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E. Randolph Richards Quotes

E. Randolph Richards Quote: “We like to say that generalizations are always wrong and usually helpful.”
E. Randolph Richards Quote: “Before we can be confident we are reading the Bible accurately, we need to understand what assumptions and values we project onto the Bible:.”
E. Randolph Richards Quote: “Our tendency to emphasize rules over relationship and correctness over community means that we are often willing to sacrifice relationships on the altar of rules.”
E. Randolph Richards Quote: “Sin is corporate; it permeates the whole body. We don’t like to think that way, but it’s true. It leavens the whole lump and the honor of us all is at stake.”
E. Randolph Richards Quote: “Our emphasis on saving makes sense when we consider that most of us think of our options as either saving or spending. But the biblical witness and Christian tradition suggest that there’s another option: sharing.”
E. Randolph Richards Quote: “In the West, it may help if the church started thinking more in terms of we than me.”
E. Randolph Richards Quote: “At some point in this generation, “Take up your cross and follow me” changed into, “Come to Jesus and he’ll make your life better.”
E. Randolph Richards Quote: “Thinking critically about why you assume what you assume can make you sensitive, over time, to the cultural mores you bring to the biblical text.”
E. Randolph Richards Quote: “This misreading of Scripture arises from combining our individualism with a more subtle, deeply hidden and deeply rooted aspect of our Western worldview: we still think the universe centers around us.”
E. Randolph Richards Quote: “Another reason Westerners are tempted to compromise is because we tend to view the world dualistically. Things are true or false, right or wrong, good or bad. We have little patience for ambiguity or for the unsettling reality that values change over time.”
E. Randolph Richards Quote: “Alas, here is the bigger problem: maybe the reason we North Americans struggle to find makarios in our personal lives is because we don’t have a word in our native language to denote it.”
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