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Top 10 Christopher L. Heuertz Quotes (2024 Update)

Christopher L. Heuertz Quote: “As Russ Hudson frequently emphasizes, “Type isn’t a ‘type’ of person, but a path to God.” The nine types of the Enneagram form a sort of color wheel that describes the basic archetypes of humanity’s tragic flaws, sin tendencies, primary fears, and unconscious needs. The understanding of these components, when shaped through contemplative practice, helps us wake up to our True Self and come home to our essential nature.”
Christopher L. Heuertz Quote: “The English word personality is derived from the Latin word for “mask.” Simply put, our personality is the mask we wear. Taking off that mask, trying to get behind the mask, is the work of the spiritual journey. A mark of spiritual growth is when we stop polishing the mask and instead start working on our character. The Enneagram helps us do that character-structure work.”
Christopher L. Heuertz Quote: “What’s more, the centers explain something about each of the nine Enneagram types by helping identify a person’s most accessible emotional response or reaction: anxiety or distress for the Head Center, fear or shame for the Heart Center, and frustration or anger for the Body Center.”
Christopher L. Heuertz Quote: “When we give ourselves to the hard work of integrating what we have come to learn about ourselves, the Enneagram becomes a sacred map of our soul, one that shows us the places where we have vulnerabilities or tendencies to get stuck as well as the possibilities of where we can go for deeper freedom and inner peace.”
Christopher L. Heuertz Quote: “Learning to see ourselves for who we truly are – the good, the bad, the ugly – is a gift of grace. The Enneagram helps us do just that.”
Christopher L. Heuertz Quote: “A mark of spiritual growth is when we stop polishing the mask and instead start working on our character.”
Christopher L. Heuertz Quote: “Just be. Let go. Give in to the silence.”
Christopher L. Heuertz Quote: “Nouwen suggested we all find ourselves bouncing around three very human lies that we believe about our identity: I am what I have, I am what I do, and I am what other people say or think about me.”
Christopher L. Heuertz Quote: “When we integrate, it should surprise us. It should be an unexpected reward for doing what is nourishing for our soul – and that wonderful shock of observing the gifts of our integration is the validation of the astonishing grace it is.”
Christopher L. Heuertz Quote: “When Twos consent to solitude, they agree to be alone in order to stop trying to please everyone – even God. Twos who constantly attempt to delight God fill all the surrounding space with their insecure energy and so are unable to receive Divine Love, which is already reaching toward them, even within them. Twos who withdraw to solitude consent to be present to God rather than to please God, which allows them to be filled by God with the love they long for.”
Christopher L. Heuertz Quote: “And we know pilgrimages don’t end; they merely facilitate new beginnings.”
Christopher L. Heuertz Quote: “Life-giving ministry flows from lives that are full of gratitude to God, not with an expectation of gratitude from others. In community we can support one another, affirm contributions and yet also trust that our work is sustained by grace.”
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