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Edmund Burke Quotes
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Edmund Burke Quote: “It is hard to say whether doctors of law or divinity have made the greater advances in the lucrative business of mystery.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “The writers against religion, whilst they oppose every system, are wisely careful never to set up any of their own.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “There never was a bad man that had ability for good service.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “An entire life of solitude contradicts the purpose of our being, since death itself is scarcely an idea of more terror.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “One that confounds good and evil is an enemy to good.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “The moment you abate anything from the full rights of men to each govern himself, and suffer any artificial positive limitation upon those rights, from that moment the whole organization of government becomes a consideration of convenience.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “The use of force alone is but temporary. It may subdue for a moment; but it does not remove the necessity of subduing again; and a nation is not governed, which is perpetually to be conquered.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “The grave is a common treasury, to which we must all be taken.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “But whoever is a genuine follower of Truth, keeps his eye steady upon his guide, indifferent whither he is led, provided that she is the leader.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “For there is in mankind an unfortunate propensity to make themselves, their views and their works, the measure of excellence in every thing whatsoever.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “When you drive him hard, the boar will surely turn upon the hunters. If that sovereignty and their freedom cannot be reconciled, which will they take? They will cast your sovereignty in your face. No-body will be argued into slavery.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “I have never yet seen any plan which has not been mended by the observations of those who were much inferior in understanding to the person who took the lead in the business.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Laws are commanded to hold their tongues among arms; and tribunals fall to the ground with the peace they are no longer able to uphold.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “All persons possessing any portion of power ought to be strongly and awfully impressed with an idea that they act in trust, and that they are to account for their conduct in that trust to the one great Master, Author, and Founder of society.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “The wise determine from the gravity of the case; the irritable, from sensibility to oppression; the high minded, from disdain and indignation at abusive power in unworthy hands.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Flattery is no more than what raises in a man’s mind an idea of a preference which he has not.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Hypocrisy is no cheap vice; nor can our natural temper be masked for many years together.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “The introduction of Christianity, which, under whatever form, always confers such inestimable benefits on mankind, soon made a sensible change in these rude and fierce manners.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “It is known that the taste – whatever it is – is improved exactly as we improve our judgment, by extending our knowledge, by a steady attention to our object, and by frequent exercise.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “The worthy gentleman who has been snatched from us at the moment of the election, and in the middle of the contest, whilst his desires were as warm and his hopes as eager as ours, has feelingly told us what shadows we are, and what shadows we pursue.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Great men are the guideposts and landmarks in the state.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Wars are just to those to whom they are necessary.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “I do ride contend against the advantages of distrust. In the world we live in, it is but too necessary. Some of old called it the very sinews of discretion.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Old religious factions are volcanoes burnt out.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “To govern according to the sense and agreement of the interests of the people is a great and glorious object of governance. This object cannot be obtained but through the medium of popular election, and popular election is a mighty evil.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Of this stamp is the cant of, Not men, but measures.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “The most important of all revolutions, a revolution in sentiments, manners and moral opinions.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Frugality is founded on the principal that all riches have limits.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “It has all the contortions of the sibyl without the inspiration.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “It is undoubtedly true, though it may seem paradoxical, – but, in general, those who are habitually employed in finding and displaying faults are unqualified for the work of reformation.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “The poorest being that crawls on earth, contending to save itself from injustice and oppression, is an object respectable in the eyes of God and man.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “To execute laws is a royal office; to execute orders is not to be a king. However, a political executive magistracy, though merely such, is a great trust.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “To drive men from independence to live on alms, is itself great cruelty.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “The men of England,- the men, I mean, of light and leading in England.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “He had no failings which were not owing to a noble cause; to an ardent, generous, perhaps an immoderate passion for fame; a passion which is the instinct of all great souls.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Nothing is so rash as fear; its counsels very rarely put off, whilst they are always sure to aggravate the evils from which it would fly.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Falsehood and delusion are allowed in no case whatever; but, as in the exercise of all the virtues, there is an economy of truth. It is a sort of temperance, by which a man speaks truth with measure, that he may speak it the longer.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Many of the greatest tyrants on the records of history have begun their reigns in the fairest manner. But the truth is, this unnatural power corrupts both the heart and the understanding.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “A populace never rebels from passion for attack, but from impatience of suffering.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “When slavery is established in any part of the world, those who are free are by far the most proud and jealous of their freedom.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “My vigour relents. I pardon something to the spirit of liberty.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “The parties are the gamesters; but government keeps the table, and is sure to be the winner in the end.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “A great deal of the furniture of ancient tyranny is torn to rags; the rest is entirely out of fashion.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Contempt is not a thing to be despised.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Religion is for the man in humble life, and to raise his nature, and to put him in mind of a state in which the privileges of opulence will cease, when he will be equal by nature, and may be more than equal by virtue.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “When a great man has some one object in view to be achieved in a given time, it may be absolutely necessary for him to walk out of all the common roads.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “I decline the election. It has ever been my rule through life, to observe a proportion between my efforts and my objects. I have never been remarkable for a bold, active, and sanguine pursuit of advantages that are personal to myself.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “It is, generally, in the season of prosperity that men discover their real temper, principles, and designs.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “I despair of ever receiving the same degree of pleasure from the most exalted performances of genius which I felt in childhood from pieces which my present judgment regards as trifling and contemptible.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Men want to be reminded, who do not want to be taught; because those original ideas of rectitude to which the mind is compelled to assent when they are proposed, are not always as present to us as they ought to be.”
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