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Ed Westwick Quotes

Ed Westwick Quote: “Live fast, die young.”
Ed Westwick Quote: “Keep your standards high, and any guy who is worth it will rise to meet them.”
Ed Westwick Quote: “You have to do things that excite you; you have to have a passion for your work. Otherwise you’re just a face on the screen.”
Ed Westwick Quote: “Music gets inside you, music captures you. Music becomes your heartbeat. It’s a drug and makes you feel whatever the song’s about.”
Ed Westwick Quote: “I’ve always connected with music. Life’s not always what you see; it’s what going on in your head. Music is what comes out of your subconscious.”
Ed Westwick Quote: “I’m all for being in love and whenever I like someone, I end up pretty much completely smitten.”
Ed Westwick Quote: “I feel like you just need to keep writing until the writing itself just begins to take shape.”
Ed Westwick Quote: “Be a good-looking corpse. Leave a good-looking tattoo.”
Ed Westwick Quote: “I like the glamorous indie rock look, like The Libertines. But you know, without the heroin needle sticking out of my arm.”
Ed Westwick Quote: “I grew up in a middle class English family just outside London. I wasn’t surrounded by that speedy city lifestyle, it was a little mellower.”
Ed Westwick Quote: “When I need to think of, like, a peaceful scene or something, I think of my back garden in summertime. And whenever I hear the lawnmower next door, I always think it’s really peaceful.”
Ed Westwick Quote: “I can’t stand watching myself on TV.”
Ed Westwick Quote: “I bite my nails. I’ve been chewing on them for years. As long as you don’t chew through flesh it’s all right.”
Ed Westwick Quote: “This is my trademark: I rip my T-shirt. I’m into the whole showing-a-bit-of-chest-hair thing.”
Ed Westwick Quote: “I think gardens are fantastic, and I’d love to draw and design and stuff like that. I love just planting flowers during the summer. There’s something very humble about it, and natural and beautiful.”
Ed Westwick Quote: “I don’t come from a famous family and don’t have this detachment from everyday people and everyday life. I’m just doing my job and the attention that comes with it is part of the territory.”
Ed Westwick Quote: “I’m a rock ‘n’ roll guy, really. I’m a big fan of Elvis. I got “Heartbreak Hotel” tattooed on my chest.”
Ed Westwick Quote: “I can pretty much live without fast food. I haven’t eaten McDonald’s in so long, but it’s okay.”
Ed Westwick Quote: “It’s very difficult to juggle two careers, unless you’re going to have someone put it all together for you. Because you’re on TV, somebody just gives you a record deal – that’s not how I’d want to get it, because it’s just not real.”
Ed Westwick Quote: “I don’t want to do something where I play a kid in a school. And I don’t understand these spoof movies.”
Ed Westwick Quote: “I’ve got a clear line between work and real life.”
Ed Westwick Quote: “To be respected as an actor it doesn’t help to be seen out in the clubs.”
Ed Westwick Quote: “I don’t think musicals are my thing. I’m not a big fan. Definitely have to get on the stage and do something like a straight play.”
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