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Dante Alighieri Quote: “He who awaits the call, but sees the need, Already sets his spirit to refuse it.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “O faithful conscience, delicately pure, how doth a little failing wound thee sore!”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “There is no greater sorrow... than to be mindful of the happy time.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “I might then squeeze the juices of my thought more fully out of me.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Hasty opinion too often points the wrong way, and then affection for one’s own opinion binds up the intellect.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “My senses down, when the true.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Names are the consequences of things.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Allegro mi sembrava Amor tenendo meo core in mano, e ne le braccia avea madonna involta in un drappo dormendo.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “We were still some way from it, but not so far that I failed to discern in part what noble people occupied that place.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “It follows, then, that the only way to get into Hell is to insist upon it. One must deliberately exclude himself from grace by hardening his heart against it. Hell is what the damned have actively and insistently wished for.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Quick! Quick! Let’s lose no time through lack of love!’ so all of those behind now shouted out. ‘For zeal in doing good turns grace new green.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Before me nothing was created but eternal things and I endure eternally. Abandon every hope, ye that enter.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “No one, while hope shows any hint of green, is lost beyond return to love eternal merely because the Church has voiced its curse.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Look hard, all you whose minds are sound and sane, and wonder at the meaning lying veiled beyond the curtain of this alien verse.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Oh blind cupidity, O wrath insane, That spurs us onward so on our short life, And in the eternal then so badly steeps us!”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “From now on you will have to cast off sloth in this way,” said my master, “for one does not gain fame sitting on-down cushions, or while under coverlets; and whoever consumes his life without fame leaves a mark of himself on earth like smoke in the air or foam in water. And therefore stand up; conquer your panting with the spirit that conquers in every battle, if it does not let the heavy body crush it down.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “I had set foot in that part of life beyond which one cannot go with any hope of returning.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “It treats of the most universal values – good and evil, man’s responsibility, free will and predestination; yet it is intensely personal and political, for it was written out of the anguish of a man who saw his life blighted by the injustice and corruption of his times.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “When virtue lights in us 11 a fire of love, that love ignites another within the soul that sees its burning.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Love that is kindled by virtue, will, in another find reply, as long as that love’s flame appears without...”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Thus into the sempiternal justice the sight conferred in your world penetrates only as far as the eye does into the sea, for though close to shore you may see the bottom, on the open sea you cannot, and nonetheless it is there, but hidden by being deep.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “And he, my strength, swung straight around to say: ‘Why so dismayed and faithless? Don’t you know that I am with you and still guide your steps?”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “The moon, with midnight now behind us, made the stars seem scarcer to us; it was shaped just like a copper basin, gleaming, new.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Thou shalt prove how salty tastes another’s bread, and how hard a path it is to go up and down another’s stairs.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Esta suerte miserable tienen las tristes almas de aquellos que vivieron sin infamia y sin honor.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Questo sonetto ha due parti principali; che ne la prima intendo chiamare li fedeli d’Amore per quelle parole di Geremia profeta che dicono: “O vos omnes qui transitis per viam, attendite et videte si est dolor sicut dolor meus”, e pregare che mi sofferino d’audire;.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “These innumerable seekers of safety first, and last, who take no risk either of suffering in a good cause or of scandal in a bad one, are here manifestly, nakedly, that which they were in life, the waste and rubbish of the universe, of no account to the world, unfit for Heaven and barely admitted to Hell. They have no need to die, for they ‘never were alive’.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “What blind cupidity, what crazy rage impels us onwards in our little lives – then dunks us in this stew to all eternity!”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “You’ll leave behind you all you hold most dear. And this will be the grievous arrow barb that exile, first of all, will shoot your way.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Vexilla Regis prodeunt Inferni.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “You have the light that shows you right from wrongs, and your Free Will, which, though it may grow faint in its struggles with the heavens, can still surmount all obstacles if nurtured well. You are free of subjects of a greater power, a nobler nature that creates your mind... So, if the world has gone astray, the cause lies in yourselves and only there!”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Remember this, if Fortune leads you on to where such spats as this are played out loud. 148 To wish to hear such stuff is pretty low.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Or discendiamo omai a maggior pieta;.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Like those who see so clearly while they dream that marks of feeling, when their dreaming ends, remain, though nothing more returns to mind, so I am now. For nearly all I saw has gone, even if, still, within my heart, there drops the sweetness that was born from that.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “He listens to good purpose who takes note.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “For when the powers of working intellect are wed to strength and absolute illwill, then humans cannot find a place to hide.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Because your human longings point to where portions grow smaller in shared fellowship, meanness of mind must make the bellows sigh. 52 If love, though, seeking for the utmost sphere, should ever wrench your longings to the skies, such fears would have no place within your breast. 55 For, there, the more that we can speak of “ours”, the more each one possesses of the good and, in that cloister, caritas burns brighter.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “The allegory is the soul of the poem, but like the soul within the body it does not show itself in independent existence.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “This writing is of bone and sinew.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Now you can plainly see how deeply hidden truth is from scrutinists who would insist that every love is, in itself, praiseworthy; and they are led to error by the matter of love, because it may seem-always-good; but not each seal is fine, although the wax is.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “So that their fear is turned into desire.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “It was that hour that turns seafarers’ longings homeward- the hour that makes their hearts grow tender upon the day they big sweet friends farewell...”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “I fell to thinking about my own life, now so debilitated, and reecting how short this life is, even in health, I began to weep about our wretched state. Sighing deeply, I said to myself: ‘One day, inevitably, even your most gracious Beatrice must die.’ This thought threw me into such a state of bewilderment that I closed my eyes, and I began, like a person who is delirious, to be tormented by these fantasies.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Zoals bloempjes die door de vrieskou van de nacht gebogen en gesloten zijn, wanneer de zon haar stralen over hen uitgiet alle opengaan en zich oprichten op hun stengels, zo hief ik mij toen op uit mijn neerslachtigheid.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “My sins and crimes were horrible to hear. God, though, unendingly is good. His arms enfold and grasp all those who turn to Him.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “She by her nature is cruel, so vicious she never can sate her voracious will, but, feasting well, is hungrier than before.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “As mating doves that love calls to their nest glide through the air with motionless raised wings, borne by the sweet desire that fills each breast – Just so those spirits turned on the torn sky from the band where Dido whirls across the air; such was.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “Follow your constellation and you cannot fail to reach your port of glory.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “He eyed the snake. The reptile eyed him back. Each gave out smoke in streams – the wound of one, the serpent’s jaws. The smoke streams slowly met.”
Dante Alighieri Quote: “All who, in wanting grace, do not seek help from you, might wish to soar yet lack the wings. Nor in your kindness do you give your aid to those alone who ask, but often run, before they ask, to them in generous freedom. In you is pity, in you compassion, in you all-giving power. All good in you is gathered up that creature form can bear.”
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