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Top 30 Elsie De Wolfe Quotes (2024 Update)

Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “I am going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life.”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “Be pretty if you can, be witty if you must, but be gracious if it kills you.”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “Simplicity, suitability and proportion.”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “You will soon find that your joy in your home is growing, and that you have a source of happiness within yourself that you had not suspected.”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “What is the goal? A house that is like the life that goes with it, a house that gives us beauty as we understand it- and beauty of a nobler kind that we may grow to understand.”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “You can’t take it with you. There are no pockets in a shroud.”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “Eating outdoors makes for good health and long life and good temper, everyone knows that.”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “We cannot do better than to accept the standards of other times, and to adapt them to our uses.”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “The cardinal virtue of all beauty is restraint.”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “I believe in plenty of optimism and white paint.”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “I can’t paint. I can’t write. I can’t sing. But I can decorate and run a house, and light it, and heat it, and have it like a living thing.”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “I am going in now for interior decoration. By that I mean supplying objets d’art and giving advice regarding the decoration of their houses to wealthy persons who do not have the time, inclination, nor culture to do such work for themselves. It is nothing new. Women have done the same thing before.”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “No one chair should be isolated...”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “My business is to preach to you the beauty of suitability.”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “I was not ugly. I might never be anything for men to lose their heads about, but I need never again be ugly. This knowledge was like a song within me. Suddenly it all came together. If you were healthy, fit, and well-dressed, you could be attractive.”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “You will express yourself in your house whether you want to or not.”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “I opened the doors and windows of America, and let the air and sunshine in.”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “It is the personality of the mistress that the home expresses. Men are forever guests in our homes, no matter how much happiness they may find there.”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “There never has been a house so bad that it couldn’t be made over into something worthwhile.”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “No, I don’t take soup. You can’t build a meal on a lake.”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “I was born with the courage to live. Only those are unwise who have never dared to be fools.”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “Good dressing is largely a question of detail and accessories.”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “It is not chic to be too chic.”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “When one begins to think of oneself as growing old, one is already old.”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “Never, under any circumstance, do I touch soup, as I do not believe in building a meal on a lake.”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “Light, air and comfort – these three things I must always have in a room...”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “I know of nothing more significant than the awakening of men and women throughout our country to the desire to improve their houses. Call it what you will – awakening, development, American Renaissance – it is a most startling and promising condition of affairs.”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “It does not matter whether one paints a picture, writes a poem, or carves a statue – simplicity is the mark of a master-hand...”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “A house should be a synthesis of comfort, practicality, and tradition.”
Elsie De Wolfe Quote: “To conform within rational limits to a given style is no more servile than to pay one’s taxes or to write according to the rule of grammar.”
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