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Top 60 Dolores Cannon Quotes (2024 Update)

Dolores Cannon Quote: “Stop wasting time! Time is growing short for you to accomplish what you came to Earth to do!”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “There are no limitations, unless you create them yourselves. Anything is possible. You are only limited by your own imagination.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “Love is the most powerful force in the world. If people tell you that the opposite of love is fear, it is not so. Love just is. Love has no opposite. Remember that, dear one. Love has no opposite. Love just is. It is the answer to everything. Everything.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “Through the process of reincarnation we have all lived on other planets and in other dimensions and we will continue to do so after our lessons on Earth have been completed. Earth is merely a school – one of many in our long education.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “You do not realize the power of your own mind. By focusing on the reality you desire, you can create it. Your energy is scattered. Once you learn how to focus and direct it, you are capable of creating miracles. And if the power of one man’s mind is that powerful, think of the power of group mind once it is harnessed. The power of the focusing of many people’s minds is not only multiplied, it is squared.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “We are moving into a new world and the old negativity will be left behind. Through the law of cause and effect, we can change the world, one person at a time.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “Parting message: Don’t be afraid of shining a light. Don’t be afraid of being powerful. Don’t be afraid of being more special.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “While the body sleeps our soul or spirit is having many adventures. It may travel to the spirit realm to meet with master teachers and guides to obtain advice or to learn lessons. It also may travel to other parts of our world or even venture outward to other worlds and dimensions.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “Those who have not become enlightened will have to return to another, denser planet that is still involved with negativity, to work out their remaining karma.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “Extraterrestri als are living now on Earth. They are everywhere, among your friends, neighbors, even your relatives. Their blood flows through our veins. We are as much brothers and sisters to beings from the stars as we are to animals of the Earth.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “When we have completed all the journeys and adventures through our variety of lives we are supposed to return to the creator with our accumulation of knowledge. It is then absorbed. In this way we are considered cells in the body of God.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “Free will is very important for every one of the Earth. They must see through and transcend the illusion that exists in present mass consciousness. And trust in the higher spiritual laws and processes.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “People can’t help other people if they have too many of their own problems. They can’t do what’s right for the planet if they can’t do what’s right for themselves.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “When the time comes, the journey toward the brilliant white light that marks the barrier between this world and the next will not hold as much fear as it once would have. For in my study of death, I have found the celebration of life.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “No matter how happy a person may be in a certain lifetime, eventually the lessons are learned and nothing more can be gained by staying there. It is then time for the spirit to move on to more profound and complex lessons. The spirit must advance.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “We were especially cautioned against eating animal protein, and fried foods which act as an irritant to the body. “These act as aggravators to your system after many years of misuse. We do not mean to be judgmental, but the body is built for a certain type of vehicular traffic. The body cannot ascend in frequency to higher dimensional realms if the density and the toxins are polluting the environment of the human body.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “You have to breathe through the heart. And once you’re in that space – and it’s a very big space – once you’re in there, you’re in a completely different space. You’re in the space that can heal anything.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “You are worthy of loving yourself. You’ve done great things in the past. You’ll do great things in the future. You’re doing a great thing now. All will be revealed to you. You are Divine. Rejoice!”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “And love is a force much misunderstood by humans, who put it into a very tiny, narrow little box.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “She must move. Which is why we have made it deliberately uncomfortable, painful and traumatic for her.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “She could burn brighter if she’s more joyful and less fearful.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “We will become beings of light also, if we will only allow our self to reject all that is not of this light.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “People will become more aware. They will realize they are bigger than they believe they are. They are without limits. Some of these consciousnesses will wake up and some of them will not wake up because they are focused on themselves.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “So each round in the game is when you are alive here on Earth. Your spirit is here playing the game. Then when you die that is the end of that particular round. If you decide you want to play another round, then you are born again. Or if you want to drop out for a round or two, then you do. And time passes, and later on if you decide you want to play another round of the game you are born again.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “To commit suicide to escape a problem just amplifies that problem that they will have to live through again. They are not escaping anything, they are just making it worse upon themselves. They are really not solving anything, they are simply creating more problems. Suicide is no solution.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “The ones who are prepared to see these changes and not crumble in fear will be the pillars on which others will lean when nothing makes sense to them. It doesn’t mean you will provide the truth to them, it just means you are not falling down like they are.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “It has been said that once the mind has been expanded by an idea or concept, it can never return to its original way of thinking.