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Edmund de Waal Quotes

Edmund de Waal Quote: “With languages, you are at home anywhere.”
Edmund de Waal Quote: “With languages, you can move from one social situation to another. With languages, you are at home anywhere.”
Edmund de Waal Quote: “There is something about that burning of all those letters that gives me pause: why should everything be made clear and be brought into the light? Why keep things, archive your intimacies? Why not let thirty years of shared conversation go spiralling in ash up into the air of Tunbridge Wells? Just because you have it does not mean you have to pass it on. Losing things can something gain you a space in which to live.”
Edmund de Waal Quote: “Even when one is no longer attached to things, it’s still something to have been attached to them; because it was always for reasons which other people didn’t grasp... ′ There are the places in memory you do not wish to go with others.”
Edmund de Waal Quote: “The problem is that I am in the wrong century to burn things. I am the wrong generation to let it go.”
Edmund de Waal Quote: “All art is the result of one’s having been in danger of having gone through an experience all the way to the end when no one can go any further. This is what it is like to be an artist – you are unsteady on the edge of life like a swan before an anxious launching of himself on the floods where he is gently caught.”
Edmund de Waal Quote: “The vitrines exist so that you can see objects, but not touch them: they frame things, suspend them, tantalise through distance.”
Edmund de Waal Quote: “Does assimilation mean that they never came up against naked prejudice? Does it mean that you understood where the limits of your social world were and you stuck to them?”
Edmund de Waal Quote: “Charles bought a picture of some asparagus from Manet, one of his extraordinary small still lifes, where a lemon or rose is lambent in the dark. It was a bundle of twenty stalks bound in straw. Manet wanted 800 francs for it, a substantial sum, and Charles, thrilled, sent 1,000. A week later Charles received a small canvas signed with a simple M in return. It was a single asparagus stalk laid across a table with an accompanying note: ‘This seems to have slipped from the bundle.”
Edmund de Waal Quote: “It is a discreetly sensual act of disclosure, showing their pieces together in public. And assembling these lacquers also records their assignations: the collection records their love-affair, their own secret history of touch.”
Edmund de Waal Quote: “And rather impressive – I want to be bourgeois and ask how you find time for five children, a husband and a lover?”
Edmund de Waal Quote: “House-watching is an art. You have to develop a way of seeing how a building sits in its landscape or streetscape. You have to discover how much room it takes up in the world, how much of the world it displaces.”
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