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Edmund Burke Quote: “Politics and the pulpit are terms that have little agreement.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Dangers by being despised grow great.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “All That Is Needed For Evil To Succeeded, Is For Good People To Do Nothing.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Abstract liberty, like other mere abstractions, is not to be found. Liberty inheres in some sensible object; and every nation has formed to itself some favorite point, which by way of eminence becomes the criterion of their happiness.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “I would rather sleep in the southern corner of a little country churchyard than in the tomb of the Capulets.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “In all forms of government the people is the true legislator.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “I despair of ever receiving the same degree of pleasure from the most exalted performances of genius which I felt in childhood from pieces which my present judgment regards as trifling and contemptible.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “To execute laws is a royal office; to execute orders is not to be a king. However, a political executive magistracy, though merely such, is a great trust.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “The nature of things is, I admit, a sturdy adversary.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “General rebellions and revolts of a whole people never were encouraged now or at any time. They are always provoked.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Falsehood is a perennial spring.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “One that confounds good and evil is an enemy to good.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “The use of force alone is but temporary. It may subdue for a moment; but it does not remove the necessity of subduing again; and a nation is not governed, which is perpetually to be conquered.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Frugality is founded on the principal that all riches have limits.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “It is undoubtedly true, though it may seem paradoxical, – but, in general, those who are habitually employed in finding and displaying faults are unqualified for the work of reformation.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Writers, especially when they act in a body and with one direction, have great influence on the public mind.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “A brave people will certainly prefer liberty, accompanied with a virtuous poverty, to a depraved and wealthy servitude. But before the price of comfort and opulence is paid, one ought to be pretty sure it is real liberty which is purchased, and that she is to be purchased at no other price. I shall always, however, consider that liberty as very equivocal in her appearance, which has not wisdom and justice for her companions; and does not lead prosperity and plenty in her train.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “A populace never rebels from passion for attack, but from impatience of suffering.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Flattery is no more than what raises in a man’s mind an idea of a preference which he has not.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “I do ride contend against the advantages of distrust. In the world we live in, it is but too necessary. Some of old called it the very sinews of discretion.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “My hold of the colonies is in the close affection which grows from common names, from kindred blood, from similar privileges, and equal protection. These are ties which, though light as air, are as strong as links of iron.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Of this stamp is the cant of, Not men, but measures.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “It is, generally, in the season of prosperity that men discover their real temper, principles, and designs.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “The poorest being that crawls on earth, contending to save itself from injustice and oppression, is an object respectable in the eyes of God and man.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Turbulent, discontented men of quality, in proportion as they are puffed up with personal pride and arrogance, generally despise their own order.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “In such a strait the wisest may well be perplexed and the boldest staggered.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “The great inlet by which a colour for oppression has entered into the world is by one man’s pretending to determine concerning the happiness of another.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Nothing is such an enemy to accuracy of judgment as a coarse discrimination; a want of such classification and distribution as the subject admits of.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “All human laws are, properly speaking, only declaratory; they have no power over the substance of original justice.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Wars are just to those to whom they are necessary.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Evils we have had continually calling for reformation, and reformations more grievous than any evils.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Contempt is not a thing to be despised.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Religion is for the man in humble life, and to raise his nature, and to put him in mind of a state in which the privileges of opulence will cease, when he will be equal by nature, and may be more than equal by virtue.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Crimes lead one into another; they who are capable of being forgers are capable of being incendiaries.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Nothing less will content me, than wholeAmerica.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “But whoever is a genuine follower of Truth, keeps his eye steady upon his guide, indifferent whither he is led, provided that she is the leader.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “I have never yet seen any plan which has not been mended by the observations of those who were much inferior in understanding to the person who took the lead in the business.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Men are as much blinded by the extremes of misery as by the extremes of prosperity.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Man is not only ruled by evil passions; but his rational capacity is severely limited as well. Without the warm cloak of custom, tradition, experience, history, religion, and social hierarchy – all of which radical man would rip off – man is shivering and naked. Free man from all mystery, demystify his institutions and his intellectual world, and you leave him alone in a universe of insignificance, incapacity, and inadequacy.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Prudence is a quality incompatible with vice, and can never be effectively enlisted in its cause.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Nothing is so rash as fear; its counsels very rarely put off, whilst they are always sure to aggravate the evils from which it would fly.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “The greatest crimes do not arise from a want of feeling for others but from an over-sensibilit y for ourselves and an over-indulgence to our own desires.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “The introduction of Christianity, which, under whatever form, always confers such inestimable benefits on mankind, soon made a sensible change in these rude and fierce manners.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “There is a time when the hoary head of inveterate abuse will neither draw reverence nor obtain protection.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Tyrants seldom want pretexts.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Old religious factions are volcanoes burnt out.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Where two motives, neither of them perfectly justifiable, may be assigned, the worst has the chance of being preferred.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “The moment that government appears at market, the principles of the market will be subverted.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “The grave is a common treasury, to which we must all be taken.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “Both the Sublime and the Beautiful induce a state of submission that is often combined with the possibility of getting lost. They disorientate and undermine purpose. In one of several erotic sections in the Enquiry Burke describes the experience of looking at a beautiful woman’s body: it is, he writes, like a ‘deceitful maze, through which the unsteady eye glides giddily, without knowing where to fix, or whither it is carried’. It.”
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