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Top 15 Chris Tiegreen Quotes (2023 Update)

Chris Tiegreen Quote: “God is never defeated. Though He may be opposed, attacked, and resisted, the ultimate outcome can never be in doubt. – Brother Andrew.”
Chris Tiegreen Quote: “Whoever practices hospitality entertains God Himself. – Anonymous.”
Chris Tiegreen Quote: “He may allow deep needs to surface in our lives specifically so we will come to Him for help and learn about Him in the process.”
Chris Tiegreen Quote: “We often strain to hear God’s voice while our Bibles lie smoldering on the shelf, waiting to breathe God’s words into us.”
Chris Tiegreen Quote: “He chose repeatedly to honor the Holy Spirit above all other concerns in his ministry, and the results changed history.”
Chris Tiegreen Quote: “He is the hidden variable in every situation, the trump card yet to be played, the beautiful and satisfying end of the story that looks impossible in the midst of the tortuous, taxing plot. When God is in the mix, no situation is hopeless.”
Chris Tiegreen Quote: “Jesus was not afraid to say harsh things to His disciples. His judgment on materialism has been watered down over the years. Perhaps He wouldn’t condemn how much we have; He would only condemn how much we’ve valued it.”
Chris Tiegreen Quote: “When you attack the roots of sin, fix your thought more upon the God whom you desire than upon the sin which you abhor. – Walter Hilton.”
Chris Tiegreen Quote: “To love God with all our strength, we are to spend our energy for Him, suffer discomfort for Him, and endure resistance for Him.”
Chris Tiegreen Quote: “The world has seen plenty of Christians who do not demonstrate what God is like. It needs more examples of what He is like. He has redeemed us for just such a purpose – to display His glory. Do what you can to display it today. It is time that Christians were judged more by their likeness to Christ than by their notions of Christ. – Lucretia Mott.”
Chris Tiegreen Quote: “Know who you are in the Spirit. Just as you have influence in your family and church, you carry the Presence of God into every area of life, including your occupation.”
Chris Tiegreen Quote: “There is no way to learn endurance other than simply to endure. We can’t learn it in principle or in theory; only pain can teach it to us.”
Chris Tiegreen Quote: “When we hear Him, we are to respond by following. But how we follow will lead us either deeper into the relationship or deeper into self-effort and fruitless legalism. If we really want to reap the benefit of hearing God’s voice, we will cling relentlessly to His words for no other reason than that we love Him.”
Chris Tiegreen Quote: “Lord, as I lie down to sleep, let Your Spirit guide my heart. Download truth into me, sing songs of deliverance over me, show me solutions to problems, open my mind to Your ideas. Give me spiritual.”
Chris Tiegreen Quote: “Is this really possible, Lord? I don’t know many who think this way – or who really expect to hear from You concretely. If this is true, show me clearly. Show me what’s on Your heart, and I will share it.”
Chris Tiegreen Quote: “Don’t be afraid to hunger or thirst for God. Don’t shy away from labor and fatigue. Such gifts honor the God you serve. They are a form of worship. They are an act of love.”
Chris Tiegreen Quote: “Patience and diligence, like faith, remove mountains. – William Penn.”
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