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E.H. Gombrich Quotes

E.H. Gombrich Quote: “The term which psychology has coined for our relative imperviousness to the dizzy variations that go on in the world around us is “constancy.” The color, shape, and brightness of things remain to us relatively constant, even though we may notice some variation with the change of distance, illumination, angle of vision, and so on.”
E.H. Gombrich Quote: “Never favour those who flatter you most, but hold rather to those who risk your displeasure for your own good. Never neglect business for pleasure, organise your life so that there is time in it for relaxation and entertainment. Give the business of government your full attention. Inform yourself as much as you can before taking any decision. Make every effort to get to know men of distinction, so that you may call on them when you need them. Be courteous to all, speak hurtfully to no man.”
E.H. Gombrich Quote: “There is no reality without interpretation; just as there is no innocent eye, there is no innocent ear.”
E.H. Gombrich Quote: “The artist creates his own elite, and the elite its own artists.”
E.H. Gombrich Quote: “Their assemblies had taught the Athenians how to discuss all matters openly, with arguments for and against. This was good training in learning how to think.”
E.H. Gombrich Quote: “The first man to understand the extraordinary magical power of applying mathematical calculation to things in nature was an Italian called Galileo Galilei.”
E.H. Gombrich Quote: “The history of the world is, sadly, not a pretty poem. It offers little variety, and it is nearly always the unpleasant things that are repeated, over and over again.”
E.H. Gombrich Quote: “What I have always loved best about the history of the world is that it is true. That all the extraordinary things we read were no less real than you and I are today.”
E.H. Gombrich Quote: “It’s bad idea to try to prevent people from knowing their own history. If you want to do anything new you must first make sure you know what people have tried before.”
E.H. Gombrich Quote: “One of Russia’s tsars, around 1580, was known as Ivan the Terrible, and rightly so. Beside him Nero was mild.”
E.H. Gombrich Quote: “All art originates in the human mind, in our reactions to the world rather than in the visible world itself, and it is precisely because all art is “conceptual” that all representations are recognizable by their style.”
E.H. Gombrich Quote: “Think of it like this. If you are sad because you can’t have something you want – maybe a book or a toy – you can do one of two things: you can do your best to get it, or you can stop wanting it. Either way, if you succeed, you won’t be sad any more.”
E.H. Gombrich Quote: “China is, in fact, the only country in the world to be ruled for hundreds of years, not by the nobility, nor by soldiers, nor even by the priesthood, but by scholars.”
E.H. Gombrich Quote: “It is the power of expectation rather than the power of conceptual knowledge that molds what we see in life not less than in art.”
E.H. Gombrich Quote: “Cyrus became lord of that great realm. His first act was to free all the peoples held in captivity by the Babylonians. Among them were the Jews, who went home to Jerusalem.”
E.H. Gombrich Quote: “And it is because they seem so natural that they are so beautiful.”
E.H. Gombrich Quote: “Later in his life Gautama told the story of his decision in a sermon: ‘And so it came about that, in the full freshness and enjoyment of my youth, in glowing health, my hair still black, and against the wishes of my weeping and imploring elders, I shaved my head and beard, dressed in coarse robes, and forsook the shelter of my home.”
E.H. Gombrich Quote: “The artist gives the beholder increasingly ‘more to do,’ he draws him into the magic circle of creation and allows him to experience something of the thrill of ‘making’ which had once been the privilege of the artist.”
E.H. Gombrich Quote: “At first there’s nothing to see, but you feel a sort of weariness that tells you something is in the air.”
E.H. Gombrich Quote: “The artist, no less than the writer, needs a vocabulary before he can embark on a “copy” of reality.”
E.H. Gombrich Quote: “The familiar will always remain the likely starting point for the rendering of the unfamiliar; an existing representation will always exert its spell over the artist even while he strives to record the truth.”
E.H. Gombrich Quote: “Voor de mengeling van volken die onze aarde bewonen, zal het steeds belangrijker worden dat we elkaar respecteren en tolereren, alleen al omdat we door de technische vooruitgang steeds dichter op elkaar worden gedrukt.”
E.H. Gombrich Quote: “The more we become aware of the enormous pull in man to repeat what he has learned, the greater will be our admiration for those exceptional beings who could break this spell and make a significant advance on which others could build.”
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