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Top 20 Christi Caldwell Quotes (2023 Update)

Christi Caldwell Quote: “Lord Sebastian Rutherford, the twelfth Earl of Gray, hated weddings. He hated England. He hated ladies. But most of all, Lord Sebastian Rutherford hated Christmas.”
Christi Caldwell Quote: “Life is horrible and unfair and terrifying. But those are not reasons to stop living.”
Christi Caldwell Quote: “Sometimes honesty and cruelty go hand in hand, do they not?” she asked softly and released the curtain. It fluttered into place. “Sometimes honesty can be the greatest form of cruelty.”
Christi Caldwell Quote: “Let me learn your interests and share them, tell me of your hopes and together we will attain them, and desire for nothing because as long as you’re mine, if you should call forth the stars, I’ll bring them down to you.”
Christi Caldwell Quote: “Marry me knowing that there may be struggles and sadness, and that we, with each other’s love, will find strength and joy in one another.”
Christi Caldwell Quote: “He’d ceased believing at the hand of his father, the person who should have loved him unconditionally instead taught him that love, in fact, had conditions.”
Christi Caldwell Quote: “I’d not wed you if you were the last creature in the kingdom.”
Christi Caldwell Quote: “And you, well I wouldn’t wed you if you were the last creature in the world, and the king decreed it to spare my life.”
Christi Caldwell Quote: “What if I don’t want to be free?”
Christi Caldwell Quote: “Forlorness. An unspoken sadness that required no words.”
Christi Caldwell Quote: “Gossip was nothing more than a kernel of truth cooked within masterful lies, then expertly fed to a voracious lot of people who thrived off those falsities.”
Christi Caldwell Quote: “Why would the blasted organ splinter apart if she weren’t in love with him?”
Christi Caldwell Quote: “Not since life taught him the perils of love.”
Christi Caldwell Quote: “I was trying so hard, and I was so frustrated, that I could not see anything beyond the pressure I placed on myself.” Ryker.”
Christi Caldwell Quote: “Marabelle was made of stern stuff. It mattered not that she’d never laid eyes upon the man she was about to call husband or that his reputation as a rake and rogue had preceded him. No, she was going to make the best of it, as anyone worth their salt did, and that was certain.”
Christi Caldwell Quote: “Are you calling into question my honor, ma’am?” he demanded in terse ducal tones his grandfather would have been impressed by. The woman snorted. “I expect if you cannot tell that I am, then I should also call into question your intelligence.”
Christi Caldwell Quote: “I fear if you truly believe that, you live a very lonely, sad existence.”
Christi Caldwell Quote: “It fairly oozed roguish appeal.”
Christi Caldwell Quote: “You may have forgotten how to use it because it’s been so hurt, but it is there and someday you will find the person who teaches that organ to again beat.”
Christi Caldwell Quote: “By God, I can’t sort out whether you’re insolent as brass or missing a brain between your ears.” “If I’m forced to choose from solely those two options? The former.”
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