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Top 10 Ellen Lupton Quotes (2023 Update)

Ellen Lupton Quote: “Think more design less.”
Ellen Lupton Quote: “Typography is what language looks like.”
Ellen Lupton Quote: “Universal design systems can no longer be dismissed as the irrelevant musings of a small, localized design community. A second modernism has emerged, reinvigorating the utopian search for universal forms that marked the birth of design as a discourse and a discipline nearly a century earlier.”
Ellen Lupton Quote: “Design is as much an act of spacing as an act of marking.”
Ellen Lupton Quote: “Urban public space is a stage for viewing the field of graphic design in its diversity. A mix of voices, from advertising to activism, compete for visibility.”
Ellen Lupton Quote: “Working within the constraints of a problem is part of the fun and challenge of design.”
Ellen Lupton Quote: “Design is an art of situations. Designers respond to a need, a problem, a circumstance, that arises in the world. The best work is produced in relation to interesting situations – an open-minded client, a good cause, or great content.”
Ellen Lupton Quote: “It is easier to talk than to listen. Pay attention to your clients, your users, your readers, and your friends. Your design will get better as you listen to other people.”
Ellen Lupton Quote: “To say a grid is limiting is to say that language is limiting, or typography is limiting. It is up to us to use these media critically or passively.”
Ellen Lupton Quote: “Letters do love one another. However, due to their anatomical differences, some letters have a hard time achieving intimacy.”
Ellen Lupton Quote: “Graphic design is the spit and polish but not the shoe.”
Ellen Lupton Quote: “Readers usually ignore the typographic interface, gliding comfortably along literacy’s habitual groove. Sometimes, however, the interface should be allowed to fail. By making itself evident, typography can illuminate the construction and identity of a page, screen, place or product.”
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