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Donald Miller Quote: “Even our beliefs have become trend statements.”
Donald Miller Quote: “Those who can’t accept their imperfections can’t accept grace either.”
Donald Miller Quote: “I loved the fact that it wasn’t my responsibility to change somebody, that it was God’s, that my part was just to communicate love and approval.”
Donald Miller Quote: “I am willing to express a theory. I am willing to admit I’m afraid. I’m willing to contradict something I’ve said before. I’m willing to have a knee-jerk reaction, even a wrong one. I’m willing to apologize. I’m perfectly willing to be perfectly human.”
Donald Miller Quote: “Just because a tagline sounds great or a picture on a website grabs the eye, that doesn’t mean it helps us enter into our customers’ story. In every line of copy we write, we’re either serving the customer’s story or descending into confusion; we’re either making music or making noise.”
Donald Miller Quote: “My friend looked at me confused. He laughed a little, then sighed, then teared up. “It’s true you’re bad at relationships,” I said, “but it’s also true you are good at them. They’re both true, old friend.” I reminded him of all the people who love him and all the people he’s loved. I told him I thought it was unfair for a man to be judged by a moment, by a season. We are all more complicated than that.”
Donald Miller Quote: “The times in my life when I have been most happy haven’t been the times when I have had the most money or the most freedom or the most anything, but rather when I’ve been in love or in community or right with people.”
Donald Miller Quote: “There are no specific results mentioned or details about what life is like now that the transformation has taken place. If you’re asking customers to write a.”
Donald Miller Quote: “What goes on in the other person’s soul is none of your business. All you’re responsible for is your soul, nobody else’s.”
Donald Miller Quote: “We have to be taught to be good. It doesn’t come natural.”
Donald Miller Quote: “When I walked into the Christian section of a bookstore, the message was clear: Faith is something you do alone. Rick does not have much tolerance for people living alone. He’s like Bill Clinton in that he feels everyone’s pain. If Rick thinks somebody is lonely, he can’t sleep at night. He wants us all to live with each other and play nice so he can get some rest. Tortured soul.”
Donald Miller Quote: “The thing I loved about her was that I never felt like she was selling anything. She would talk to God as if she knew Him, as if she had talked to Him on the phone that day. She was never ashamed which is the thing with some Christians I had encountered.”
Donald Miller Quote: “I made a single decision early on. I decided I wouldn’t judge my kids. No matter what they told me, I wouldn’t judge them. I might have to discipline them, but I wouldn’t make them feel like lesser people for their mistakes. And because of that, they learned to trust me with their deepest thoughts... We taught them the basics early. But the older they got, the more I listened without judgment as they figured out how to apply wisdom in their own lives. And they’ve turned out well.”
Donald Miller Quote: “She said I didn’t have to perform for her. She didn’t have to say that. I knew it was true. Who else do you marry but the person who pulls you off the stage?”
Donald Miller Quote: “It comforts me to think that if we are created beings the thing that created us would have to be greater than us, so much greater, in fact, that we would not be able to understand it. It would have to be greater than the facts of our reality and so it would seem to us, looking out from within our reality that it would contradict reason. But reason itself would suggest it would have to be greater than reality or it would not be reasonable.”
Donald Miller Quote: “The great tragedy of our lives seems to be that we are smart enough to ask the questions of meaning but too dumb to really figure it out.”
Donald Miller Quote: “Having integrity is about being the same person on the inside that we are on the outside, and if we don’t have integrity, life becomes exhausting. I wonder how many people get tempted by the gains they can make by playing a role, only to pay for those temptations in public isolation.”
Donald Miller Quote: “What attracts us doesn’t always connect us. I can’t tell you how many friends I have who have been taken in by somebody sexy or powerful or charming but soon after find themselves feeling alone in the relationship. It’s one thing to impress people, but it’s another to love them.”
Donald Miller Quote: “Unless we’re honest with each other, we can’t connect. We can’t be intimate.”
Donald Miller Quote: “Anybody who wants to get their way says that Jesus supports their view. But that isn’t Jesus’ fault.”
Donald Miller Quote: “Sometimes when I watch my dog, I think about how good life can be, if we only lose ourselves in our stories. Lucy doesn’t read self-help books about how to be a dog; she just IS a dog. All she wants to do is chase ducks and sticks and do other things that make both her and me happy. It makes me wonder if that was the intention for man, to chase sticks and ducks, to name animals, to create families, and to keep looking back at God to feed off his pleasure at our pleasure.”
