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Top 500 Dalai Lama XIV Quotes (2024 Update)
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Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “In disagreements with loved ones, deal only with the current situation. Don’t bring up the past.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “For change to happen in any community, the initiative must come from the individual.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “When we have inner peace, we can be at peace with those around us. When our community is in a state of peace, it can share that peace with neighboring communities.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “It does not matter whether you are a theist or atheist, what matters is sincerity, forgiveness, and compassion.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “If you contribute to other peoples happiness, you will find the true meaning of life. The key point is to have a genuine sense of universal responsibility.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “Happiness is a state of mind. With physical comforts if your mind is still in a state of confusion and agitation, it is not happiness. Happiness means calmness of mind.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “Through difficult experiences, life sometimes becomes more meaningful.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “Happiness doesn’t always come from a pursuit. Sometimes it comes when we least expect it.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “Limitless like the ocean are your excellent qualities.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “Genuine happiness consists in those spiritual qualities of love, compassion, patience, tolerance and forgiveness and so on. For it is these which provide both for our happiness and others happiness.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “We must each lead a way of life with self-awareness and compassion, to do as much as we can. Then, whatever happens we will have no regrets.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “I am just one human being.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “Basically, a human being is a social animal. So, if you create some short moment of happiness for people, you get deep satisfaction.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “The key point is kindness. With kindness one will have inner peace. Through inner peace, world peace can one day be a reality.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “Love and compassion are the pillars of world peace.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “Self-discipline is crucial to a simpler, more contented life.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “For material progress and physical well being, peace of mind is of utmost importance.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “The most compassionate form of giving is done with no thought or expectation of reward, and grounded in genuine concern for others.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “The earth is not just our environment. The earth is our mother.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “Compassion can be roughly defined in terms of a state of mind that is nonviolent, nonharming, and nonaggressive. It is a mental attitude based on the wish for others to be free of their suffering and is associated with a sense of commitment, responsibility, and respect towards others.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “Infinite altruism is the basis of peace and happiness. If you want altruism, you must control hate and you must practice patience. The main teachers of patience are our enemies.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “Inner darkness, which we call ignorance, is the root of suffering. The more inner light that comes, the more darkness will diminish. This is the only way to achieve salvation or nirvana.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “Kindness and a good heart are the foundation for success in this life, progress on the spiritual path, and the fulfillment of our aspirations. Our need for them is not limited to any specific time, place, society, or culture.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “It’s unrealistic to think that the future of humanity can be achieved only on the basis of prayer; what we need is to take action.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “It is natural that we face obstacles in pursuit of our goals. But if we remain passive, making no effort to solve the problems we meet, conflicts will arise and hindrances will grow. Transforming these obstacles into opportunities is a challenge to our human ingenuity.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “In the final analysis, the hope of every person is simply peace of mind.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “Home is where you feel at home and are treated well.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “When we are motivated by compassion and wisdom, the results of our actions benefit everyone, not just our individual selves.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “The reality today is that we are all interdependent and have to co-exist on this small planet. Therefore, the only sensible and intelligent way of resolving differences and clashes of interests, whether between individuals or nations, is through dialogue.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “Even modern medical researchers have come to the conclusion that peace of mind is vital for good health.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “Feelings of anger, bitterness, and hate are negative. If I kept those inside me, they would spoil my body and my health. The are of no use.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “You must not procrastinate. Rather, you should make preparations so that even if you did die tonight, you would have no regrets. If you develop an appreciation for the uncertainty and imminence of death, your sense of the importance of using your time wisely will get stronger and stronger.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “Friends, genuine friends, are attracted by a warm heart, not money, not power. A genuine friend considers you as just another human being, as a brother or sister, and shows affection on that level, regardless of whether you are rich or poor, or in a high position; that is a genuine friend.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “All human beings have an innate desire to overcome suffering, to find happiness. Training the mind to think differently, through meditation, is one important way to avoid suffering and be happy.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “I believe all religions pursue the same goals, that of cultivating human goodness and bringing happiness to all human beings. Though the means may appear different, the ends are the same.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “In the Buddha’s life story we see the three stages of practice: Morality comes first, then concentrated meditation, and then wisdom. And we see that the path takes time.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “The cultivation of compassion is no longer a luxury, but a necessity, if our species is to survive.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “As our own peace of mind grows, so the atmosphere around us becomes more peaceful.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “A genuine smile touches something fundamental in us: our natural appreciation of kindness.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “Basically we are all the same human beings with the same potential to be a good human being or a bad human being. The important thing is to realize the positive side and try to increase that; realize the negative side and try to reduce. That’s the way.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “The colors of light are infinite through refraction, yet they all come from the same source. Thus I cannot detach myself from the wickedest soul, nor fail to identify with the most virtuous.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “There is no way to escape death, it is just like trying to escape by four great mountains touching sky. There is no escape from these four mountains of birth, old age, sickness and death.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “Freedom is the real source of human happiness and creativity. Irrespective of whether you are a believer or nonbeliever, whether Buddhist, Christian, or Jew, the important thing is to be a good human being.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “Afflictive emotions – our jealousy, anger, hatred, fear – can be put to an end. When you realize that these emotions are only temporary, that they always pass on like clouds in the sky, you also realize they can ultimately be abandoned.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “To seek solitude like a wild animal. That is my only ambition.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “Most REAL change is slow. Happiness and joy are the purpose of life. If we know that the future will be very dark or painful, then we lose our determination to live. Therefore, life is something based on hope.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “Our life depends on others so much that at the root of our existence is a fundamental need for love. That is why it is good to cultivate an authentic sense of responsibility and concern for the welfare of others.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “I believe that the very purpose of life is to be happy. From the very core of our being, we desire contentment. In my own limited experience I have found that the more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of well-being.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “Brute force, no matter how strongly applied, can never subdue the basic human desire for freedom.”
Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “Try to remain truthful. The power of truth never declines. Force and violence may be effective in the short term, but in the long run it’s truth that prevails.”
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