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Danielle Steel Quote: “She didn’t want to let go of him, or the baby, but sometimes life made you give up what you loved most.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “I believe in love at first sight for houses – but not for people.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “Perfume is like a personal signature, which is why I like to mix my own. For years I’ve paired Femme by Rochas with Shalimar and love the results.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “Her writing was her only escape, her only means of survival. It was a respite from a cruel world, despite seemingly comfortable surroundings.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “People have entire relationships via text message now, but I am not partial to texting. I need context, nuance and the warmth and tone that can only come from a human voice.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “I try to give people hope. Even though life is bleak, there’s hope out there.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “No man can take your freedom from you. They can limit your mobility, but that’s about all they can do.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “I’m one of them. The weirdos and the freaks. My point was that it’s ok to be different, and from now on we’d better be, if we’re going to make something of ourselves. It’s the one thing I learned in school. Different is ok. -Victoria.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “It’s been very hard, after being mostly a mom, to develop an adult life of my own. And not being married anymore, I have to come up with challenges.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “I’m not an aging gracefully type. But I do believe in aging with grace.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “Love is quite violent. It is so painful at times, so devastating. And there is nothing worse or better. We find the highs and lows equally unbearable. But then again, the absence of them is more so.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “I like summer. I like warmer weather and long days. I’m one of those silly people who still enjoy lying in the sun – my children are horrified!”
Danielle Steel Quote: “Nothing is irreversible except dying.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “I don’t buy trends, because the pieces don’t last and I wind up never wearing them. That’s why I like to shop with my children; they’ll always tell me the truth.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “A bad review is like baking a cake with all the best ingredients and having someone sit on it.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “Love meant something to her, she dreamt of it, thought of it, wrote of it. It was the one thing in life that had eluded her completely.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “I don’t want to have to give up me, in order to be his.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “We are always better than before when those we love inflict wounds upon us.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “My early reviews were so bad that I decided I didn’t want to read them again.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “I completed my first novel when I was 19 years old.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “And the worst thing she had heard were the words he hadn’t said, the fact that he hadn’t loved her.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “I’m a terribly irresponsible eater – I love soft-boiled eggs and chocolate. I never met a chocolate I could not eat.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “I have these wonderful homes, and no one to share them with.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “I am endlessly busy, bringing up five young kids, and trying to keep up with the three older ones. I still spend most of my life driving car pools.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “My kids are more precious to me than anything. I’m with them all day, and I write all night.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “Victoria heard across the wedding reception dance floor “You’re loveable”!”
Danielle Steel Quote: “People are much more inclined to believe and say bad things about you if you’re famous.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “I don’t just want to catch some guy and have a bunch of kids. I want to make something of myself.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “The usual way – through a long series of rejections, revising my manuscripts, and kept trying again and again. Finally I was fortunate enough to find a good agent.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “At the moment, I’m enjoying John Grisham quite a bit.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “I decided I would never do interviews again.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “In my late teenage years, I developed a real passion for it, and wrote a lot of poetry.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “I did it at night because I loved it. I never did it to make money, as a job. I just did it because I had to.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “I once looked like Norman Mailer in a picture with bad lighting.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “For the moment, my life is a little schizophrenic.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “I think I’m very real as a person, and that comes across in my work.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “I wrote because I needed to and wanted to. It never occurred to me that I’d become famous.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “But even she had figured out that there was no point giving up a great job and following him to the ends of the earth, when he simply refused to make any promises about, or even discuss, the future.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “I’m surprisingly practical in much of my life, but not when it comes to my shoes.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “You have more balls than a Christmas tree.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “It was March in the Napa Valley, just under sixty miles north of San Francisco, and Joy Lammenais’s favorite time of year. The rolling hills were a brilliant emerald green, which would fade once the weather grew warmer, and get dry and brittle in the summer heat. But for now, everything was fresh and new, and the vineyards stretched for miles across the Valley. Visitors compared it to Tuscany in Italy, and some to France.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “We’re all given terrible trials sometimes, things that we think will break our spirit and kill us, and they make us stronger in the end. They seem like the cruelest blows, but in a funny way they’re like compliments from God.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “It was the cruelest of destiny’s tricks, the death of a young person.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “It’s all about fate and destiny, and opening the right door at the right time, and having the guts to walk through it. It’s amazing how everything changes in the blink of an eye.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “The weather in Paris was unusually warm as Peter Haskell’s plane landed at Charles de Gaulle Airport. The plane taxied neatly to the gate, and a few minutes later, briefcase in hand, Peter was striding through the airport. He was almost smiling as he got on the customs line, despite the heat of the day and the number of people crowding ahead of him in line. Peter Haskell loved Paris.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “There are no mysteries, only unanswered questions that have no answers, and the memory of people who enter and leave our lives, for a short or long time, and stay only as long as they are meant to. We cannot change the patterns of life, but only observe them, and bend to their will with grace.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “Together they were more than they each were alone. They didn’t take away from each other, they added all that they were.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “She had no idea where the future would lead her or what it would look like, but whatever happened, she was determined to survive it.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “All rights reserved. No part of this book may.”
Danielle Steel Quote: “Holiday or business, monsieur?” The customs officer looked unconcerned as he stamped Peter’s passport, and barely glanced up at him after looking at the picture. He had blue eyes and dark hair and looked younger than his forty-four years. He had fine features, he was tall, and most people would have agreed that he was handsome.”
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