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Epicurus Quote: “A strong belief in fate is the worst kind of slavery; on the other hand, there is a comfort in the thought that God will be moved by our prayers.”
Epicurus Quote: “Live your life without attracting attention.”
Epicurus Quote: “Let no young man delay the study of philosophy, and let no old man become weary of it; for it is never too early nor too late to care for the well-being of the soul.”
Epicurus Quote: “Skillful pilots gain their reputation from storms and tempest.”
Epicurus Quote: “He who needs riches least, enjoys riches most.”
Epicurus Quote: “I would rather be first in a little Iberian village than second in Rome.”
Epicurus Quote: “Why are you afraid of death? Where you are, death is not. Where death is, you are not. What is it that you fear.”
Epicurus Quote: “I never desired to please the rabble. What pleased them, I did not learn; and what I knew was far removed from their understanding.”
Epicurus Quote: “We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink.”
Epicurus Quote: “Against other things it is possible to obtain security, but when it comes to death we human beings all live in an unwalled city.”
Epicurus Quote: “No pleasure is evil in itself; but the means by which certain pleasures are gained bring pains many times greater than the pleasures.”
Epicurus Quote: “The summit of pleasure is the elimination of all that gives pain.”
Epicurus Quote: “Any man who does not think that what he has is more than ample, is an unhappy man, even if he is the master of the whole world.”
Epicurus Quote: “All friendship is desirable in itself, though it starts from the need of help.”
Epicurus Quote: “A beneficent person is like a fountain watering the earth, and spreading fertility; it is, therefore, more delightful to give than to receive.”
Epicurus Quote: “Riches do not exhilarate us so much with their possession as they torment us with their loss.”
Epicurus Quote: “We cannot live pleasantly without living wisely and nobly and righteously.”
Epicurus Quote: “Gratitude is a virtue that has commonly profit annexed to it.”
Epicurus Quote: “Most men are in a coma when they are at rest and mad when they act.”
Epicurus Quote: “Thanks be to blessed Nature that she has made what is necessary easy to obtain, and what is not easy unnecessary.”
Epicurus Quote: “A man who causes fear cannot be free from fear.”
Epicurus Quote: “He who understands the limits of life knows that it is easy to obtain that which removes the pain of want and makes the whole of life complete and perfect. Thus he has no longer any need of things which involve struggle.”
Epicurus Quote: “Pleasure is the beginning and the end of living happily. Epicurus taught: Pleasure, defined as freedom from pain, is the highest good.”
Epicurus Quote: “Man was not intended by nature to live in communities and be civilized.”
Epicurus Quote: “He who doesn’t find a little enough will find nothing enough.”
Epicurus Quote: “He who is not satisfied with a little, is satisfied with nothing .”
Epicurus Quote: “The wealth required by nature is limited and is easy to procure; but the wealth required by vain ideals extends to infinity.”
Epicurus Quote: “What men fear is not that death is annihilation but that it is not.”
Epicurus Quote: “My garden does not whet the appetite; it satisfies it. It does not provoke thirst through heedless indulgence, but slakes it by proffering its natural remedy. Amid such pleasures as these have I grown old.”
Epicurus Quote: “Most beautiful is the sight of those near and dear to us when our original kinship makes us of one mind.”
Epicurus Quote: “Death is nothing to us: for that which is dissolved is without sensation; and that which lacks sensation is nothing to us.”
Epicurus Quote: “A strict belief in fate is the worst of slavery, imposing upon our necks an everlasting lord and tyrant, whom we are to stand in awe of night and day.”
Epicurus Quote: “Never say that I have taken it, only that I have given it back.”
Epicurus Quote: “Misfortune seldom intrudes upon the wise man; his greatest and highest interests are directed by reason throughout the course of life.”
Epicurus Quote: “When someone admits one and rejects another which is equally in accordance with the appearances, it is clear that he has quitted all physical explanation and descended into myth.”
Epicurus Quote: “Pleasure is the beginning and the end of living happily.”
Epicurus Quote: “All other love is extinguished by self-love; beneficence, humanity, justice, philosophy, sink under it.”
Epicurus Quote: “Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?”
Epicurus Quote: “It is possible to provide security against other ills, but as far as death is concerned, we men live in a city without walls.”
Epicurus Quote: “The words of that philosopher who offers no therapy for human suffering are empty and vain.”
Epicurus Quote: “Men are so thoughtless, nay, so mad, that some, through fear of death, force themselves to die.”
Epicurus Quote: “The purpose of all knowledge, metaphysical as well as scientific, is to achieve what Epicurus called ataraxia, freedom from irrational fears and anxieties of all sorts – in brief, peace of mind.”
Epicurus Quote: “There is no such thing as justice in the abstract; it is merely a compact between men.”
Epicurus Quote: “The magnitude of pleasure reaches its limit in the removal of all pain. When such pleasure is present, so long as it is uninterrupted, there is no pain either of body or of mind or of both together.”
Epicurus Quote: “If you shape your life according to nature, you will never be poor; if according to people’s opinions, you will never be rich.”
Epicurus Quote: “Justice is a contract of expediency, entered upon to prevent men harming or being harmed.”
Epicurus Quote: “The mind that is much elevated and insolent with prosperity, and cast down with adversity, is generally abject and base.”
Epicurus Quote: “The guilty man may escape, but he cannot be sure of doing so.”
Epicurus Quote: “Those desires that do not bring pain if they are not satisfied are not necessary; and they are easily thrust aside whenever to satisfy them appears difficult or likely to cause injury.”
Epicurus Quote: “Launch your boat, blessed youth, and flee at full speed from every form of culture.”
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