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Top 10 Chris Thile Quotes (2023 Update)

Chris Thile Quote: “My thesis statement would be – Bach didn’t write Baroque music. He wrote great music.”
Chris Thile Quote: “If you want to be happy, you listen to the music; if you want to be sad, you listen to the words.”
Chris Thile Quote: “It was kind of sort of the heavens opened up and I realized that Bach, at least, you know – out of all the classical music – needs to be a big part of my life.”
Chris Thile Quote: “The real question is, do you root for the fox in that song? Or are you horrified that the goose and the duck are being dragged off to their death, which is described in detail?”
Chris Thile Quote: “If I was any happier, you’d think I was on crack.”
Chris Thile Quote: “I celebrate three holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Telluride.”
Chris Thile Quote: “I say if you’re not obsessing about something, you might not be into it quite enough.”
Chris Thile Quote: “I really love how the andante from the “A minor Sonata” sounds on the mandolin.”
Chris Thile Quote: “I think people are largely proud of being musically on the risk. Any time you talk to someone about music, I feel like everyone is kind of always underlining just, you know, how voracious their appetites for various things are.”
Chris Thile Quote: “I’ll never feel as comfortable singing as I do playing. The mandolin is my real voice. My actual voice is sort of my secondary voice, but I love to do it and I love giving people relief from playing with a little bit of singing.”
Chris Thile Quote: “I think people react so strongly to hearing the human voice, you can’t give them too much of it or else they want it all the time.”
Chris Thile Quote: “The minute you make a record because you think somebody’s going to play it on the radio is the minute you ought to quit.”
Chris Thile Quote: “The purists are small in number but, you know hardy of voice.”
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