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Dolores Cannon Quote: “So it’s confused. A: It is. D: It doesn’t really belong there? A: No. It is just being what it is, but it is destroying worlds. In its normal place there are other sets of laws where it exists with others like it. And there it would not be destructive. It’s a different space, a different dimensional reality.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “It’s too much energy for this little teeny body. Because the galaxy is smaller than the energy you are. This planet Earth is smaller than the energy you are. This body is smaller than the energy you are.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “The seed of their being, of their oneness. I’m not separate. Oneness, not two, but one. The seed, or idea, is planted in the psyche by light infusion. It is in the cells, the memory of oneness. It can be planted anywhere there is an opening.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “Mainly he appears in people’s reveries and dreams for the purpose of inspiration and comfort.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “She is well prepared, but she doubts herself. That is part of the human condition and she has succumbed more than expected to the program of fear.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “The talents of these individuals were more highly motivated by a desire to learn, as opposed to a desire to earn. Which is what you find in your society at this point in time, as you define it.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “There are beings that we consider not very spiritually evolved. That does not mean they are negative.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “Internet is the birth of the mass conscious information access to all. It is the first step, but we will stop this if heart is not balanced in this species.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “We don’t see it as negative. We see it as a life form that doesn’t belong in this universe. And it’s trying to find its way back, but it’s lost and it’s consuming. It’s doing what it does and it’s destructive in our time line.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “Yes, and one of the insurance policies is that there are many of us. We’re like a back-up support.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “We must never forget that we chose to be here and we are here for a reason.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “An interesting note to this is, how a movie star projected onto the big screen is instantly adored and revered. This phenomenon works in reverse. Those who are held in high esteem are given gigantic proportions. Those who are given gigantic proportions are held in high esteem.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “I think it is important for the first and second wave of volunteers to understand that their own fears and the feeling of not wanting to be here on Earth can create powerful blocks to hold back their advancement. Many say they just don’t want to be here. It is too difficult, and they just want to leave. If they truly want to return “home” then they better begin to understand and work with these feelings. Otherwise, they will be stuck here and will not fulfill their noble contract.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “There are many other species, and humans don’t understand that. But we like the humans. They are a part of us, and they discover that when they leave their body. If they knew this they would behave differently. They’re very lovely. They mean well, and they all have this love in their heart, and we just want them to love from their heart. And if they love from their heart, they won’t create these things that occur.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “I see if I influence, then I’m only influencing from the state of awareness that I’m holding in that particular place. But if I do nothing and only observe, that seems like a more natural state for me. That’s why I feel alone there.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “Where I saw we were all humans coming together to then become one of the people at the table for the “Galactic Federation.”
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