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Dan Millman Quotes
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Dan Millman Quote: “The world was peopled with minds, whirling faster than any wind, in search of distraction and escape from the predicament of change, the dilemma of life and death – seeking purpose, security, enjoyment, trying to make sense of the mystery. Everyone everywhere lived a confused, bitter search. Reality never matched their dreams; happiness was just around the corner – a corner they never turned. And the source of it all was the human mind.”
Dan Millman Quote: “Babe Ruth was the home-run king of his time, but also the strikeout king.”
Dan Millman Quote: “For example, you have a cold now; its physical symptoms tell you when your body needs to rebalance itself, to restore its proper relationship with sunlight, fresh air, simple food. Just so, stressful thoughts reflect a conflict with reality. Stress happens when the mind resists what is.”
Dan Millman Quote: “Experts devote their life to training. Masters devote their training to life.”
Dan Millman Quote: “He was a thinker, but also a man of action.”
Dan Millman Quote: “In the real world, those of us who are most productive, successful, and satisfied focus not on fixing feelings or manipulating thoughts, but on what needs to be done-and then doing it-no matter what thoughts or feelings arise.”
Dan Millman Quote: “Every choice eventually leads to wisdom.”
Dan Millman Quote: “First mountains are mountains and rivers are rivers. Than mountains are no longer mountains and rivers are no longer rivers. Finally mountains are mountains and rivers are rivers.”
Dan Millman Quote: “When we know deep down that we’re acting with integrity despite impulses to do otherwise, we feel gates of higher energy and inspiration open inside of us.”
Dan Millman Quote: “The earth isn’t solid. It is made of molecules and atoms, tiny universes filled with space. It is a place of mystery, light, and magic, if you only open your eyes.”
Dan Millman Quote: “You have been immortal since before you were born and will be long after the body dissolves. The body is Consciousness; never born; never dies; only changes. The mind – your ego, personal beliefs, history, and identity – is all that ends at death.”
Dan Millman Quote: “Your fears are not walls, but hurdles.”
Dan Millman Quote: “Reality never matched their dreams; happiness was just around the corner – a corner they never turned. And the source of it all was the human mind.”
Dan Millman Quote: “You have tried to be superior in an ordinary realm. Now you must learn to be ordinary in a superior realm.”
Dan Millman Quote: “Faith is the recognition that Spirit works in, as and through each and all of us – through every person and every circumstance.”
Dan Millman Quote: “Finally, I realized the process of real meditation – to expand awareness, to direct attention, to ultimately surrender to the light of consciousness.”
Dan Millman Quote: “I am a warrior! he snapped. Beyond that, who I am depends on who you want me to be.”
Dan Millman Quote: “Tragedy is very different for the warrior and for the fool.”
Dan Millman Quote: “Knowing what to do is not usually the problem; the elusive goal becomes translating intentions into action and resolutions into results.”
Dan Millman Quote: “All these years I had been sustained by an illusion-happiness through victory- and now that illusion was burned to ashes. I was no more happier, no more fullfilled, for all my achievements. Finally I saw through the clouds I saw that I had never learned how to enjoy life, only how to achieve. All my life i had been busy seeking happiness, but never finding it or sustaining it.”
Dan Millman Quote: “Life develops what it demands.”
Dan Millman Quote: “Moderation? It’s mediocrity, fear, and confusion in disguise. It’s the devil’s dilemma. It’s neither doing nor not doing. It’s the wobbling compromise that makes no one happy. Moderation is for the bland, the apologetic, for the fence-sitters of the world afraid to take a stand. It’s for those afraid to laugh or cry, for those afraid to live or die. Moderation... is lukewarm tea, the devil’s own brew.”
Dan Millman Quote: “You’ve become bored to things because they exist only as names to you. The dry concepts of mind obscure your direct perception.”
Dan Millman Quote: “You haven’t yet opened your heart fully, to life, to each moment. The peaceful warrior’s way is not about invulnerability, but absolute vulnerability – to the world, to life, and to the Presence you felt. All along I’ve shown you by example that a warrior’s life is not about imagined perfection or victory; it is about love. Love is a warrior’s sword; wherever it cuts, it gives life, not death.”
Dan Millman Quote: “Stop being so proud of mediocrity; show some spirit!”
Dan Millman Quote: “Humor, in its highest sense, transcends the momentary tension release of laughter, and expands into a profound sense of ease and a relaxed approach to life’s occasional challenges, large or small. When you view your world through this lens of transcendent humor, as if from a distant peak, you discover that life is a game you can play as if it matters – with a peaceful heart and a warrior’s spirit. You can remain engaged with the world but also rise above it, looking beyond your personal dramas.”
Dan Millman Quote: “It doesn’t matter what you do, only how well you do it.”
Dan Millman Quote: “If you don’t get what you want, you suffer; if you get what you don’t want, you suffer; even when you get exactly what you want, you still suffer because you can’t hold on to it forever. Your mind is your predicament. It wants to be free of change, free of pain, free of the obligations of life and death. But change is a law, and no amount of pretending will alter that reality.”
Dan Millman Quote: “You now see everything through a veil of associations about things, projected over a direct, simple awareness. You’ve ‘seen it all before’; it’s like watching a movie for the twentieth time. You see only memories of things, so you become bored. Boredom, you see, is fundamental nonawareness of life; boredom is awareness, trapped in the mind. You’ll have to lose your mind before you can come to your senses.”
Dan Millman Quote: “The movements of the highest warriors are relaxed and expansive because they fight for a cause larger than themselves. Only by surrendering to God’s will does one find victory in battle and serenity in life.” Serafim started pacing again, as he did.”
Dan Millman Quote: “When a man has learned to live without money, he thought, a few rubles can go a long way.”
Dan Millman Quote: “Understanding is the one-dimensional comprehension of the intellect. It leads to knowledge. Realization is three-dimensional – a simultaneous comprehension of head, heart, and instinct. It comes only from direct experience.”
Dan Millman Quote: “And so I awoke to reality, free of any meaning or any search. What could there possibly be to search for? All of Soc’s words had come alive with my death. This was the paradox of it all, the humor of it all, and the great change. All searches, all achievements, all goals, were equally enjoyable, and equally unnecessary.”
Dan Millman Quote: “The rain was a perfectly lawful display of nature. Your ‘upset’ at the ruined picnic and your ‘happiness’ when the sun reappeared were the product of your thoughts. They had nothing to do with the actual events. Haven’t you been ‘unhappy’ at celebrations for example? It is obvious then that your mind, not other people or your surroundings, is the source of your moods. That is the first lesson.”
Dan Millman Quote: “Meditating an action is different from doing it. To do, there is a doer, a self-conscious ‘someone’ performing. But when you meditate an action, you’ve already released attachment to outcomes. There’s no ‘you’ left to do it. In forgetting yourself, you become what you do, so your action is free, spontaneous, without ambition, inhibition, or fear.”
Dan Millman Quote: “I closed my eyes to meditate, but realized that I was always meditating now, with my eyes wide open.”
Dan Millman Quote: “Ignorance, as well as wisdom, is handed down from one generation to the next like a precious heirloom.”
Dan Millman Quote: “How do you know you haven’t been asleep your whole life? How do you know you’re not asleep right now?”
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