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Top 50 Elliott Erwitt Quotes (2023 Update)

Elliott Erwitt Quote: “To me, photography is about finding something interesting in an ordinary place. I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “Color is descriptive. Black and white is interpretive.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “I am serious about not being serious.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “Photography is pretty simple stuff. You just react to what you see, and take many, many pictures.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “If you keep your cool, you’ll get everything.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “I appreciate simplicity, true beauty that lasts over time, and a little wit and eclecticism that make life more fun.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “Photography is an art of observation – it’s about creating something extraordinary out of the ordinary. You choose a frame and then wait until the right time for something magical to come along and fill it.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “The best things happen when you just happen to be somewhere with a camera.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “All the technique in the world doesn’t compensate for the inability to notice.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “Be sure to take the lens cap off before photographing.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “Good photography is not about Zone Printing or any other Ansel Adams nonsense. It’s just about seeing. You either see or you don’t see. The rest is academic. Photography is simply a function of noticing things. Nothing more.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “It’s about time we started to take photography seriously and treat it as a hobby.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “When I get up in the morning I brush my teeth and go about my business, and if I am going anywhere interesting I take my camera along.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “Do what the client wants, not what you want.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “There’s no great mystique to photography. A lot of photographers like to put their hands up to their forehead and tell you how they’ve suffered and so forth. Well, I just rent a car and drive to the place and take the pictures.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “I like things that have to do with what is real, elegant, well presented and without excessive style. In other words, just fine observation.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “I don’t really have a favorite camera. I use a Leica and Canon a lot. It depends, especially professionally, on the requirements. But my carry-around camera is a Leica.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “The thing is that when you don’t carry a camera, that’s when you see pictures in particular, or at least that’s when you think you see pictures in particular. When you do carry it, if you do see one on the occasion that you do, you can take it.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “The work I care about is terribly simple. I observe. I try to entertain. But above all I want my pictures to be emotional. Little else interests me in photography.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “A visual sense is something you either have or you don’t.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “Making people laugh is one of the highest achievements you can have. And when you can make someone laugh and cry, alternatively, as Chaplin does – now that’s the highest of all personal achievements. I don’t know that I aim for it, but I recognize it as the supreme goal.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “Dogs don’t mind being photographed in compromising situations.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “After following the crowd for a while, I’d then go 180 degrees in the exact opposite direction. It always worked for me.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “Something catches your eye, or your interest. You attack it in some way or observe it in some way, and try to put it in some kind of form and take a picture. It’s as simple as that.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “Photography is simply a function of noticing things.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “Photography is a craft. Anyone can learn a craft with normal intelligence and application. To take it beyond the craft is something else. That’s when magic comes in. And I don’t know that there’s any explanation for that.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “I don’t like explosions. I don’t mind progress. But digital photography has made every man, woman, child and chimpanzee a photographer of sorts and consequently has numbed down the general quality of photographs.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “I’ve been around so long, most editors think I’m dead.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “In those simpler days, you could just take pictures of movie stars and show them the way they were, as normal human beings. And if I felt part of any movement at the time, it was just to do that – to be journalistic and photograph what is, rather than what is made up.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “I enjoy nothing more than spending time with my loved ones, young and old, and at least once a year we get together for a formal family photograph.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “Photoshop is useful in many ways but must NEVER be used for the altering of photographs. My assistants and my agency do whatever Photoshop work for me that may be required as it is too complicated for my brain.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “It’s about reacting to what you see, hopefully without preconception. You can find pictures anywhere. It’s simply a matter of noticing things and organising them. You just have to care about what’s around you and have a concern with humanity and the human comedy.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “I’m not a serious photographer like many of my contemporaries. That is to say, I am serious about not being serious.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “I’m an amateur photographer, apart from being a professional one, and I think maybe my amateur pictures are the better ones.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “I like to think I keep my mind open. When I walk the streets I don’t look for anything in particular. I come from a philosophy that believes you shouldn’t have preconceived notions – that you don’t need a gimmick. That you should just photograph what you react to – what you see.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “Somehow Photoshop and the ease with which one can produce an image has degraded the quality of photography in general.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “I dislike landscapes. I only like people, and plastic flowers.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “If you’re not a curious person, you’re certainly not going to be a good photographer.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “Ill always be an amateur photographer.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “I see no difference between my pictures that people consider amusing and the rest. To me, it’s all serious work – they’re just a reaction to what I see. I don’t leave this apartment in the morning and say to myself ‘Today I’m going to be funny and tomorrow I’m going to be sad.’”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “You have to devote yourself totally to be successful at it.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “You don’t study photography, you just do it.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “I am a professional photographer by trade and an amateur photographer by vocation.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “Working myself into a position of total versatility, so that I can do anything I want to do at the time I want to do it. Whether I do it or not is another question.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “I like museums in Berlin a lot, especially in the eastern part. They’re extraordinarily good.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “A picture should be looked at – not talked about.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “It’s just seeing – at least the photography I care about. You either see or you don’t see. The rest is academic. Anyone can learn how to develop. It’s how you organize what you see into a picture.”
Elliott Erwitt Quote: “As a professional photographer I take photographs for other people to see – but I want them to see what I see. So I never assume that only a few people will appreciate what I do. At all times, the public should be able to understand what I’ve done, even if they don’t understand how I’ve done it.”
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