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Top 50 Emily Maroutian Quotes (2024 Update)

Emily Maroutian Quote: “As we grow older we let go a little at a time: a bad memory, a negative habit, a toxic friend. Bit by bit we shed what no longer serves us until we reveal who we are underneath it all. We soon discover that even though we gave up many things, there is no feeling of loss. What we have gained in return is far more valuable.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “Energy is the currency of the universe. When you ‘pay’ attention to something, you buy that experience.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “Don’t waste your energy trying to convince others of your worth. Those who see it don’t need to be convinced and those who don’t see it can’t be convinced.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “The more you try to avoid something, the more you create it. There is no such thing as avoidance in energy because the energy is focused on the fear, not the desire. This is why we create things we don’t want and can’t understand how we did it. It’s usually because we took actions to avoid something we feared instead of taking actions to create the thing we desire.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “Energy is the currency of the universe. When you “pay” attention to something, you buy that experience. So when you allow your consciousness to focus on someone or something that annoys you, you feed it your energy, and it reciprocates with the experience of being annoyed. Be selective in your focus because your attention feeds the energy of it and keeps it alive, not just within you, but in the collective consciousness as well.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “I am not here for your understanding of who I am. I am here for your understanding of who you are. I am your mirror. How you feel about me, what you see in me, the thoughts that arise from your encounter of me, the judgments you hold about me, are all reflections of you. They have nothing to do with me.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “If you do not give yourself permission to make mistakes then you’ll be too paralyzed to do anything. You are not free until you are free to fail.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “Read books by people you disagree with. Listen to others who think differently from you. Watch programming you wouldn’t normally watch. Expand your mind and views of the world. As right as you think you are about your own beliefs and experiences, others feel the same way about their own. You’ll learn more than you ever imagined if you see the world through beliefs rather than right and wrong.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “Our life is not defined by what others do to us but how we respond to what others do to us. The power to influence the end result is within our actions and reactions.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “If you want to know where to find your contribution to the world, look at your wounds. When you learn how to heal them, teach others.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “World peace begins with inner peace. Those who do not wage war within themselves do not wage war outside themselves.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “One of the hardest and bravest things you will do is speak your truth when the voices around you demand agreement. They’ll judge you for it but you must speak anyway. They’ll criticize you; be yourself anyway. They’ll want you to change into something they can understand, something comfortable, easy to handle. Be yourself anyway.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “Before you can free yourself from what binds you, you have to first believe that you deserve to be free.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “You did the best you could with the knowledge you had in that moment. It’s easier to look back at an event and see a better choice or pathway because we already learned from our experience. Hindsight happens after the lesson, so we can’t condemn ourselves for not knowing the lesson before we learned it.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “You will know if you are completely done with something when you give it up and you feel freedom instead of loss.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “Philosopher and author Dr. Wayne Dyer calls the ego “edge god out.” It is the process of disconnecting with the creative, true force of the universe. It is the process of making you separate from it, others, nature, and the universe.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “Sometimes great change happens only after the worst change occurs. Negativity can be the start point of positivity. Destruction can lead to creation. It’s not hopeless; darkness is the birthplace of hope.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “You don’t want to be stuck forcing something that won’t happen. You’ll waste your time, energy, and health on something that simply isn’t meant for you. It’s okay to move on. It’s imperative that you move on. If you don’t, you’ll prevent even better things from coming into your life. Not everything we want or strive for is meant to work out. Sometimes it’s meant to teach us a valuable skill or lesson so we can use it somewhere else. Some experiences are only for growth purposes.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “When you give yourself permission to feel bad, you begin to feel good. When you allow yourself to feel fear, it begins to disappear. When you let yourself have your emotions, you begin to feel immediate relief from them.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “No can mean: not right now, not through this person, not this way, not through here. It does not mean: never, no other way, you don’t deserve it, you’re unworthy, it’s not gonna happen.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “You’re not a bad person for having negative thoughts or feelings. You’re not getting it wrong or failing in life. You’re not less spiritual, less human, or less evolved for going through an emotional funk or for feeling stuck. At your core, you are a learning and growing being. And you are doing just that.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “Some days you will give light, other days you will receive light. Neither one makes you superior or inferior. It is a balance we all participate in.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “You can’t choose who another person is, but you can choose who you want to associate with. You can choose who you want to befriend, who you want to date, who you want to work for. You can’t control others, but you can control your choices and responses to them. It’s far easier to choose kind people than to choose an unkind person and try to change them into a kind person.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “Often times, we don’t see how brave or strong we are when we are in the midst of struggle. We only see what we can’t do, what our shortcomings are, and how we said the wrong things. The mere fact that you’ve encountered struggles in the past is proof that you are smarter and stronger than before. Every experience teaches us something, even when we aren’t aware of the lesson. Trust that you are stronger. You are smarter. This problem might seem big, but it’s not bigger than you.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “Nothing from the past can still exist unless we drag it into the present moment through our minds. Holding onto past pain creates present pain. Holding onto old fears creates new fears. Holding onto former injuries caused by others is an act of current self-injury. What’s done is gone. The only way it can live within us again is through our willingness to revive it in this moment.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “Some things fall apart so that other things can fall together. This is the nature of life. We can view it from our short-term perspective or we can trust the long-term process of creation. Nothing new can come about without including pieces of something that once was. A nebula explodes scattering its debris across the universe. It appears as if something has gone wrong, but this is how new worlds are created.