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Daniel Kahneman Quotes
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Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Loss aversion is a powerful conservative force that favors minimal changes from the status quo.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “The evidence is unequivocal, there’s a great deal more luck than skill in people getting very rich.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Most of the moments of our life – and I calculated, you know, the psychological present is said to be about three seconds long; that means that, you know, in a life there are about 600 million of them; in a month, there are about 600,000 – most of them don’t leave a trace.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Most of the time, we think fast. And most of the time we’re really expert at what we’re doing, and most of the time, what we do is right.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “The experiencing self lives its life continuously. It has moments of experience, one after the other.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “How many animals of each kind did Moses take into the ark?”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “It is wrong to blame anyone for failing to forecast accurately in an unpredictable world. However, it seems fair to blame professionals for believing they can succeed in an impossible task.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “The often-used phrase “pay attention” is apt: you dispose of a limited budget of attention that you can allocate to activities, and if you try to you try to go beyond your budget, you will fail.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Because it is much easier, as well as far more enjoyable, to identify and label the mistakes of others than to recognize our own. Questioning what we believe and want is difficult at the.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “It was beyond imagining that bad font influences judgments of truth and improves cognitive performance, or that an emotional response to the cognitive ease of a triad of words mediates impressions of coherence. Psychology has come a long way.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “All roses are flowers. Some flowers fade quickly. Therefore some roses fade quickly. A large majority of college students endorse this syllogism as valid. In fact the argument is flawed, because it is possible that there are no roses among the flowers that fade quickly.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Experienced radiologists who evaluate chest X-rays as “normal” or “abnormal” contradict themselves 20% of the time when they see the same picture on separate occasions.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “We know that people can maintain an unshakable faith in any proposition, however absurd, when they are sustained by a community of like-minded believers.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Adaptation seems to be, to a substantial extent, a process of reallocating your attention.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Not all illusions are visual. There are illusions of thought, which we call cognitive illusions.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “The effects of high optimism on decision making are, at best, a mixed blessing, but the contribution of optimism to good implementation is certainly positive. The main benefit of optimism is resilience in the face of setbacks.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “As in many other games, moving first is an advantage in single-issue negotiations – for example, when price is the only issue to be settled between a buyer and a seller. As you may have experienced when negotiating for the first time in a bazaar, the initial anchor has a powerful effect. My.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “System 1 is radically insensitive to both the quality and the quantity of the information that gives rise to impressions and intuitions.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “After a crisis we tell ourselves we understand why it happened and maintain the illusion that the world is understandable. In fact, we should accept the world is incomprehensible much of the time.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Because adherence to standard operating procedures is difficult to second-guess, decision makers who expect to have their decisions scrutinized with hindsight are driven to bureaucratic solutions – and to an extreme reluctance to take risks.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “The average investor’s return is significantly lower than market indices due primarily to market timing.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Psychologists really aim to be scientists, white-coat stuff, with elaborate statistics, running experiments.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Changing one’s mind about human nature is hard work, and changing one’s mind for the worse about oneself is even harder. Nisbett.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “This should not come as a surprise: overly optimistic forecasts of the outcome of projects are found everywhere. Amos and I coined the term planning fallacy to describe plans and forecasts that are unrealistically close to best-case scenarios could be improved by consulting the statistics of similar cases Examples of the planning fallacy abound in the experiences of individuals, governments, and businesses.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “It’s very easy for trusted companies to mislead naive customers, and life insurance companies are trusted.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Policy makers, like most people, normally feel that they already know all the psychology and all the sociology they are likely to need for their decisions. I don’t think they are right, but that’s the way it is.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “The worse the consequence, the greater the hindsight bias.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Many ideas happen to us. We have intuition, we have feeling, we have emotion, all of that happens, we don’t decide to do it. We don’t control it.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “You should expect little or nothing from Wall Street stock pickers who hope to be more accurate than the market in predicting the future of prices. And you should not expect much from pundits making long-term forecasts.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “I’m not a great believer in self-help.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “The world in our heads is not a precise replica of reality; our expectations about the frequency of events are distorted by the prevalence and emotional intensity of the messages to which we are exposed.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “My impression is that the elimination of memories greatly reduces the value of the experience.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Judgment can therefore be described as measurement in which the instrument is a human mind.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “A large portion of the weekend effects is explained by differences in the amount of time spent with friends or family between weekends and weekdays.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “When everybody in a group is susceptible to similar biases, groups are inferior to individuals, because groups tend to be more extreme than individuals.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “The experiments showed further that the mean filial regression towards mediocrity was directly proportional to the parental deviation from it.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Groups tend to be more extreme than individuals.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “We must be inclined to believe it because it has been repeated so often, but let’s think it through again.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Question: So investors shouldn’t delude themselves about beating the market? Answer: “They’re just not going to do it. It’s just not going to happen.””
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Widespread fears, even if they are unreasonable, should not be ignored by policy makers. Rational or not, fear is painful and debilitating, and policy makers must endeavor to protect the public from fear, not only from real dangers.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “My interest in well-being evolved from my interest in decision making – from raising the question of whether people know what they will want in the future and whether the things that people want for themselves will make them happy.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “To understand error in judgment, we must understand both bias and noise.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “There’s a very good reason for why economics developed the way it did, and that is that in many situations, the assumption that people will exploit the opportunities available to them is very plausible, and it simplifies the analysis of how markets will behave.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “I used to hold a unitary view, in which I proposed that only experienced happiness matters, and that life satisfaction is a fallible estimate of true happiness.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “One study found that people who just thought about watching their favorite movie actually raised their endorphin levels by 27 percent.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “In An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, published in 1748, the Scottish philosopher David Hume reduced the principles of association to three: resemblance, contiguity in time and place, and causality. Our concept of association has changed radically since Hume’s days, but his three principles still provide a good start.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Intuitive predictions need to be corrected because they are not regressive and therefore are biased.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “All of us roughly know what memory is. I mean, memory is sort of the storage of the past. It’s the storage of our personal experiences. It’s a very big deal.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “One emphasis of my research has been on the question of how people spend their time. Time is the ultimate finite resource, or course, so the question of how people spend it would seem to be important.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Errors in the initial budget are not always innocent. The authors of unrealistic plans are often driven by the desire to get the plan approved – whether by their superiors or by a client – supported by the knowledge that projects are rarely abandoned unfinished merely because of overruns in costs or completion times. In.”
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