Donald Miller Quote: “Relationships are teleological. They’re all going somewhere and they’re turning us into something, hopefully something better, something new.”
Donald Miller Quote: “People attack out of fear.”
Donald Miller Quote: “How can we be loved if we are always in hiding?”
Donald Miller Quote: “If the Gospel of Jesus is relational, that is, if our brokenness will be fixed not by our understanding of theology but by God telling us who we are, then this would require a kind of intimacy of which only Heaven knows.”
Donald Miller Quote: “It is a pretty good idea to make some noises when you are at a play.”
Donald Miller Quote: “Lucy doesn’t read self-help books about how to be a dog; she just is a dog.”
Donald Miller Quote: “I began to wonder if what we were doing it evangelical circles had more to do with redeeming ourselves to culture than it did with showing Jesus to a hurting world, a world literally filled with outcasts.”
Donald Miller Quote: “I started ‘Storyline’ after I’d accomplished all my goals and still wasn’t happy. I’d become a ‘New York Times’ bestselling author, which was my goal from high school, and yet I was less happy after accomplishing my goals than I was before.”
Donald Miller Quote: “Of all the principles I’d learn about story, the idea that a character is what he does remains the hardest to actually live.”
Donald Miller Quote: “You never question the truth of something until you have to explain it to a skeptic.”
Donald Miller Quote: “I have a pastor friend who says the root of sin is the desire for control. I think there’s some truth to that. And I’d add the root of control is fear.”
Donald Miller Quote: “Sometimes our identities get distorted because people lie about us and scare us, and sometimes our identities get distorted because of things we’ve actually done. The result is the same, though. Isolation.”
Donald Miller Quote: “How many relationships have been ruined by two people attempting to squeeze the Jesus out of each other?”
Donald Miller Quote: “I have friends who are writers, but we don’t tend to talk about literature very much. It’s just not part of my process; I tend to be pretty secretive about what I’m working on.”
Donald Miller Quote: “And that’s the first time I realized that the idea a character is what he does makes as much sense in life as it does in the movies. I thought about my friend’s story from his wife’s perspective. She only knows what he says and what he does, not what he thinks and what he feels. I’m sure his wife picked up on his newfound enthusiasm, but it did help me realize the stories we tell ourselves are very different from the stories we tell the world.”
Donald Miller Quote: “Every human being wakes up each morning and sees the world through the lens of a protagonist. The world revolves around us, regardless of how altruistic, generous, and selfless a person we may be.”
Donald Miller Quote: “I love writing books – I really do. If I could just quit everything and work on a book every day, I would love that most.”
Donald Miller Quote: “Simply put, we must show people the cost of not doing business with us.”
Donald Miller Quote: “The risk of being known is also the decision to be criticized by some.”
Donald Miller Quote: “Because the more we hide, the harder it is to be known. And we have to be known to connect.”
Donald Miller Quote: “Six billion people live in this world, and I can only muster thoughts for one. Me.”
Donald Miller Quote: “Sometimes the things we want most in life are the things that will kill us.”
Donald Miller Quote: “It’s no wonder I hid from the world. It’s no wonder parties made me tired or I got exhausted after I spoke. It’s no wonder criticism made me angry or I overreacted to failure. I think the part of me I sent out to interact with the world was, in some ways, underdeveloped, still trying to be bigger and smarter as a measure of survival.”
Donald Miller Quote: “I don’t know if there’s a healthier way for two people to stay in love than to stop using each other to resolve their unfulfilled longings and, instead, start holding each other closely as they experience them.”
Donald Miller Quote: “90 percent of people’s problems could be prevented if they’d choose healthier people to give their hearts to.”
Donald Miller Quote: “I was talking to a homeless man at the laundry mat recently, and he said that when we reduce Christian spirituality to math we defile the Holy. I thought that was very beautiful and comforting because I have never been good at math.”
Donald Miller Quote: “Sometimes the real bonding happens in conversations about nothing, Don,” she said. “Sometimes being willing to talk about nothing shows how much we want to be with each other. And that’s a powerful thing.”
Donald Miller Quote: “All relationships are teleological, are going somewhere.”
Donald Miller Quote: “But love doesn’t control, and I suppose that’s why it’s the ultimate risk. In the end, we have to hope the person we’re giving our heart to won’t break it, and be willing to forgive them when they do, even as they will forgive us. Real love stories don’t have dictators, they have participants. Love is an ever-changing, complicated, choose-your-own adventure narrative that offers the world but guarantees nothing.”
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