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E.R. Eddison Quotes

E.R. Eddison Quote: “But Gro smiled a sad smile and said, “Why should we by words of ill omen strike yet another blow where the tree tottereth?”
E.R. Eddison Quote: “These things hath Fate brought to pass, and we be but Fate’s whipping-tops bandied what way she will.”
E.R. Eddison Quote: “Puffed up beyond measure is he in his own conceit, and folk say it is a grief to him that none hath been found this long while that durst wrastle with him, and wofully he pineth for the hundredth. He shall wrastle a fall with me!”
E.R. Eddison Quote: “Where were all heroical parts but in Helteranius? and a man might make a garment for the moon sooner than fit the o’erleaping actions of great Jalcanaius, who now leaveth but his body to bedung that earth that was lately shaken at his terror. I have waded in red blood to the knee; and in this hour, in my old years, the world is become for me a vision only and a mock-show.”
E.R. Eddison Quote: “A great king should rather be a dog that killeth clean, than a cat that patteth and sporteth with his prey.”
E.R. Eddison Quote: “Abase thee and serve me, worm of the pit. Else will I by and by summon out of ancient night intelligences and dominations mightier far than thou, and they shall serve my ends, and thee shall they chain with chains of quenchless fire and drag thee from torment to torment through the deep.”
E.R. Eddison Quote: “He that feareth is a slave, were he never so rich, were he never so powerful. But he that is without fear is king of all the world. Though hast my sword. Strike. Death shall be a sweet rest to me. Thraldom, not death, should terrify me.”
E.R. Eddison Quote: “This last best luck of all: that earth should gape for me when my great deeds were ended.”
E.R. Eddison Quote: “Kings and governors that do exult in strength and beauty and lustihood and rich apparel, showing themselves for awhile upon the stage of the world and open dominion of high heaven, what are they but the gilded summer fly that decayeth with the dying day?”
E.R. Eddison Quote: “Art thou so deeply read in nature and her large philosophy, and I am yet to teach thee that deadliest hellebore or the vomit of a toad are qualified poison to the malice of a woman?”
E.R. Eddison Quote: “In which star of the unclimbed sky wilt though begin our search? Or in which of the secret streams of the ocean where the last green rays are quenched in oozy darkness?”
E.R. Eddison Quote: “The sun stooped to the western waves, entering his bath of blood-red fire. He sank, and all the ways were darkened.”
E.R. Eddison Quote: “With that, the horror shut down upon Juss’s soul like madness.”
E.R. Eddison Quote: “Forth into the quiet evening, where above the smooth downs the wind was lulled to sleep in the vast silent spaces of the sky.”
E.R. Eddison Quote: “Us, little children of the dust, children of a day, who with so many burdens do burden us with taking thought and with fears and desires and devious schemings of the mind, so that we wax old before our time and fall weary ere the brief day be spent and one reaping-hook gather us home at last for all our pains.”
E.R. Eddison Quote: “Are ye ta’en with the swindle or the turn-sickness? Or are ye out of your wits?”
E.R. Eddison Quote: “Lightning shall be slow to my hasting.”
E.R. Eddison Quote: “Surely time past is gone by like a shadow.”
E.R. Eddison Quote: “Surely,” he said, “the great mountains of the world are a present remedy if men did but know it against our modern discontent and ambitions. In the hills is wisdom’s fount. They are deep in time. They know the ways of the sun and the wind, the lightning’s fiery feet, the frost that shattereth, the rain that shroudeth, the snow that putteth about their nakedness a softer coverlet than fine lawn.”
E.R. Eddison Quote: “Thunder and blood and night must usurp our parts, to complete and make up the catastrophe of this great piece.”
E.R. Eddison Quote: “Ultimate truths are to be attained, if at all, in some immediate way: by vision rather than by ratiocination.”
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