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Top 20 Chris Priestley Quotes (2023 Update)

Chris Priestley Quote: “There are many kinds of bravery. It takes as much courage to bring a child into the world as it does to cross swords or sail into the teeth of a storm – more, maybe.”
Chris Priestley Quote: “Just because something is told as a story and that story is part legend or myth, or feat of imagination, does not mean there is no truth in it.”
Chris Priestley Quote: “I’m fond of my Tom Marlowe adventure books. I’d happily have written a few more. Maybe when Hollywood discovers them...”
Chris Priestley Quote: “For nothing is deader than a body that once had life and has it no more.”
Chris Priestley Quote: “There are no fearless men in a battle. Only a liar would say different.”
Chris Priestley Quote: “Writers were a strange sort; I knew that much from the newspapers.”
Chris Priestley Quote: “Sam’s world grew and grew with each book he finished.”
Chris Priestley Quote: “Is this her death I’m looking at? Or her life? And which is worse?”
Chris Priestley Quote: “Ideas come from all over the place – a lifetime of reading and watching films and TV helps of course. I play around with thoughts of what creeps me out and hope that it will creep my reader out too.”
Chris Priestley Quote: “I stood a little self-consciously. I was of an age when I was still unsure of myself in such formal matters as greetings and partings.”
Chris Priestley Quote: “Because they wanted the thrill, said his grandfather. They wanted to feel terror. Fear makes you alive.”
Chris Priestley Quote: “Some people give off a scent of danger that the wise know and avoid and that the foolish are drawn to.”
Chris Priestley Quote: “I would sometimes see them among the trees, as I did this particular day. They did not come near and never said a word. They stood silently among the shadows.”
Chris Priestley Quote: “If ghosts exist, why are there not more? We should be tripping over them. If you can trip over a ghost.”
Chris Priestley Quote: “The sea is a world no one truly knows... It is constantly changing, constantly moving. It is a living thing, never ageing, but never the same.”
Chris Priestley Quote: “You should try never to be sure of things.”
Chris Priestley Quote: “Age has more to do with experience than the number of years you may have walked the earth.”
Chris Priestley Quote: “Because soldiers aren’t really brave, they follow orders. Soldiers do as they told. They’re not heroes. There are no real heroes, son. It depends on whose telling the story.”
Chris Priestley Quote: “From the plough to paper, from the wheel to house, from tool handles to sailing ships. Man would have been nothing without trees.”
Chris Priestley Quote: “But I am English and have spent my life at one of the finest schools in the country. I could take a beating.”
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