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Daniel Kahneman Quotes
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Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Simple equally weighted formulas based on existing statistics or on common sense are often very good predictors of significant outcomes. In a memorable example, Dawes showed that marital stability is well predicted by a formula: frequency of lovemaking minus frequency of quarrels You don’t want your result to be a negative number.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “The illusion that one has understood the past feeds the further illusion that one can predict and control the future.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “We’re generally overconfident in our opinions and our impressions and judgments.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “You like or dislike people long before you know much about them; you trust or distrust strangers without knowing why; you feel that an enterprise is bound to succeed without analyzing it. Whether you state them or not, you often have answers to questions that you do not completely understand, relying on evidence that you can neither explain nor defend.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Searching for wisdom in historic events requires an act of faith – a belief in the existence of recurrent patterns waiting to be discovered.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Alternative descriptions of the same reality evoke different emotions and different associations.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “A divorce is like a symphony with a screeching sound at the end – the fact that it ended badly does not mean it was all bad.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “This set of choices has a lot to tell us about the limits of human rationality. For one thing, it helps us see the logical consistency of Human preferences for what it is – a hopeless mirage.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “The remembering self’s neglect of duration, its exaggerated emphasis on peaks and ends, and its susceptibility to hindsight combine to yield distorted reflections of our actual experience.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “The effort invested in ‘getting it right’ should be commensurate with the importance of the decision.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “As Nassim Taleb pointed out in The Black Swan, our tendency to construct and believe coherent narratives of the past makes it difficult for us to accept the limits of our forecasting ability. Everything makes sense in hindsight, a fact that financial pundits exploit every evening as they offer convincing accounts of the day’s events.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “An individual who expresses high confidence probably has a good story, which may or may not be true.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Whether professionals have a chance to develop intuitive expertise depends essentially on the quality and speed of feedback, as well as on sufficient opportunity to practice.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “To think clearly about the future, we need to clean up the language that we use in labeling the beliefs we had in the past.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Remember this rule: intuition cannot be trusted in the absence of stable regularities in the environment.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Spend some effort in figuring out why each decision did or did not pan out. Doing that systematically is key: really try to question the way you make decisions, and improve it.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “For example, the question “Do you now feel a slight numbness in your left leg?” always prompts quite a few people to report that their left leg does indeed feel a little strange.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “People’s mood is really determined primarily by their genetic make-up and personality, and in the second place by their immediate context, and only in the third and fourth place by worries and concerns and other things like that.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “We know that the French are very different from the Americans in their satisfaction with life. They’re much less satisfied. Americans are pretty high up there, while the French are quite low – the world champions in life satisfaction are actually the Danes.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “We have associations to things. We have, you know, we have associations to tables and to – and to dogs and to cats and to Harvard professors, and that’s the way the mind works. It’s an association machine.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Anything that makes it easier for the associative machine to run smoothly will also bias beliefs. A reliable way to make people believe in falsehoods is frequent repetition, because familiarity is not easily distinguished from truth. Authoritarian institutions and marketers have always known this fact. But.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “People tend to assess the relative importance of issues by the ease with which they are retrieved from memory – and this is largely determined by the extent of coverage in the media. Frequently mentioned topics populate the mind even as others slip away from awareness.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “You build the best possible story from the information available to you, and if it is a good story, you believe it. Paradoxically, it is easier to construct a coherent story when you know little, when there are fewer pieces to fit into the puzzle. Our comforting conviction that the world makes sense rests on a secure foundation: our almost unlimited ability to ignore our ignorance.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “We reach the point of diminishing marginal predictive returns for knowledge disconcertingly quickly,” Tetlock writes. “In this age of academic hyperspecialization, there is no reason for supposing that contributors to top journals – distinguished political scientists, area study specialists, economists, and so on – are any better than journalists or attentive readers of The New York Times in ‘reading’ emerging situations.” The.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Intuitive diagnosis is reliable when people have a lot of relevant feedback. But people are very often willing to make intuitive diagnoses even when they’re very likely to be wrong.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Claims for correct intuitions in an unpredictable situation are self-delusional at best, sometimes worse.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “We all have our genre. Some people live a tragedy, others inhabit a never-ending religious drama, some approach life as if it were an action film, and not a few act as if in a comedy. But in the end, they are all just stories.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “A reliable way of making people believe in falsehoods is frequent repetition, because familiarity is not easily distinguished from truth.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “People talk of the new economy and of reinventing themselves in the workplace, and in that sense most of us are less secure.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Experienced happiness refers to your feelings, to how happy you are as you live your life. In contrast, the satisfaction of the remembering self refers to your feelings when you think about your life.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “I would not advise people to buy a car or house without making a list. You will probably improve your intuitions by making a list and then sleeping on it.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “I was surprised to see that the pupil remained small and did not noticeably dilate as she talked and listened. Unlike the tasks that we were studying, the mundane conversation apparently demanded little or no effort – no more than retaining two or three digits.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “When physicians are under time pressure, they are apparently more inclined to choose a quick-fix solution, despite its serious downsides.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “There is a huge wave of interest in happiness among researchers. There is a lot of happiness coaching. Everybody would like to make people happier.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Being wealthy is often a powerful predictor that people spend less time doing pleasurable things and more time doing compulsory things and feeling stressed.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Zajonc argued that the effect of repetition on liking is a profoundly im- portant biological fact, and that it extends to all animals.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Political columnists and sports pundits are rewarded for being overconfident.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “The amount of evidence and its quality do not count for much, because poor evidence can make a very good story. For some of our most important beliefs we have no evidence at all, except that people we love and trust hold these beliefs. Considering how little we know, the confidence we have in our beliefs is preposterous – and it is also essential.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “There is general agreement among researchers that nearly all stock pickers, whether they know it or not-and few of them do-are playing a game of chance.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Stories of how businesses rise and fall strike a chord with readers by offering what the human mind needs: a simple message of triumph and failure that identifies clear causes and ignores the determinative power of luck and the inevitability of regression. These stories induce and maintain an illusion of understanding, imparting lessons of little enduring value to readers who are all too eager to believe them.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “How do people make the judgments and how do they assign decision weights? We start from two simple answers, then qualify them. Here are the oversimplified answers: People overestimate the probabilities of unlikely events. People overweight unlikely events in their decisions.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “The brain scientists are the wave of the future in the financial world. If you seek to maximize understanding, whether you’re in academia or in the investment community, you’d better pay serious attention to them.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “The illusion that one has understood the past feeds the further illusion that one can predict and control the future. These illusions are comforting. They reduce the anxiety that we would experience if we allowed ourselves to fully acknowledge the uncertainties of existence.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Managers think of themselves as captains of a ship on a stormy sea. Risk for them is danger, but they are fighting it, very controlled.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “The idea that you can ask one question and it makes the point – well, that wasn’t how psychology was done at the time.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “We all have a need for the reassuring message that actions have appropriate consequences, and that success will reward wisdom and courage. Many business books are tailor-made to satisfy this need.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “It’s clear that policymakers and economists are going to be interested in the measurement of well-being primarily as it correlates with health; they also want to know whether researchers can validate subjective responses with physiological indices.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “I enjoy being active, but I look forward to the day when I can retire to the Internet.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “Many activities can induce a sense of flow, from painting to racing motorcycles – and.”
Daniel Kahneman Quote: “People assign much higher probability to the truth of their opinions than is warranted.”
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