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Top 25 Christa Wolf Quotes (2023 Update)

Christa Wolf Quote: “There are secrets that ravage you, others that make you stronger.”
Christa Wolf Quote: “The past is not dead – it isn’t even past.”
Christa Wolf Quote: “Much later I realized that a person’s attitude to pain reveals more about his future than almost any other sign I know.”
Christa Wolf Quote: “It is this ability to bear what is unbearable and to go on living, to go on doing what one is used to doing – it is this uncanny ability that the existence of the human race is based on.”
Christa Wolf Quote: “She is sensitive. She does not see the world as it is. She’s a bit up in the clouds. She cannot fit in.”
Christa Wolf Quote: “The most beautiful thing under the sun is being under the sun.”
Christa Wolf Quote: “Night thoughts have a different color than day thoughts, a different slant, more than anything else they know all the secret paths and chinks in the armor they can take advantage of to force their way into consciousness.”
Christa Wolf Quote: “A possession considered of little value up to now suddenly becomes precious to a person if another person desires it, don’t you think?”
Christa Wolf Quote: “Between killing and dying there’s a third way: live.”
Christa Wolf Quote: “Di cosa non son capaci di persuaderci, queste donne, quando si mettono d’accordo per lasciarci brancolare nel buio.”
Christa Wolf Quote: “I asked Agamemnon plainly about Iphigenia; he wept. Not as one cries out of pain, but out of fear. Out of weakness.”
Christa Wolf Quote: “I claim that every woman in this century and in our culture sphere who has ventured into male-dominated institutions – ‘literature’ and ‘aesthetics’ are such institutions – must have experienced the desire for self-destruction.”
Christa Wolf Quote: “When we stop hoping, that which we fear will certainly come.”
Christa Wolf Quote: “Autonomous people, nations, and systems can promote each other’s welfare; they do not have to fight each other like those whose inner insecurity and immaturity continually demand the demarcation of limits and postures of intimidation.”
Christa Wolf Quote: “I did not like the thing in me which he had been able to seduce.”
Christa Wolf Quote: “I’ve known one thing for a long time: there’s a role in the big machine even for someone who makes fun of it.”
Christa Wolf Quote: “Coldness in everything. It comes from a long way off; it gets into everything. One must get out of the way before it reaches the core. If it does that, one won’t feel even the coldness any more. Do you see what I mean?”
Christa Wolf Quote: “Se fossimo formiche: l’intero popolo cieco si precipita nei fossati, annega, forma i ponti per i pochi sopravvissuti che sono il seme del nuovo popolo. Simili a formiche andiamo dentro ogni fuoco. Ogni acqua. Ogni fiume di sangue. Solo per non dover vedere. Che cosa? Noi.”
Christa Wolf Quote: “Writing means making things large.”
Christa Wolf Quote: “I did not yet know that not to feel is never a step forward, scarcely a relief.”
Christa Wolf Quote: “I often wonder if the bill is yet to be presented during our lifetime. If not, I must present it to myself.”
Christa Wolf Quote: “Manfred sapeva assai bene che esiste una sorta di bravura che lascia del tutto fredda la persona in gamba.”
Christa Wolf Quote: “In the middle of a war you think of nothing but how it will end. And put off living. When large numbers of people do that, it creates a vacuum within us which the war flows in to fill.”
Christa Wolf Quote: “The happy times of pristine thinking and open minds, always favorable for beginnings, belonged now to the past, and we knew it.”
Christa Wolf Quote: “What is past is not dead; it is not even past. We cut ourselves off from it; we pretend to be strangers.”
Christa Wolf Quote: “In any case, he made me think the unheard-of: The world could go on after our destruction.”
Christa Wolf Quote: “Suddenly hope was a thing of the past. I was just one of the other people. I tried imitating the expression on their faces; we still had five days. Then one day; then no time at all. Then I became one of them and in a few hours I’d forgotten that one can look from solid houses with horror and pity at people trekking by.”
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