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “Tomorrow’s flower is today’s seed. And it’s okay that the seed is not a flower yet. It’s okay that it has a bit of a process to undertake before it blooms. There’s nothing wrong with the seed right now. It’s exactly what it’s supposed to be in this moment. And so are you.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “What we perceive with our focus, we receive in our experience. If we perceive the suffering of the world, we receive the experience of it. If we perceive the joy of our loved ones, we receive the joy of it. As observers, our experiences are shaped through the power of our focus, even if we are not directly in the path of the event.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “The lacks we experienced as adolescents become the driving forces within us as adults. We are pulled to create what we didn’t have or didn’t get to experience. And so we become the adults we needed as children.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “Think of your focus as a charger. It sends more power to where you channel the energy. You can charge up aggression, problems, and conflicts or wellness, compassion, and harmony. You can charge peace or war, love or hate, success or failure. You are the connecting factor between creative energy and reality.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “Allow yourself to feel what you feel instead of getting mad at yourself for not feeling what you should feel. Think your thoughts instead of worrying about what you should be thinking. Claim your decisions, choices, desires, thoughts, and feelings. You are not yours until you allow all that you are right here, right now.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “There will be people who don’t get you. This doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. It simply means you’re not for them. You don’t have to drain yourself trying to make them understand. Instead, focus on the ones who do get you. The ones who support you and are willing to walk this life with you.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “Your power is not in yesterday or in tomorrow. It’s not over there somewhere waiting for you to reach it. It’s not hidden behind some goal or achievement. Your power is right here, right now. Your power is today. What will you do with today?”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “It’s okay if you don’t feel okay. If you feel angry, feel angry. If you feel sad, feel sad. Don’t make yourself wrong for what comes up from within you. If it’s there, it’s there. It won’t just disappear because you don’t want it anymore. It goes away when it’s allowed, when it’s felt, when it’s given permission to pass through. Welcome what you feel, and soon enough it will disappear.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “Self-confidence is not about how much you know and how much you’ve gained. It’s about having trust in your ability to learn new information and find new ways. Feeling secure isn’t about knowing you’re safe on top of the mountain, it’s about trusting in your ability to climb it again if you should fall.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “If you can’t or don’t want to do the work, your relationship becomes vulnerable to termination. At that point, it’s only a matter of who will get tired of all the games, lies, miscommunications, misunderstandings, and inauthenticity first. The further you step away from the core of your relationship, the closer you get to its end.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “Just because you’re in the process of bettering yourself doesn’t mean there won’t be times when you make questionable choices, respond out of character, lack proper communication, or let negativity get the best of yourself. That’s all a part of the process of becoming better. How else would you know what needs cleaning up if you don’t stand in your mess every once in a while?”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “Most fear comes from the anticipation of an event rather than the actual event itself. We worry beforehand as a form of preparation. We want to get ahead of our negative predictions. It’s disguised as mental precaution when it’s actually self-inflicted torment. The price of being ready for future suffering is that you suffer in the present moment.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “What people think about you has more to do with their habitual thinking than with who you really are. You, as you are right now, are filtered through decades of their life experiences, traumas, disappointments, heartaches, and suffering. It is a reflection of their patterns of thought and stories about life. Their judgment has nothing to do with you as a whole because the experience of you cannot be separated from their experience of life.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “There will be those who come at you with criticism from the sidelines. Unless they’re in the game with you, unless they’re kicking up dirt and taking risks like you, consider them background noise. Keep your head where it’s needed, focused on your goals. Let them do what they do best: criticize a game they’re too afraid to play.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “Everything we want in life is because we really want the emotion behind the goal. We want to feel accomplished, happy, powerful, and good. So we want the car, the house, the spouse, and the money because we believe they will bring us those emotions. All goals are really emotions disguised as things. And fear is the contrary belief that we either won’t get those things or will lose them once we have them.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “Life is less like a straight line and more like a pendulum. We swing back and forth between illness and health, joy and suffering, right and wrong, progression and regression. The secret to life is to accept this duality as a normal process and not to expect one side to be a permanent state. This is how we achieve balance.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “Ironically, we are most scared when we are most safe, just before we make the jump. Fear is heightened when the act is stuck in our minds unable to move forward into completion. Once we take the leap and it becomes a reality, the fear of it disappears and we can then enjoy the experience.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “Pain might make you stronger or smarter for the next time around, but learning to heal that pain makes you wiser for the rest of your life.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “We do not see things the way they are. We see things the way we are.” –The Talmud.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “Making mistakes is a natural consequence of free will. If you want to be perfect and live a life without mistakes, then you must give up your freedom. Perfection is the most self-damaging mistake you can make because it robs you of your humanity.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “The up moments might feel like progress while the down moments feel like failure, but they are both a part of the process. Healing and recovery is like breathing, with expansion and contraction. It’s like a heartbeat, up and down. It is natural for it to seesaw until you find balance.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “There is a significant difference between power and empowerment. The pursuit of power comes from denying and masking our insecurities because they make us look weak. The attainment of empowerment comes from embracing and understanding our insecurities and how they make us whole.”
Emily Maroutian Quote: “You’ll learn more than you ever imagined if you see the world through beliefs rather than right and wrong.”
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