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Top 15 Dawn Kurtagich Quotes (2023 Update)

Dawn Kurtagich Quote: “There are places. Abandoned places. Forgotten places. These are the places I like to be.”
Dawn Kurtagich Quote: “Your eyes will be brown, a color that holds secrets well.”
Dawn Kurtagich Quote: “I rest my heart in anger to keep away my fear.”
Dawn Kurtagich Quote: “Dark waters run deep.”
Dawn Kurtagich Quote: “I curse anyone who reads this book. If you touch it, hell will be waiting. Screw you. Happy reading.”
Dawn Kurtagich Quote: “We have no right to children if despair is all we bring with us.”
Dawn Kurtagich Quote: “This is how it goes. This is how it works. These are the rules. But here is the secret. You are free. You’re not one of those fools. There is no bubble except the one they put you in.”
Dawn Kurtagich Quote: “I don’t say anything because he’s got fire inside him for sure, and fire burns.”
Dawn Kurtagich Quote: “The words slipped out like a bubble, too fragile to resist the destruction of air. It was like a glass smashing against a wall.”
Dawn Kurtagich Quote: “How tedious to have to perform the act of happiness daily.”
Dawn Kurtagich Quote: “One box, and it holds a whole life of love – almost every letter Carly and I have ever exchanged. Seeing it here, all together, three big bundles of paper... is that all we were? Dying pages, fading ink?”
Dawn Kurtagich Quote: “I hate that I’m so easy to let go.”
Dawn Kurtagich Quote: “Change affects us all in different ways. It’ll get easier as more time passes.”
Dawn Kurtagich Quote: “I will never judge you, nor pity you. I shall rage beside you. And I shall love you. No more and no less.”
Dawn Kurtagich Quote: “Tell me pleasant lies, and I will believe them before I throw them away.”
Dawn Kurtagich Quote: “I’m sorry. I really do try not to get angry. Carly says anger is a weapon, but sometimes I think it’s just another cage.”
Dawn Kurtagich Quote: “And here I sit, writing about him as though he’s just a ghost from my past that still haunts me. And I guess that is all he is now. Just some guy I used to know.”
Dawn Kurtagich Quote: “I am a prisoner of my skin. My bones are my cage.”
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