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “But many times people take the primary switch from the heart and put it to the head, and that throws the whole system off.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “Diseases are information. But if the body doesn’t have the information from this disease, the body creates the demise. It is a very interesting format to think that actually a disease is an energy of importance, not an energy of negativity. D: I was also told that the body will become.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “You’ll become a beacon and the light spreads far and wide. Many see it and are attracted to it. And they will flock to you like a moth to a candle. Even though they have not been aware or interested before, now they see they want to be a part of it.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “Explain: the evolution of the heart and compassion is what is missing technically. Humans have proceeded to technological advances before without heart balance, without heart evolution. And it has been disastrous. So we are here to evolve heart first until the heart is aligned with this knowledge.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “When you are not losing your mind and you are calm, it doesn’t matter what you do. People will see that in you and seek that in you because they don’t know what to make out of what they’re seeing. And you may not know what to make out of what you’re seeing, but you have been prepared.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “I have found you can obtain much information from the spirit. But the quality of that information depends upon the evolution or development of that spirit.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “But you know humans consider something negative as being bad. C: They should reword it to evolutionary catalyst. We have been given on purpose these catalysts for evolution. These things that appear negative... these things are on purpose.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “This life may be compared to playing one instrument in a large orchestra. Naturally you cannot play all the instruments at the same time. You can only focus on your part of the beautiful symphony, although the entire orchestra and all the music comprises the totality of who you really are.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “Just as putting a gender on a being limits in some way the way we think about the being. By putting any kind of label on anything, we limit it.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “Yes, but negative is an illusion. Negative and positive are both construction material. Negative is evolutionary catalyst. D: But you know humans consider something negative as being bad. C: They should reword it to evolutionary catalyst. We have been given on purpose these catalysts for evolution. These things that appear negative... these things are on purpose.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “And if you are heart smart, and if you’re the kind of person that is operating from the main frame of the motherboard, which is the heart, then that’s the kind of person that gets more energy.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “People became so involved in their personalities, and their day-to-day living and goings-in and goings-out, that they began to pull away from the collective. Pull away from the source. Pull away from that which is. To become separate from All That Is, and to become individualized. And so as an individual person or being, they chose separation from source. And with the separation from source, then they began to forget to use the thought. And so then they began to find other ways.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “Yes. Now they’ve forgotten. They don’t use them. Now we create lives based on limitations. We accept limitations. We accept so many limitations. Now that’s not necessary to accept these limitations. D: We get caught up in the culture and what people condition us to believe. J: That’s what needs to change.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “Did they contribute to the destruction? Did they cause the pollution? J: They were misguided. It’s sort of like what’s happening on Earth. People are misguided by the behaviors of other people’s greed, and it wasn’t recognized in time.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “I asked what he had learned from the life. “Sometimes you have to go with the unknown.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “As we have no concept of time, each of you has already been each other and are being each other in your future. We know this is not very clear to you at this time. However, each of you will be given information in your near future, in which each of you will be challenged to examine this concept. That is: the past and present simultaneous with the future.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “I then took him to beyond the death experience and had him look back at the entire life, and see what the lesson was. Dan: To do something. To make the most of any situation that you’ve created. People are going to be what they’re going to be. And it’s up to you to be what you’re going to be. So you can take responsibility for yourself, or you can never do anything. And that gets you nowhere. Which is worse, not accomplishing anything when you know you can.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “His empathy ties him to the root of others’ emotions. It was part of what he chose to have.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “It is amazing to realize what a marvelously complex series of events are constantly being woven behind our backs without our knowledge. It seems that everything has a meaning, if not in our lives, then in someone else’s. It is also reassuring that a higher intelligence is keeping track of it all.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “There is an ignorance that is part of universal cosmic evolution where there is not an awareness of other dimensional realms. So when actions are taken they very often open up areas of beingness that are unknown and unexpected.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “Man is a problem solving, problem creating entity. He creates problems. He solves the problems. This is what he does. This is how he lives.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “No perfection... more experience. As soon as you reach perfection it is not perfect anymore because you want to try something different.”
Dolores Cannon Quote: “So it’s confused. A: It is. D: It doesn’t really belong there? A: No. It is just being what it is, but it is destroying worlds. In its normal place there are other sets of laws where it exists with others like it. And there it would not be destructive. It’s a different space, a different dimensional reality.”
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