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Top 35 Dirk Benedict Quotes (2023 Update)

Dirk Benedict Quote: “Change is good. And in fact unavoidable.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “Life has never been easy. Nor is it meant to be. It is a matter of being joyous in the face of sorrow.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “Life without kids is like a camera without film.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “If we wait until our lives are free from sorrow or difficulty, then we wait forever. And miss the entire point.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “America is terrified of the passage of time. Prozac Nation. Land of Face Lifts.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “Questions about acting are difficult.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “I’m a classic example of what can happen if you follow your inner voice. I was cursed with interests and some talent in many different areas. It confuses people.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “We need to continually look within ourselves. Contemplate our inner being and find our own unique voice and then learn to heed it and we will then have the life experience we deserve.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “We are all vegetarians here, and except for a mountain lion that’s been hanging around and killed our dog, we don’t have a care in the world.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “I’m the worst person to ask about how to get noticed. It took me 25 years.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “My favorite thing is to be alone in a room with a blank paper in front of me and the time to fill it.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “Harrison Ford was pretty content as a carpenter who thought it would be nice to work on TV and ended up being the biggest film star in the history of cinema.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “I am very willing to share whatever I know or feel I know about finding some serenity in this lifetime.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “From Maya Angelou I began to believe that I, too, someday, could be a writer, and I also learned how tortuous it can be to be in possession of a unique voice.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “From dear, dear Gloria Swanson, I learned how to live long, happy and free of health problems. I owe her my life.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “I loved sitting on my veranda sipping quality scotch, puffing a Cuban cigar and watching Cuba on the horizon, or the oceanic vista. Did this late in the evenings many times.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “LIFE: My favorite occupation.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “It takes great technique, tremendous discipline and energy and practice, and damn few are capable. Art is confidence. Technique makes it possible to achieve artistic greatness, but doesn’t guarantee it. The great piano artists are not the ones who are best playing Clementi exercises.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “At 200 pounds, with a 17-inch neck, a resting pulse of 78, a bench press of 200 pounds, I was very much indeed a normal, All-American male. I carried my sickness within.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “Movies are movies, television is television.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “Men hand out cigars. Women ‘hand out’ babies. And thus the world, for thousands of years, has gone round.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “Hollywood today is all about being consistent. All thinking in mainstream film business takes place in one box.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “There is a divine moment in our lives when we all become one. It’s called procreation, and it is reborn, continually and forever.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “The only difference from one $100 million budget film to another is which of the 12 box stars are getting $20 million to be in it.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “Anybody can write a film script ’cuz it has been reduced to a formula.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “It is a good motive, fame and money, as it is tangible and measurable. Being an artist is neither measurable nor tangible and certainly not a way to become rich.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “Be very clear as to what your dream is. Nowadays it is fairly certain that 90 percent of all actors really just want to be rich and famous as the solution to all that ails.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “I write from the same place I parent, and since becoming a single parent, I have found it difficult, if not impossible, to write anything of length.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “In their arrogance, ABC wanted a number-one show. They wouldnt accept losing that time slot.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “I wanted to be Anthony Hopkins and ended up being neither a film star nor having a career on the stage.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “I write from my imagination, not from what I’ve read in books or seen on TV or to make money. I wrote from an idea I was passionate about.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “You can’t leave civilization behind entirely.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “I never get involved with the ladies I work with.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “Films must all have the same structure. All of this to guarantee box office bonanza, which of course it never does, but that’s another discussion entirely.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “The space genre is timeless.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “I believe that the first 8 years are most important and the time in a child’s life when parents must be absolutely and completely present.”
Dirk Benedict Quote: “Unconsciously, I had prepared the perfect trap in which to catch and hold my soul.”
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