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Top 15 David Weinberger Quotes (2024 Update)

David Weinberger Quote: “The smartest person in the room, is the room.”
David Weinberger Quote: “Transparency is the new objectivity.”
David Weinberger Quote: “Metadata liberates us, liberates knowledge.”
David Weinberger Quote: “Personalization is the automatic tailoring of sites and messages to the individuals viewing them, so that we can feel that somewhere there’s a piece of software that loves us for who we are.”
David Weinberger Quote: “Business is a conversation because the defining work of business is conversation – literally. And ‘knowledge workers’ are simply those people whose job consists of having interesting conversations.”
David Weinberger Quote: “The cure to information overload is more information.”
David Weinberger Quote: “To a collector of curios, the dust is metadata.”
David Weinberger Quote: “This is an awesome time to be a knowledge seeker, no better time, but it’s also the best time in history to be a complete idiot.”
David Weinberger Quote: “It’s not what you know, and it’s not even who you know. It’s how much knowledge you give away. Hoarding knowledge diminishes your power because it diminishes your presence.”
David Weinberger Quote: “Business is a conversation because the defining work of business is conversation.”
David Weinberger Quote: “The Internet is a medium only at the bit level. At the human level, it is a conversation that, because of the persistence and linkedness of pages, has elements of a world. It could only be a medium if we absolutely didn’t care about it.”
David Weinberger Quote: “Transform the medium by which we develop, preserve, and communicate knowledge, and we transform knowledge.”
David Weinberger Quote: “The Internet’s abundant capacity has removed the old artificial constraints on publishing – including getting our content checked and verified. The new strategy of publishing everything we find out thus results in an immense cloud of data, free of theory, published before verified, and available to anyone with an Internet connection. And this is changing the role that facts have played as the foundation of knowledge.”
David Weinberger Quote: “The next darwin is more likely to be a data wonk than a naturalist wandering through an exotic landscape.”
David Weinberger Quote: “How we organize our world reflects not only the world but also our interests, our passions, our needs, our dreams.”
David Weinberger Quote: “Science had been a type of publishing and now it is becoming a network.”
David Weinberger Quote: “Our task is to learn how to build smart rooms – that is, how to build networks that make us smarter, especially since, when done badly, networks can make us distressingly stupider.”
David Weinberger Quote: “Your organization is becoming hyperlinked. Whether you like it or not. It’s bottom-up; it’s impossible.”
David Weinberger Quote: “Citizens are starting not to excuse political candidates who have web sites that do nothing but throw virtual confetti.”
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