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Dante Alighieri Quote: “Here my powers rest from their high fantasy, but already I could feel my being turned- instinct and intellect balanced equally. as in a wheel whose motion nothing jars- by the Love that moves the Sun and the other stars.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Be as a tower firmly set; Shakes not its top for any blast that blows.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “It is necessity and not pleasure that compels us.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Amor, ch’a nullo amato amar perdona.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “As the geometer intently seeks to square the circle, but he cannot reach, through thought on thought, the principle he needs, so I searched that strange sight.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “The heavens call to you, and circle about you, displaying to you their eternal splendors, and your eye gazes only to earth.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Behave like men, and not like witless sheep...”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Astrology, the noblest of sciences.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “He who shall never be divided from me kissed my mouth all trembling.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Art, as far as it is able, follows nature, as a pupil imitates his master; thus your art must be, as it were, God’s grandchild.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Fate’s arrow, when expected, travels slow.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Mankind is at its best when it is most free. This will be clear if we grasp the principle of liberty. We must recall that the basic principle is freedom of choice, which saying many have on their lips but few in their minds.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Will cannot be quenched against its will.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “My mother used to always tell me that my father was a man who fought for the weak. He had courage and righteous heart. In the name of my father, I will kill Mundus!”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “To course across more kindly waters now my talent’s little vessel lifts her sails, leaving behind herself a sea so cruel; and what I sing will be that second kingdom, in which the human soul is cleansed of sin, becoming worthy of ascent to Heaven.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Soon you will be where your own eyes will see the source and cause and give you their own answer to the mystery.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Love, that exempts no one beloved from loving, seized me with pleasure of this man so strongly, that, as thou seest, it doth not yet desert me.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “You shall find out how salt is the taste of another man’s bread, and how hard is the way up and down another man’s stairs.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “The day that man allows true love to appear, those things which are well made will fall into cofusion and will overturn everything we believe to be right and true.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Midway upon the journey of our life.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “A rapid bolt will rend the clouds apart, and every single White be seared by wounds. I tell you this. I want it all to hurt.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Not one drop of blood is left inside my veins that does not throb: I recognize signs of the ancient flame.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Infinite goodness has such wide arms.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Wisdom is earned, not given.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Justice does not descend from its own pinnacle.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “In the midway of this our mortal life, I found me in a gloomy wood, astray, Gone from the path direct.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Without hope we live in desire.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “As one who sees in dreams and wakes to find the emotional impression of his vision still powerful while its parts fade from his mind – Just such am I, having lost nearly all the vision itself, while in my heart I feel the sweetness of it yet distill and fall.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “I am searching for that which every man seeks-peace and rest.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “I am made of God, through his Grace. Such that your misery touches me not, Nor does flame of that burning assail me.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “I saw a point that shone with light so keen, the eye that sees it cannot bear its blazing; the star that is for us the smallest one would seem a moon if placed beside this point.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Love kindled by virtue always kindles another, provided that its flame appear outwardly.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Thy soul is by vile fear assailed, which oft so overcasts a man, that he recoils from noblest resolution, like a beast at some false semblance in the twilight gloom.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “All your renown is like the summer flower that blooms and dies; because the sunny glow which brings it forth, soon slays with parching power.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “It bugs the crap out of me when somebody talks more than I do.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “A man’s renown is like the hue of grass, Which comes and goes.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “The human race finds itself in a better situation when it has the higher level of freedom.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Lying in a featherbed will bring you no fame, nor staying beneath the quilt, and he who uses up his life without achieving fame leaves no more vestige of himself on Earth than smoke in the air or foam upon the water.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Through me is the way into the doleful city; through me the way into the eternal pain; through me the way among the people lost. Justice moved my High Maker; Divine Power made me, Wisdom Supreme, and Primal Love. Before me were no things created, but eternal; and eternal I endure: leave all hope, ye that enter.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “You learn by trying, making mistakes, correcting and trying again and again until your reach the desired goal, which is rarely without effort, but is rather a reward for hard work.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Often a retrospect delights the mind.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “E chi avesse voluto conoscere Amore, fare lo potea mirando lo tremare de li occhi miei.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “I felt for the tormented whirlwinds Damned for their carnal sins Committed when they let their passions rule their reason.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “There is a place in Hell called the Malebolge...”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “No sadness is greater than in misery to rehearse memories of joy.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Stand firm as the tower that never shakes its top whatever wind may blow.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “And to a place I come where nothing shines.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “There is no greater sorrow then to recall our times of joy in wretchedness.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Mentre che la speranza ha fior del verde.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “This mountain is so formed that it is always wearisome when one begins the ascent, but becomes easier the higher one climbs.”
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