than your relationship.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “The challenges and changes you meet are, in effect, hand delivered to you by a generous, loving Universe for the purpose of making you stronger and wiser.”
Chris Prentiss Quote: “In the eyes, heart, and mind of the one you love and who you want to love you, you will become, in essence, a new person.”
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