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Top 70 Ed Sheeran Quotes (2024 Update)

Ed Sheeran Quote: “Success is the best revenge for anything.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “Be nice to everyone, always smile, and appreciate things because it could all be gone tomorrow.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “No one else is going to do it for you, if you want it bad enough then go out and do it yourself.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “Negativity isn’t the way to go, smile more, eat some chocolate.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “Be a true Heart, not a follower.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “People fall in love in mysterious ways. Maybe it’s all part of a plan...”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “The tongue has no bones, but can break a heart.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “I think to be successful at anything you have to put in a hell of a lot of effort. Pick your battles. I picked music, put in a lot of effort, and it’s worked.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “The worst things in life comes free to us.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “Be yourself. Embrace your quirks.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “Granny Sheeran told me when I’m looking for a partner to fall in love with their eyes cause eyes are the only things that don’t age, so if you fall in love with their eyes you’ll be in love forever.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “I’ve fallen for your eyes but they don’t know me yet.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “What didn’t kill me, it didn’t make me stronger at all.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “Pain is only relevant if it still hurts.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “And I know these scars will bleed, but both of our hearts believe all of these stars will guide us home.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “It’s too cold outside for angels to fly.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “If I ever have any back-up dancers, I want the penguins from Madagascar.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “I would say, you can never do enough gigs and you can never do enough songs. Make sure that every opportunity you can, play a show and every opportunity you can, write a song.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “Without you to hold i’ll be freezing.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “Kiss me like you want to be loved.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “Be original; don’t be scared of being bold!”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “The more you write tunes, the better they will become. The more you do gigs, the better you will become. It’s just kind of like the facts of life; the practice makes perfect thing. Keep your fingers crossed, start from the bottom and work your way up.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “A sense of humor is an important thing to have because when you get into an argument, one of the best ways to diffuse it is to be funny.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “It’s too cold outside For angels to fly An angel will die Covered in white Closed eye And hoping for a better life This time, we’ll fade out tonight Straight down the line.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “I don’t know if my songs fit in films.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “Harry Potter is awesome.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “I’ll be drunk again to feel a little love.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “I’m quite arty. I didn’t know whether to become an artist or musician but I realised I could paint with music. All my songs have colours.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “If love what you can’t have, then you have to love what you’ve got.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “I think YouTube has destroyed the genre barrier. People can be into Justin Bieber and Eminem at the same time. It’s a good thing.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “I want to have a career that evolves as I go on.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “I’ve been feeling everything. From hate to love. From love to lust. From lust to truth. I guess that’s how I know you.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “Whenever you have an ex, and they’re like, ‘I hope we can still be friends!’ and you weren’t friends before you started dating, then what do you go back to, really?”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “I think if you have someone without a sense of humor, you’re less likely to be together.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “I know you’ll never love me like you used to.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “And you should never cut your hair ’cos I love the way you flick it off your shoulders.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “Moments is about a girl dying and her boyfriend committing suicide because he can’t live without her.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “Everyone knows almost everything about me. I make it very clear that I’m cool with people knowing all my personal life through my songs.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “As far as songwriting, my inspirations came from love, life and death, and viewing other people’s situations.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “I personally don’t think ginger men have a habit of being attractive. We have to make ourselves seem attractive by doing stuff.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “Never be friends with your exes if you weren’t friends with them before.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “I wanna be drunk when I wake up, on the right side of the wrong bed.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “I’ve never really been a confident person, except from a musical standpoint. I had to push myself early on, but it got easier with each gig.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “I think the moment you start trying to please a fan base is when you start going downhill. I’m going to always, always write about what I want, even if it doesn’t necessarily cater to most of them.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “I was on some TV shows with Lady Gaga the other week, and you could see the difference in reaction between her fans and my fans outside. She comes out, and she looks like a star, and the reaction is just tears, crying, people going, ‘Oh my God, Oh my God.’ My fans are like: ‘Alright, Ed.’”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “I really don’t know what’s good or bad art because all the art I like people tell me is tasteless.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “With music, you could stick someone with a musical instrument or even not a musical instrument, get them to showcase their talent, and within 30 seconds you could tell whether they were good or not, but with acting you have to give them the right part.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “Growing up, I was inspired by The Beatles and Bob Dylan. Damian Rice was a huge influence for me musically.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “Country music is some of the best-written music in the world, so yeah, one day, I would keep my mind open to doing a country record.”
Ed Sheeran Quote: “I think I’ve been around for a while. But I still have to pay my dues.”
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